Chapter 678: An Unimaginable Countermeasure

Chapter 678: An Unimaginable Countermeasure


Everyone felt deep awe towards the Evil Dragon.

Strictly speaking, the current Evil Dragon was only a six-gate arcane master. However, his forbidden skills were on a completely different level compared to other six-gate arcane masters.

Many of the arcane masters at the scene could ascertain that other six gate arcane masters could not resist these forbidden skills.

In front of the Evil Dragon’s forbidden skills, those unique forbidden skills secretly passed down in academies were utterly unqualified to be called forbidden.

The Evil Dragon’s ancient Draconic incantation continued.

The soil containing a terrifying corrosive aura seemed to be boiling and the huge coffin surrounding Ayrin rapidly contracted.

Seeing this scene, most arcane masters were no longer wondering if Ayrin could defeat the Evil Dragon, but whether Ayrin could survive this attack.

Even Auroses with the Lightning Dragon bloodline felt chills running down his spine. He felt that if he was the one to face those two forbidden skills from the Evil Dragon, he had no way of resisting other than detonating his dragon crystal.

“What’s that?”

However, what caused everyone to open their eyes wide was a tiny black and white dot that suddenly came out from the rapidly contracting corrosive soil coffin.

Then, a terrible stench rapidly spread out.

Those two dots belonged to a skunk!

“Skunk Devil Summoning?”

“It’s that Skunk skill again?”

Stingham, Chris and Charlotte were dumbfounded.

What is Ayrin doing?

Although they knew Ayrin loved this arcane skill and would use it from time to time, why would he use it when his life was at stake?

Is he using his life to make a joke?

Even the Evil Dragon was dumbfounded.

“An arcane skill for kids to play?” He uttered unconsciously.

However, at that moment, the black and white skunk suddenly disappeared.


A unique domain instantly exploded as if a barrel of explosives were ignited.

An indescribable stench and disgusting bubbles instantly shrouded the Evil Dragon and his faction.


The Evil Dragon’s face turned green.

His body stiffened up. Then, he bent his body and began vomiting violently.

Is this for real?

Charlotte and Chris also felt disgusted. The moment that stench spread out, they instinctively covered their mouth. Even their pores automatically closed up due to their past experiences and trauma.

However, what they saw next had such a big impact that it even overwhelmed the stench.

The corrosive soil coffin rapidly contracted before shattering and becoming normal soil again.

“How is that possible......?” Stingham mumbled to himself. The horrible stench wasn’t all that unbearable to him.

What made everyone more speechless was that Ayrin shouted, “It stinks...... really really stinks......”

He appeared from the scattering soil, pinching his nose and mouth desperately.

Ferguillo’s voice was transmitted into Stingham’s ears at that moment, “It’s the ancient Draconic incantation...... Ayrin used this method to interrupt...... or even directly seal the Evil Dragon’s Draconic forbidden skills.”

“What does that mean?” Stingham turned to ask in reflex.

He was unable to think, or rather it was his habit. Although he had changed his habit of being lazy after Shanna’s death and became a different person, his intelligence was still lacking compared to the others. He had too little knowledge, so he as well as Ayrin were still lacking in comprehension when facing many things. They would always turn to their companions for an explanation.

“Your academy’s Professor Plum is a powerful Draconic Scholar. They have the ability to gather immense arcane power by using direct ancient Draconic incantations.” Ferguillo was familiar with explaining things to Stingham. So, he continued without any delay, “The Evil Dragon can be considered as one of the strongest ancient Draconic arcane masters. However, just like other Draconic arcane masters...... Their Draconic arcane skills rely on chanting. By using the mysterious Draconic syllabus pronunciation to cause vibrations in arcane particles, it triggers arcane power resonation. However, if he cannot chant, his Draconic forbidden skill cannot be used.”

“This is the weakness of Draconic arcane skills!” Stingham’s eyes gleamed brightly. He looked at Ayrin with the utmost respect and shouted in realization, “With such a stench in the air, let alone interrupting the current incantation, the Evil Dragon cannot even use another Draconic arcane skill from now on! The forbidden skills used by Draconic arcane masters are usually strange and different from our current arcane skills. But he can’t use them now!”

“It’s actually like that?”

“He used this method to counter the Evil Dragon’s Draconic arcane skills?”

“He used this stinky domain not because he likes it, but purposely to counter the Evil Dragon?”

Hearing Stingham shout, many arcane masters started to understand Ayrin’s actions. Their eyes began to be filled with amazement.


The Evil Dragon roared while vomiting his stomach empty.

This feeling was just like an adult fighting against a toddler that just learned how to walk. The toddler had thrown a diaper into the adult’s mouth!


As he roared angrily, the sky above his head became purplish black.

The huge Evil Dragon cloud floating above his head began burning.


Countless purified water currents gushed out from the void and washed over his body as well as the surrounding land.

Most of the stench was washed away, and the air even released a fresh smell.

“Holy Water Cleanse!”

Many arcane masters recognized the arcane skill used by the Evil Dragon.


A ring of grey crystal light spread out from the Evil Dragon, then contracted into his body. The Evil Dragon’s body was still releasing a stench, but now his body was also cleansed.

“He can even completely erase the stench from this Death by Puking Domain?”

Stingham was shocked. His elation disappeared.

He knew that those who were hit by Ayrin’s domain would stink for a month. They would also keep throwing up for a month. However, the Evil Dragon actually had an arcane skill to neutralize this effect!

“Incredible, as expected of the Evil Dragon!” However, at that moment, Ayrin looked at the Evil Dragon and praised him, “What an incredible bloodline power and devouring ability! You can even devour this kind of stench arcane power and convert it into your own arcane particles.”

“But don’t you feel disgusted?” Suddenly, Ayrin’s tone changed as he shouted, “You can even devour this kind of stinky arcane power into your body, how is it different from devouring poo into your body? Do you really not feel disgusted?”

Ayrin’s words sounded silly and childish.

“You...... Pui!”

However, hearing Ayrin’s comments, the Evil Dragon who had just recovered turned slightly green again. His straightened body bent down and he began vomiting again. The taste of bile was strong in his mouth.

Everyone was astonished and speechless. They wanted to laugh but could not.

However, Ayrin’s expression turned strange.

“I have confirmed a matter.” He solemnly looked at the Evil Dragon, his expression contained a trace of excitement and relief, “You have really possessed Rinloran’s body. You have even inherited his obsession with hygiene...... And I have also confirmed that you still did not defeat Rinloran. Rinloran is still fighting against you!”

“Because!” Intense fighting spirit burned in Ayrin’s eyes. He raised up his two fists and shouted, “If you had completely defeated Rinloran, you would not just know a few of his arcane skills, you would know his every arcane skill. You would have also known I would use this stench domain to counter you! You can’t even defeat Rinloran, how can you defeat all of us?”

“We will definitely defeat you!”

Hearing Ayrin’s shouts, Stingham’s expression turned enthusiastic.

He shouted, “Rinloran, hold on in there! We will definitely rescue you. We will defeat him!”

The sight of Stingham and Ayrin shouting looked funny, but nobody felt it was funny. They felt something beginning to burn in them.

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