Chapter 679: Dragon Slaying Sword

Chapter 679: Dragon Slaying Sword


The Evil Dragon’s face was slightly pale.

A chilling rage swept through his body.

It wasn’t Ayrin that caused this rage, but rather the body he possessed...... Because what Ayrin said was true. Even though the stench had disappeared after he used his arcane skill, that disgusting and vomiting feeling still reverberated within his body.

This was a reaction only hygiene freaks would have. He knew better and anyone that this only happened because he still wasn’t able to destroy the will in this body.

It was like a ticking time bomb.

The opponent he was most worried about was not Ayrin, but rather the original owner of this body.

Ayrin had seen straight through his biggest worry purely on instinct.

A stabbing pain spread out from his heart, as if there were really a needle stabbing him.


A rough panting sound came out from his mouth. A piece of land in front of him was silently vaporized, stirring up a dust cloud.

In that moment, the Evil Dragon thought he unconsciously recalled the scene of the arcane master with the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline stabbing his heart with a sword back in the War with Dragons. He felt a hallucinating pain. However, in the next second, he suddenly felt something else and changed his expression. He raised his head and looked behind Ayrin.

“What’s that?”

Ayrin and the others also sensed the strange aura and turned around.

In the sky behind them, a cluster of dazzling light shone so brightly they could not look straight at it.

It was as if a new sun appeared in the sky.


Then, the sky turned dark.

This cluster of dazzling light clashed against Fellemang’s domain, as if countless streaks of dark red magma splashed in the sky.

This sun-like cluster of light began rapidly descending, dragging a long, shining trail.

“What’s that?” Many arcane masters shouted in astonishment.

Gusts of raging wind kept pressing down from the sky, almost lifting their bodies up into the air.

Within the gusts of raging wind, there were even burning particle shards. The aura given off by those particle shards sent chills down their bodies, as if they would be blown to smithereens at any moment.

“A sword? It’s flying towards Ayrin?”

As the cluster of light approached closer and closer to the ground, many arcane masters endured the stinging pain in their eyes to stare at it and realized there was a silver longsword at the center of the light cluster.

Multiple streams of Dragon blood flowed on the silver sword’s blade.

Each stream had a different color. It was as if they were freshly absorbed. They released different glows and arcane power.

The sword emitted an aura in the shape of a magma hill.

Almost everyone opened their mouths wide in shock.

Then, someone finally saw a stream of grey dragon blood amongst the colorful streams of dragon blood.

In the entire Doraster Continent, only one pure Dragon had grey blood...... That was the blood of the Evil Dragon!

“Dragon Slaying Sword!”

“The Dragon Slaying Sword that can release Vanquisher Breath!”

Many arcane masters started shouting, their tones containing complicated emotions.

“Dragon Slaying Sword? This is...... the Dragon Slaying Sword?”

Ayrin held his breath.

The blood particles in his body resonated with the sword. At the same time, he felt a familiar aura from the sword. It was Old Ginn’s aura.

Although he did not read many books and was constantly told to study more by Chris and Charlotte, even he had seen the final scene of the War with Dragons from various records.

In almost all documents related to the War with Dragons, there would be an illustration of the final moment in the war. The legendary hero Issen held a silver longsword and used it to pierce the Evil Dragon’s heart.

In the history of the Doraster Continent, many Corps and arcane teams used the term ‘Dragon Slaying’, but there was only one ‘Dragon Slaying Sword’.

Because this was the supreme sword that could slay any Dragon!

The Dragon Slaying Sword broke in that final attack...... The reason Old Ginns disappeared for such a long time was actually to repair this sword, to let this Dragon Slaying Sword enter the historical stage once again!

Ayrin’s mind was clearing up rapidly.

Although he did not know what Old Ginns had done, or how the sword had arrived here, his body instinctively told him to stretch out his hand towards it.

The burning Dragon Slaying Sword landed in Ayrin’s hand.


A terrifying heat wave exploded outwards with Ayrin as the center. Countless materialized crimson flame splashed out.

Then, the flames turned silver.


Sounds of people drawing sharp breaths sounded out.

Everyone saw Ayrin standing firmly while holding the Dragon Slaying Sword. The aura emitted from the longsword had completely turned silver.

A huge silver magma hill illusion floated above Ayrin.

Meanwhile, silver flames spread out from Ayrin’s body. A huge silver throne and countless illusions of destroyed cities as well as battlefields spread out along with the silver flames.

Ayrin felt a stinging pain in his palm.

The Dragon Slaying Sword was extremely crude. There were even some natural metal spikes.

The metal spikes poked through his palm and a trail of blood flowed onto the Dragon Slaying Sword.

In the next instant, the Dragon Slaying Sword vibrated. The different streams of dragon blood flowing on the surface of the sword resolved and became countless tiny light clusters. Then, the light clusters quickly settled and became slightly bulging ancient Draconic sigils.


Arcane particles within Ayrin’s body were naturally pulled and injected into the Dragon Slaying Sword.

The silver sword tip manifested a sword hue over ten meters long.

The sword hue spread out like countless streaks of silver lightning twisting in the air. It was not real lightning, but carried an indescribable aura that could vanquish everything.

“Incredible!” Ayrin became excited and opened his eyes wide to stare at the Evil Dragon, “How is it? Are you scared now?”

This sword was not only powerful, it also ignited all the potential in Ayrin’s body. It allowed his fighting strength to quickly grow.

This was a true Holy Artifact!

The Holy Artifact that allowed his human race bloodline and Silver Dragon bloodline to fully awaken!

It was like a powerful dose of adrenaline. Even Auroses’s worry and doubt-filled eyes turned heated.

His skin felt burning pain and breathing became difficult. Then, he turned to look at the Evil Dragon.

The Evil Dragon’s expression was grim.

The moment that sword appeared, he also understood why he felt a stinging pain in his heart.

That sword had left too deep an impression in him. It was carved into his memories.

He knew that it was a sword that could truly kill him.

So, after hearing Ayrin’s taunt, he fell into silence despite not allowing his majesty to be challenged.

He was deep in thought for a few seconds, then raised his head and revealed a cruel sneer, “Sure, come and kill me.” He said with disdain. Then, he straightened his body and took a step forward. His entire body transformed into a grey light ray and shot towards Ayrin.

Auroses’s body stiffened up and his heart skipped a beat.

“Aryin...... Rinloran......” Chris and the others were also nervous, cold sweat appearing in their palms.

If it was the real Evil Dragon, they knew Ayrin would not hesitate at all. However, the body the Evil Dragon was currently using belonged to Rinloran. Would Ayrin......?

Stingham opened his mouth wide. He did not know what Ayrin would do. His mind was a total blank.

Ayrin’s actions did not contain a trace of hesitation. They were simple and decisive.

Facing the Evil Dragon, he just jumped up and simply thrusted the sword towards the Evil Dragon with his full strength.


A storm brewed in front of him.

As a dazzling silver lightning bloomed on the sword, blood red particles sprayed out from deep within the sword.

The blood red particles caused Belo to immediately narrow his eyes.

He could sense some blood particles deep within his body to resonate and boil.

In the depths of this sword, there was the existence of the ancestral blood his bloodline took the greatest pride in.

His gaze instantly turned proud.

“What?” A roar rang out in disbelief.


A deep purplish evil halo surged out in front of the Evil Dragon.

After a loud boom, Ayrin stopped himself in mid-air, while the deep purplish evil halo shattered.

Countless shadows of the Evil Dragon rapidly retreated from the air. Finally, the shadows disappeared and the Evil Dragon returned to where he previously stood.

The Evil Dragon’s right palm was pierced through. Trails of grey blood twisted and flowed out from his palm like living creatures.

“You actually......”

The Evil Dragon was filled with disbelief. His emotional fluctuations were intense. Although he did not say it, everyone knew what he meant...... Ayrin did not hesitate at all! Did he really not care about Rinloran’s body?

“How can a true arcane master die so easily?” Ayrin shouted. He also sensed the Evil Dragon’s meaning, “I will cut you down first! Then, Teacher Ciaran and the others will naturally patch Rinloran up.”

Everyone became speechless.

Those who knew Ayrin even pitied the Evil Dragon. This was absolutely unreasonable...... The Evil Dragon’s threat did not work on Ayrin at all! Ayrin was an arcane master who did not believe that a person would die so easily.

Facing the youth who believed he could even defeat death, the Evil Dragon was speechless.

He stared at Ayrin and twisted his expression.

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