Chapter 676: Simple Arcane Skill, Big Usage

Chapter 676: Simple Arcane Skill, Big Usage


“Why aren’t they helping?”

Stingham had a coughing fit while looking at Ayrin and the huge skeleton.

At a corner, Belo, Chris, Meraly and Jean Camus...... were all just watching.

“Because they need to be at their best when we face the Evil Dragon.”

Ferguillo turned to look at Stingham, “So, they are all waiting, waiting for Ayrin to defeat that huge skeleton.”


Ayrin was knocked back once more.

Everyone could tell his situation was getting worse and worse.

At first, only a trail of blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth. However, even his breath contained a little blood mist now.

It was a sign his internal organs were damaged.

More importantly, Ayrin still did not seem to have found any method to defeat the huge skeleton.


It was true that Ayrin had not found a method to beat the skeleton yet.

In front of the overwhelming pure physical strength, any arcane skill seemed like useless decorations.

However, due to his condition getting worse and worse as the fight continued, his mind became clearer instead.

An instinct that showed him how to defeat this huge skeleton was taking shape.

If he was able to squeeze out the method to take on that huge skeleton while continuing with such a fighting method, there was no need to make any change.

While panting heavily, Ayrin did not pause and charged towards the huge skeleton like a mad bull again.

The huge skeleton simply stamped its foot and launched a punch towards him.


Its fist was like a wall moving at an astonishing speed. After a loud crashing sound, its fist trembled slightly and Ayrin was knocked back again.


Ayrin finally spat out a mouthful of blood.

“......” Auroses who was not far away from Ayrin gritted his teeth.

Although he chose to believe in Ayrin, he was almost out of patience...... Is he really only able to charge recklessly like that?

The only reason he did not make a move was because he did not have any method of taking on such a pure physical strength type monster. Even if he transformed into his dragon form, he was not its match in pure strength.

When Ayrin’s arcane robe was completely dyed by blood, he suddenly shouted, “I got it!”

His burning gaze turned brighter. A brilliant idea flashed across his brain.

“Ayrin got a method?”

“He found the method to take on that huge skeleton?”

Ayrin stopped moving for a moment. He did not charge towards the huge skeleton like before. Those who did not know him well would assume it was due to the damage he suffered. However, seeing his shining eyes, those familiar with him trembled in joy.

“It’s going to start!” Meraly even shouted out.

Ayrin stood still. A powerful arcane energy fluctuation surged out before him.

“What is that?”

Charlotte and Chris opened their eyes wide nervously.

Along with the intense arcane energy fluctuation before Ayrin, a rubbery, jelly-like object suddenly appeared. It twisted into a humanoid shape over several meters tall.


The huge skeleton did not hesitate and cleanly lunged a fist at the humanoid object. However, only a soft sound was made as its fist dug into the center of the humanoid object.

“Rubber Man...... The Draconic Language Academy has this arcane skill. More accurately speaking, this is a mutated Rubber Man, Ayrin modified this arcane skill.”

Jean Camus frowned as astonishment flashed across his eyes.

The Rubber Man in the Draconic Language Academy was a substitution and binding type arcane skill. By making use of the moment the opponent was unable to react, the user could condense a rubber man to substitute himself. Like this, the opponent’s limbs and materialized weapons would be stuck inside the Rubber Man, delaying their actions.

The Rubber Man from the Draconic Language Academy had a size similar to a normal person, it was not nearly as big as Ayrin’s.

“Is he trying to slow the huge skeleton down by using the Rubber Man? But why did it collapse?” Chris was a genius in battle. However, she was unable to comprehend the current situation.

This was because at that moment, the rubber man collapsed and became rubbery currents, washing onto the huge skeleton.

The streams of bandage-like rubbery currents did not seem to slow down the huge skeleton at all.


The huge skeleton’s punch arrived in front of Ayrin.

This action was no different from the previous clashes. However, a few attentive arcane masters suddenly noticed the difference and opened their eyes wide.

There was no vibrant humming sound, only the wind gliding sound of a huge object moving through the air.

There was no terrifying power brand!

The speed of the punch was still the same, but there was no force exerting from the interior.

What’s going on?

While they were astonished, Ayrin just stood on the spot. He shouted loudly and launched a simple punch, aiming at the skeleton’s fist that was several times larger than his own.


Everyone was stunned.

Ayrin did not get knocked back.

Ayrin only sunk into the ground a little due to the force. However, his punch fiercely stabbed into the huge skeleton’s punch like a nail.

Crystalized bone powder broke off from the huge skeleton’s fist.

“What happened?”

Stingham opened his mouth wide and turned to look at Ferguillo. He could not understand what exactly happened. How did the entire situation change after the failure of an arcane skill?

“It’s actually like that......”

Ferguillo heaved a long sigh. Doubt and comprehension were exchanged in his gaze. He only realized what happened after the clash.

He turned and said to Stingham, “Buffering, it’s buffering.”

“Buffering?” Stingham was still confused, “What buffering?”

“Ayrin saw through the composition and strength exertion method of that huge skeleton.” Ferguillo looked at him and quickly explained, “This huge skeleton was made by combining the skeletons of countless small elven arcane masters. Each set of elven arcane master skeletons is like our muscle fibers. As each small skeleton exerted strength, the accumulation of impact transmission eventually became a great force...... This is why this huge skeleton was created by arcane power, but eventually became a pure physical strength monster.”

“You’re saying that every skeleton that makes up the huge skeleton is like its cells. When it launches a punch, these cells exert strength together and transmit the force into its fist?” Stingham seemed to understand a little.

“That’s right.” Ferguillo narrowed his eyes and looked at the huge skeleton, “Now that Ayrin used the mutated Rubber Man to coat a layer of rubber between those tiny skeletons. The strength exerted by each skeleton is absorbed by the rubber buffering layer. With this, it’s like the cells within the arcane master are isolated...... Although this huge skeleton is enormous, it’s now just like an obese fatty without any muscle fiber.”

“That’s what happened!”

Stingham opened his eyes wide. After hearing Fergullo’s explanation, he finally noticed the space between each tiny skeleton did indeed have a layer of padding inserted.

“Crystal Dust!”

However, Ayrin’s surprise was not over yet. At that moment, after noticing his method was effective, he loudly chanted another incantation.

Crystal-like dust swarmed out in front of him.

It was another common arcane skill.

At least to most of the arcane masters at the scene, this Crystal Dust was not dangerous at all.

“Raging Wind!”

However, the crystal dust was blown into the gaps between skeletons of the huge skeleton by the next common arcane skill he used.

The already weakened huge skeleton seemed to have grown countless bone spurs. All of it’s joints hardened and its entire body stiffened.

At that moment, almost every arcane master thought, “It’s finished!”

Ayrin did not make any further move. He simply turned around and shouted towards Charlotte on a piece of land not far away, “Charlotte, I leave this to you!”

Charlotte was startled for a moment.

However, she immediately understood Ayrin’s intention.

A humming sound rang from her body.

The heavy particles in her body rapidly accelerated, swarming into her fist.

In the eyes of others, she appeared to be pulled by her fist and jumped up.


Charlotte’s fist blasted against the huge skeleton. The area of impact immediately shattered.

This was an area where two elven arcane master skeletons were piled up together. It was just a small piece compared to the entire skeleton structure. However, Charlotte was showing great confidence.

It’s fine as long as it’s effective!

If it’s effective, this seemingly impossible to defeat skeleton will eventually be destroyed!

Based on its current condition, it won’t be a threat after destroying one of its legs.

More importantly, there’s no need for Ayrin to take on this huge skeleton anymore.

Taking a glance at Charlotte, Ayrin took deep breaths and shouted towards the depth of the demonic forest, “What else can you do? Show us!”

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