Chapter 675: Can We Really Win?

Chapter 675: Can We Really Win?


Ferguillo did not care about Nissen’s emotions. He had already regained his calm breathing while speaking. Arcane particles surged out from him again.

Suddenly, a terrifying boom suddenly came from behind him.

A black shadow approached Ferguillo with astonishing speed.

Ferguillo’s arcane level was normally not enough to respond to such speed. However, before the booming sound rang out, a mysterious alarm rang deep in his body, mostly in his right arm.

It was an instinct surpassing arcane level.


A cloud of dust exploded from his feet. He borrowed the force to turn around and injected all his remaining arcane particles into his right arm before meeting the force head on.

Under the pressure of the astonishing force released by his right arm, a hand wrapped in black flames appeared in his sight.

Due to the change in posture being too sudden, he only saw the hand and had no time for the reception of the image to be analyzed by his brain.

A shockwave exploded at the spot where Ferguillo’s right hand clashed against that hand.

Ferguillo felt an immense force transmitting to his body through the air.

His feet were lifted off the ground and his body was flung back.

However, instead of attacking him, that hand grasped the air.

The grey Sword of Corrosion that lay before Nissen was about to shatter, but after that hand grasped the air, the leaking aura suddenly condensed again.

The sword flew towards that hand wrapped in black flames.

Only then did the owner of that hand appear in Ferguillo’s senses. Jeriya!

In the next instant, Jeriya made a simple movement.

She lunged the sword towards Ferguillo.

Carter roared.

A burning spear fiercely drilled into Jeriya’s back.

However, Jeriya only made a slightly pained expression.

Two black flowers bloomed from her body again and bound the spear.

Her lunging motion was not affected at all. In fact, she became even faster due to the impact from her back.

Ferguillo’s right arm had no time to adjust and clumsily crossed in front of his body.


Ferguillo rolled on the ground as if he were hit by a charging beast, a mouthful of blood spilling out from his mouth.

The moment he bounced up, he immediately stabilized himself. However, he could not raise his right arm, no matter how much he tried.

It had large wounds and scaly light surged out from the cuts and gashes.


The grey sword flash appeared in front of him again.

In the distance, Liszt and Carter turned pale and became furious.

They already knew Jeriya’s strength was abnormal. However, the power she currently displayed completely surpassed their imagination.

The power she was currently displaying even surpassed the Evil Dragon moments after he possessed Rinsyi’s body.

Their full cooperation could not even trap Jeriya.

They were certain Ferguillo could not block the second attack.

Ferguillo...... is going to die like this?

However, at that moment, a yellowish cluster of light suddenly appeared in front of Ferguillo in the path of the grey sword flash.


A strange noise reverberated in the air, like a bone heavily smacking a broken drum.


Jeriya suddenly stopped.

The Sword of Corrosion could not penetrate the obstacle and was forcefully blocked. She felt as if she thrusted it into a cluster of thick wax.


Stingham who appeared before the Sword of Corrosion heavily shook. Before he was flung back, his chest slightly dented in. A mouthful of blood spilled out and dyed his arcane robe red.


Liszt and Carter opened their eyes wide in disbelief.

They knew Stingham’s Lover’s Corpse was the best defensive artifact. However, they could not understand...... how he made it in time to block Jeriya with his arcane level.


The metal zombie appearing on Stingham’s body instantly dimmed. A few of his ribs were fractured. Even with the Lover’s Corpse, his nerves and organs suffered heavy damage. The intense pain and his still burning skin shocked his brain wave after wave.

However, his lips curved into a joyous smile.

With his arcane level, he was certainly unable to keep up with Jeriya’s speed. However, the moment Nissen was beaten by Ferguillo, he instinctively felt Jeriya would go after Ferguillo.

This was because he knew that if his own mother was at the scene and he was on the verge of being killed, she would rush over at any cost.

Hence, he did not think about anything and simply dashed towards Ferguillo, blocking his front.

Although it really hurts...... it’s nothing compared to the pain and guilt of losing a friend.

I only understood after personally experiencing it. Dying myself...... feels much better than my companions dying for me.


Due to Stingham’s interference, Jeriya’s body was stopped for a moment.

This gave the others a chance.

A crude and violent roar came from behind her, “Take this!”

A foot wrapped in green power brands stomped on her back.


Another impact sound rang out.

Jeriya’s body sank down.

Minlur’s foot forcefully stomped down as if it was adhered to her back.

A layer of black scaly light flashed on Jeriya’s back.

Pssh! Pssh!

The two black flowers blooming from her body exploded.

However, at that moment, bone spurs shining like crystal grew out from her back.


Minlur’s sole clashed against the hard bone spurs. Almost instantly, bone facturing sounds came from his sole.


While roaring in pain and anger, Minlur flipped back.

A burning sensation ignited deep within Jeriya’s body.

The Sword of Corrosion in her hand shattered and disappeared.


Her body sank down further and her entire body was bent. She spit out a mouthful of black blood on the ground in front of her.

She had practiced the Evil Dragon forbidden skills for a long time and received the baptism from the Evil Dragon to become the Evil Dragon’s queen which was similar to a mutated Evil Dragon bloodline. Her arcane resistance and devouring ability, including her body’s tenacity, had far surpassed the limits of normal arcane masters.

The moment she was hit by Minlur’s stomp, she even countered and shattered the bones in his leg, disabling him. However, Minlur’s attack was similar to that huge skeleton, a pure physical attack.

Getting hit by such an attack, her body’s interior had become completely messed up, as if a goblin bomb was stuffed inside.

If she was someone with another Dragon bloodline, she might have even died from that attack.

She raised her head and swept her gaze past her enemies. Then, she spoke while coughing, “You’re really strong...... stronger than my estimation......”


Her body emitted countless black light rays which wrapped around the fallen Nissen and herself.

Many sharp shrieks rang out.


The demihumans and sharkman arcane masters covered their ears. The shrieks made them really uncomfortable.

“They escaped?”

Stingham stood next to Ferguillo while breathing with a little difficulty. He saw countless black shadows escaping towards the depth of the demonic forest. Even with his True Sight, he could not tell which shadow contained Jeriya and Nissen.

At that moment, Stingham quietly asked Ferguillo, “Can we really win against the Evil Dragon?”

They only dispatched Jeriya and Nissen.

However, just against them, it took Ferguillo and the teachers, and me...... And we were still almost unable to fight back.

We failed to kill Jeriya and Nissen.

They may be able to recover quickly after escaping into the demonic forest.

Ferguillo sat down.

He did not answer Stingham’s question, but turned to look at Ayrin and that huge elven skeleton instead.

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