Chapter 674: One Strike! Ferguillo’s Confidence And Determination!

Chapter 674: One Strike! Ferguillo’s Confidence And Determination!



Ayrin did not clash head on with the huge skeleton. He charged at it, leaving afterimages, then grazed past its fist.

However, at that moment, the huge skeleton’s other fist suddenly appeared in front of Ayrin as if it broke through time and space.


Ayrin was flung back again and crashed through several pillar-like land masses.


Many demihumans screamed.

The huge skeleton pursued Ayrin. Its feet nonchalantly stepped forward and squashed the demihumans into meat jam, as well as pushing many demihumans into the abyss down below.

A furious roar exploded from the dust cloud, “Bastard!”

Ayrin shot up and dashed towards the huge skeleton.

“Ayrin!” Meraly shouted out.

She was already exerting strength to dash out, when Belo’s cold voice reached her ears, “Don’t move!” It caused her body to stiffen up.

“Why?” Meraly turned to look at Belo with a pale face.

In her eyes, Ayrin was already spitting out blood.

“If he can’t even handle that big guy, he doesn’t have the qualifications to defeat the Evil Dragon.” Belo snorted with his usual cold and arrogant tone.

“But......” Meraly gulped, but could not say anything.

“But what?” Belo heavily snorted.

“But the current Ayrin has eyes even more bloodshot than you...... His blood is almost burning. He has become enraged.” Meraly took a deep breath and quickly spoke, “At the start, didn’t Morgan and Audrey say that if Ayrin’s rage surpasses a certain threshold, there will be negative consequences?”

Hearing Meraly’s reason, Belo sneered, “Enough of that nonsense.”

He looked at Ayrin with narrowed eyes and snorted, “Although this guy usually looks naive and brainless, he possesses absolute confidence in battle.”

“Can Ayrin...... really defeat that huge skeleton alone? ......Should we really preserve our strength and let Ayrin take on that huge skeleton alone?”

Although Meraly normally obeyed Belo's instructions, seeing the devilish huge skeleton caused her to begin doubting Belo’s decision.


On a piece of land littered with the wreckage of the Sky Crystal Ferry, Nissen took a glance in the direction of Ayrin and Stingham, then spoke to Ferguillo with hatred and cruelty, “Don’t think about trying to help them, your opponent is me.”

“Is it?” Ferguillo looked at Nissen calmly and spoke, “I think you’re mistaken.”

“I’m mistaken?” Nissen was startled.

“Because I don’t need to help them. I just need to finish you off.” Ferguillo calmly spoke.

Nissen was dumbfounded.

He could not understand where Ferguillo’s confidence came from.

Especially Ayrin seemed like he was in a tough spot. He was foolishly competing in strength against the huge skeleton, and was clearly getting his ass kicked without any chance to counterattack.

Then, rage started boiling within Nissen, “You can finish me off? I only underestimated you last time. But this time, my power has......”

“The result will be the same.” Ferguillo interrupted.

“You!” Nissen was about to explode from rage.

He saw true disdain from Ferguillo’s gaze.

Ferguillo definitely did not just humiliate him with words, but truly did not treat him as a proper opponent!

I’m the Evil Dragon’s son!

By borrowing the Evil Dragon’s power, I have become stronger!

My arcane level and mental strength have become stronger than you!

How dare you look down on me just because you defeated me once!

“I’m going to tear you to pieces and kill you!” Nissen’s face contorted. His entire face spewed out grey dragon breath.

However, Ferguillo remained calm and plainly commented, “Me, Jean Camus, every member of the Holy Dawn Academy team, even Moss, any of us can kill you.”

“What did you say?” Nissen had truly and completely gone mad!

Due to his arrogance and pride, he previously left Jeriya and went to assassinate Ayrin alone.

However, after encountering Ferguillo and losing his physical body, he sobered up. He acknowledged that there were other people who could defeat him apart from the Evil Dragon or Jeriya.

However, he firmly believed there would only be a few who could do that!

Yet Ferguillo actually said any member in the Holy Dawn Academy team could defeat him!

He was totally belittled!

He chanted an incantation that surpassed his usual limits, “Abyssal Breath: Sword of Corrosion!”

His body was still out of whack. The synchronization between his physical body and mental strength was far from complete after advancing his strength by borrowing the Evil Dragon’s power. Despite all of this, he still utilized all his arcane particles.

He would kill Ferguillo in one shot with the fastest method!

Countless streaks of grey aura surged out from the ground before him.

A piece of ground five to six meters in diameter simply disappeared, becoming a bottomless hole.

The arcane power and grey aura swarming up from the hole condensed rapidly into a grey longsword.

Ripples spread out from the longsword, rapidly corroding the surrounding ground and wreckage of the Sky Crystal Ferry.

“What is this Evil Dragon forbidden skill?”

“Is this the legendary Sword of Corrosion forbidden skill that can corrode everything?”

Even the sharkman arcane masters far away could sense the corroding aura. They started screaming in shock.

“Battle Attraction: Super Distance Leap!”

However, facing the terrifying aura, Ferguillo calmly used a forbidden skill from the Iron Forest Academy that could not even be considered forbidden.

This was because it was a forbidden skill that did not require a large amount of arcane particles. So, Ferguillo was able to cast it quickly.

The moment the grey longsword took shape, countless electric current-like rays filled the space between him and Nissen.

These rays possessed a mysterious attraction. Ferguillo instantly appeared in front of Nissen as if he teleported.

The distance between the two was less than a meter!


In Nissen’s view, Ferguillo’s face almost adhered to his. His every cell screamed in shock.

He raised his hand in an instinctive reflex.

The grey Sword of Corrosion floated up from below and stabbed towards Ferguillo’s abdomen.

If the sword connected, Ferguillo would definitely die.

Even Nissen himself could not resist the corrosive power.

However, at that moment, Ferguillo did not even look at that sword.

He completely ignored it and just calmly stretched out his right hand towards Nissen’s heart.

Grey crystal light burned from Ferguillo’s right hand.

The terrifying aura splashed onto Nissen’s skin, causing him to grow goosebumps.

His heart stopped beating out of fear. Chills instantly filled his body like an electric current.

Mutual Sacrifice!

He is throwing his life away?

This was his plan from the start!

He is risking his own life to kill me?


A real lunatic!


A sharp shocked scream came from Nissen’s mouth.

He could no longer control his Sword of Corrosion. The flame from his dragon crystal desperately surged out from his body to block Ferguillo’s attack.


A layer of grey dragon breath clashed against Ferguillo’s right hand, exploding in between them.

“Ah!” Nissen screamed in pain.

He and Ferguillo were blown away by the powerful explosion.

Ferguillo’s right hand was unscathed, while the right half of his body received dozens of wounds from the explosion. However, his expression remained calm and he did not groan at all.

On the other hand, a horrible hole opened up on Nissen’s chest. Organs could be seen from the hole and blood flowed out profusely.

As Nissen screamed, he was unable to control his body and crashed down.

“Aahhh!” As he landed, he screamed in even greater pain. Then, he saw Ferguillo standing stably from the corner of his eyes.

An indescribable feeling of disbelief occupied his brain. He screamed out hysterically, “Impossible!”

He could not understand it.

He had grown far more powerful than before. Ferguillo did not become any stronger. Yet, somehow, this battle was over even faster.

“You are not a true arcane master...... You can’t even control the fear of pain and you don’t possess the courage to risk your life...... How can you defeat an arcane master that risks his everything?” Ferguillo raised his head to look at Nissen and plainly spoke, “Your weakness is too obvious...... Even with all that strength, you’re worthless in a fight.”

“Ah!” Nissen screamed again.

Can any member from the Holy Dawn Academy Team really defeat me?

He screamed and tried to stand up.

However, the intense pain coming from his body drained him of his strength, causing him to collapse again.

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