Chapter 677: Difference, Ayrin In Danger!

Chapter 677: Difference, Ayrin In Danger!


The Evil Blood Batmen were pinned down by the demihuman army. Jeriya and Nissen escaped after suffering heavy injuries. Even the huge skeleton assembled by the Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate using all its arcane energy was incapacitated. All that was left was for Charlotte to slowly dismantle the huge skeleton like demolishing a building.

The strength of her heavy particle skill could achieve that.

In this battle, the powerful forces the Evil Dragon deployed had all failed.

This was why, when Ayrin shouted, Chris and Stingham felt the Evil Dragon would be enraged or even scared.

However, before Ayrin’s shout echoed, a cold and sonorous voice rang out from the demonic forest, blasting into everyone’s ears, “You will never defeat me.”


At the center of the demonic forest, countless black scavenger vines the size of trees suddenly fell to the sides as if they were blown away by a hurricane.

It was like a black sea splitting aside, revealing a wide path.

It was an astonishing scene.

A huge black light cluster rapidly moved over the new path.


A shockwave spread from the front of the black light cluster as if it crashed into something. Nobody was able to react.

The instant the black light cluster stopped, the center of the shockwave split open and a figure was flung back.

Traces of pale light rays shot out from that figure as if they were cracking open.

Ayrin drew a sharp breath and shouted, “Uncle Lenyu!”

He was the first to identify the figure to be Lenyu.

“What happened?”

“Why is Uncle Lenyu there?”

Stingham and the others called out with worry. They could not comprehend the situation and only felt anxious.


A layer of black light flowed down like a waterfall from the surface of the black light cluster. Grey crystal light shone out from inside.


Sounds of people drawing sharp breaths rang out like a tsunami in the crowd behind Ayrin.

The earth trembled. It did not tremble due to some powerful arcane skill or domain, but rather due to the uncontrollable shivering of too many people.

Only then did everyone understand what had happened.

The huge Evil Dragon cloud in the sky seemed to gain life and flew over.

A large section of a broken tree was exposed from the black light cluster.

Moonlight-like life signs flowed from the broken tree. The moment the black light cluster dissipated, the surrounding plants rapidly grew.

A handsome man with wings on his back stood at the top of the broken tree. It was the Evil Dragon’s servant captain, the legendary Fellemang.

In front of the tree stood someone else. Their appearance looked feminine and beautiful.

The moment Stingham saw their face, he trembled and shouted out, “Rinloran!”

However, another voice spoke in his mind and reminded him of the real identity.

“It’s the Evil Dragon!”

Other than Stingham, nobody else made any sound. However, they all heard that voice in their mind, reminding them of just who this handsome youth with his cruel and powerful expression was.

The Evil Dragon actually came out!

Does he not see us as a threat at all?

Most of the people only felt chills. Even the violent beasts from the Snowfall Forest became quiet and only felt a deadly threat lingering around them, causing them to suffocate and leaving them unable to think.

However, at that moment, Ayrin’s voice flowed into everyone’s ears, “You rushed out so urgently to save Jeriya and Nissen, right? Plus, most of your forbidden skills are short range ones, right?”

The moment Ayrin’s fighting spirit-filled and fearless voice echoed in their ears, most of the arcane masters regained their ability to think.

“Ancient Elven Kingdom’s Holy Tree? The Tree of Life? He actually possesses such a large remnant of the Tree of Life?”

Then, they identified the broken tree behind the Evil Dragon.

Jeriya and Nissen appeared next to the Evil Dragon.

Jeriya’s body was wobbling and could collapse any moment. Meanwhile, Nissen had lost consciousness in her embrace.

By now, Stingham realized what had happened, “Lenyu discovered the real escape route of Jeriya and Nissen. He wanted to use the last bit of his power to kill them! But the Evil Dragon prevented it!”

“I admit your bloodline has granted you excellent judgement.” The Evil Dragon revealed a mocking expression. He continued, “However, since you possess such a great judgement ability, you should understand what this tree means.”

He spoke in Doraster common language, and his voice was sonorous. Everyone could hear him clearly. Draconic words trailed behind every word he spoke.

The moment he finished speaking, layers of golden light spread out around him.

Eighteen golden walls appeared around him.

It was the legendary ‘Golden Barrier’ domain of the Golden Dragon’s talent domain. He had actually used the time he was speaking to cast it.

At the same time, a current of pale green light rays flowed out from his finger tip and poured into the Tree of Life behind him.

A more and more powerful current of pale blue light rays flowed out from the Tree of Life into Jeriya and Nissen.

The wounds on them rapidly healed.

“This is why I chose to fight you here.” The Evil Dragon’s cruel gaze turned to Ayrin. He sneered, “So what if you have good judgement and instinct? Many of you are incapacitated. However, with this tree, no injury will stop us.”

His powerful and cold voice caused the arcane masters who had regained their thinking ability to feel even more chills running down their body.

Nobody had expected the Evil Dragon to possess such a large remnant of the Tree of Life.

Everyone knew what that meant.

How many times could he use powerful healing skills?

Ayrin said, “You’re not wrong. But we still have many people left who haven’t joined in the fight yet! Also...... No matter how big the fragment of the Tree of Life you have is, it will be used up eventually!”

His voice was filled with even more determination and fighting spirit.

Hearing this, even the Evil Dragon was startled.

He lowered his brows and spoke with an absolute icy tone, “You can try.”

He finally realized that it was a waste of effort to speak to an opponent like Ayrin.

Nobody believed Ayrin could defeat the Evil Dragon alone. To make the matter worse, the Evil Dragon possessed such a large fragment of the Tree of Life.

However, what confused them even more was that after hearing the Evil Dragon’s words, Ayrin took a deep breath and clenched his fist, “Alright! All of you don’t come here!” Then, he moved forward.

“Is he crazy? He’s going towards the Evil Dragon, Fellemang and Jeriya all by himself......” Meraly was shocked and trembled.

A mysterious bloody glint flashed across Belo’s eyes. He whispered to Meraly, “He won’t become crazy even if I become crazy.”

“How is that possible?”

Stingham wanted to rush forward. Even though he was one of the people who knew Ayrin best, he did not believe Ayrin alone could take on the Evil Dragon, Fellemang and Jeriya.

However he was stopped by Ferguillo.

Ferguillo slightly frowned, but he still said, “Believe in him.”

Stingham stiffened up.


The Evil Dragon focused on Ayrin.

In a way, the current Ayrin and him were arcane masters on the same level.

Ayrin was also a six-gate arcane master. Both of them had only recently opened their sixth arcane gate. Also, Ayrin had learned the Holy Dawn Academy’s Holy Gate of Life.

However, the Evil Dragon did not consider them at the same level. As he watched the approaching Ayrin, he snorted, “Foolish!”

Then, it suddenly began snowing.

Countless palm-size snowflakes fell down from the sky. Each snowflake landed soundlessly.

A layer of frost dyed Ayrin’s skin.

The snowflakes landed around him and immediately shattered. The coldness was nothing compared to his Eternal Winter Domain. However, a strange numbness and weakness began spreading out in his body.

It was as if countless grey worms were sucking out the energy in his body.

Ayrin became astonished.

This seemingly ice type forbidden skill was actually a powerful devouring forbidden skill!

His body instantly became heavy.

He was already not far from the golden barrier around the Evil Dragon. However, right now, he felt that he could not even take another step. The distance to the Evil Dragon only seemed to be getting larger.

“Do you know the greatest difference between us?”

The Evil Dragon looked up at the sky and spoke as if mocking himself, “The greatest difference between us is that I have rich experiences of fighting against the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline while you don’t have any experience fighting against me.”

“So, I know your abilities well, while you don’t understand much about me.”

He spoke not just for his own satisfaction. Draconic syllabus trailed behind every word he spoke.

After finishing his speech, soil flew up and adhered to Ayrin’s body.

It looked like the normal ‘Soil Stacking’ or ‘Soil Model’ or ‘Heavy Soil’ skill. However, it was not a normal arcane skill. Every piece of soil adhering to Ayrin contained a corrosive aura just like the Sword of Corrosion.

The soil rapidly gathered with Ayrin as the center and became a huge soil coffin.

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