Chapter 673: Crisis! Pure Power

Chapter 673: Crisis! Pure Power


Stingham stiffened up.

It was something that had never happened before.

The Green Dragon Spear shuddered, the green flames trying to change from solid state to liquid state. However, Jeriya’s two black flowers tightly adhered to it, restraining the flames.

Stingham maintained his throwing motion and blankly uttered, “What is this forbidden skill?”

“Rapid Wind: Shadow Dragon Bind!” Rui rapidly chanted.

Many thin black shadow dragons rose up from beneath Jeriya and entangled around her body.

“Holy Light: Ablation!”

Liszt’s expression turned grim. Countless bright holy light rays emitted from his arms and formed a pillar.

The bright light pillar fiercely slammed into Jeriya a moment after Rui bound Jeriya.

The strongest aspect of the Holy Dawn Evil Six was not Liszt’s explosive strength, but rather their teamwork.

Although Jeriya’s performance was extremely creepy, Liszt’s team was still confident in defeating her.

As the light pillar hit Jeriya, there was an expanding fist that constantly compressed the air appearing on the other side of the light pillar.

It was Minlur’s fist.

However, even under all these attacks, Jeriya’s expression remained unchanged.


The light pillar charged into a hollow pillar, instantly melting into her body.

Countless thin light rays rushed out from her pores.

Her face showed pain, but her body remained stable.

The petals of the two black flowers blooming from her body suddenly manifested white veins.

Liszt’s pupils contracted.

Rui’s pupils also contracted.

Minlur’s mouth opened wide in disbelief.


A vibrant force condensed into a huge bull horn and clashed against Minlur’s fist.


Bone fracturing sounds came from Minlur’s fist and arm.

Minlur could not resist the counterattack and was knocked back as if an enormous horned beast slammed into him.

His entire right arm twisted in a strange direction. Although he did not groan in pain, everyone was certain his right arm was broken in one hit!


Carter looked at Jeriya like she was a monster that did not exist in this world, while appearing in Minlur’s flying path.

Jeriya took a deep breath.

Her body was slightly numb. She also sensed Carter’s gaze and the complicated emotions in that gaze.

Her face showed even greater confidence.

She shook her head, “I’m not as strong as him...... but I’m different from him.”

This sentence was too simple. Normal people might not understand it, but Carter understood the meaning in her words. It answered the doubt in his mind.

The ‘him’ Jeriya mentioned was naturally referring to the Evil Dragon.

Her ability originated from the Evil Dragon...... She became the Evil Dragon’s queen and obtained the bloodline power that normal people could not obtain. However, she was vastly different from the Evil Dragon bloodline.

In other words, the Evil Dragon queen bloodline was a mutated Evil Dragon bloodline.

Where the holy light type forbidden skill was the most effective attack against the Evil Dragon, it was ineffective against Jeriya.

Jeriya could even devour this type of holy light which was harmful to Evil Dragon particles.

This meant that the strongest methods Liszt’s team prepared were useless against her.


Ciaran appeared on the side. She did not attack Jeriya immediately, but pulled back a shadow dashing towards Jeriya.

The shadow who charged towards Jeriya was Stingham.

Stingham’s gaze had locked onto his Green Dragon Spear.

It was his strongest weapon...... It could even be said that this Green Dragon Spear was his life after Shanna and the others died.

He wanted to snatch his Green Dragon Spear back.

However, after pulling him back, Ciaran repeated, “Don’t!”

Coldness appeared in Jeriya’s eyes.

Several thin threads flashed in front of her.

Then, her gaze turned away from Stingham and focused on the Green Dragon Spear stabbing in her body.

The black flowers covered in white veins began to contract as if they were shriveling.


A bone-cracking sound came from the Green Dragon Spear.

Pieces of green shards scattered.

The Green Dragon Spear shattered!

The broken pieces of the spear fell to the ground in front of her and behind her.

Stingham stiffened again.

All blood drained from his face. His face became paler than a sheet of white paper.

A chill surged up from Ciaran’s body.

In an instant, Stingham’s Green Dragon Spear was broken, Minlur’s right arm was fractured, Rui was injured...... Jeriya had already become so powerful!


While Ciaran felt a chill in her body, Ayrin’s pupils contracted.

He felt a sense of danger getting closer and closer.

Before him, the huge crystal coffin, which was the original form of the Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate, was still leaking arcane energy. It became completely transparent.

Beneath it, an enormous body had crawled out from the soil.

It was a skeleton.

A human-shaped skeleton.

From its structure, it looked like the skeleton of an arcane master with elven bloodline.

However, this skeleton was dozens of meters tall.

Each bone on its body was pieced together by normal elven arcane master skeletons.

A voice slowly spoke in Ayrin’s body.

This demonic forest was once the outpost forest of the Yalf Kingdom. In their last struggle against the Evil Dragon, countless elven arcane masters died here.

The Evil Dragon’s artifact is not resurrecting them into individual skeleton warriors, but rather combining them into a single massive skeleton.

An indescribable rage burned in every cell of Ayrin’s body.

His eyes burned with fury and fighting spirit.


This place was originally the Yalf Kingdom! A place with beautiful sceneries! The land in elven songs!

But your invasion made this place into a deadly demonic forest! Only man eating flowers bloom now!

That still isn’t enough for you! Now, you aren’t even leaving the dead alone!


A cracking sound similar to the Green Dragon Spear shattering rang out form the transparent crystal coffin.

The crystal coffin completely shattered and became countless fragments, showering down onto the giant skeleton like raindrops.

Jean Camus drew a sharp breath.

The Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate actually used up all its power at once, just like completely burning up a dragon crystal...... The Evil Dragon has truly staked all his powers in this fight.

The Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate is gone forever.

Then...... What kind of power will this huge elven skeleton possess?


While Jean Camus was lost in thought, a thunderous roar cut across the sky.

The roar originated from the huge skeleton in front of Ayrin. It threw a simple punch towards Ayrin.

There was no arcane energy fluctuation.

However, just that punch could bring out a thunderous roar.

Countless streaks of radiating power brands and compressed air formed lightning-like patterns, scattering towards Ayrin.


Facing the fist many times bigger than himself, Ayrin roared out while emitting burning red and silver flames.

His body rapidly enlarged. Countless scaly lights and layers of armor-like flames condensed around him, changing him into a heavy armor warrior double his original size.


A dull clash rang out.

The ground broke into many isolated pillars.

The moment the dull clash rang out, Ayrin’s body disappeared from the spot. The skeleton’s body shook and made creaking noises. Some shreds scattered from its fist.


Behind Ayrin, several pillars exploded.


Jean Camus and the others held their breath.

Such terrifying strength!

That was pure physical strength!

The huge skeleton created by all the power from the Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate actually mutated its arcane power, making it a pure physical strength warrior!

“Hep...... Hep......”

Ayrin appeared from the dust cloud after smashing through several pillars. He panted with difficulty.

His arms were completely numb.

The power of that huge skeleton was overwhelming.

To him, this pure brute strength...... reaching such an extent, was even more difficult to handle than those arcane masters with powerful forbidden skills.

Currently, his instinct was telling him that be it the Storm Lord’s Spear or Eternal Winter Domain, or even forbidden skills like Fire Embers, they were useless against the huge skeleton.


Another thunderous roar rang out.

The huge skeleton jumped up and smashed a piece of land on which many demihumans had gathered, then swung its fist towards Ayrin again.

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