Chapter 672: Black Flower Vs Spear

Chapter 672: Black Flower Vs Spear


Other than the grey Evil Dragon cloud in the sky, the moment that black sun rose up, all light disappeared.

The originally dark grey clouds rumbled loudly, then suddenly stopped as if the clouds were frozen before turning into absolute darkness and covering the entire sky.

“What is this forbidden skill?”

“Who possesses such power?”

In the Snowfall Forest alliance army, be it the beasts or barbarian arcane masters, they were all confused. Waves of chilling air descended from the sky, even making them feel cold.

At the same time, Jean Camus who was next to Ayrin also asked the same question. “What is this forbidden skill?”

He began spreading out his unique arcane power dispelling domain. However, to his surprise, his arcane power dispelling domain seemed useless against this drifting cold aura.

The darkness was getting denser.

Screams rang out everywhere.

Everyone realized their companions around were getting swallowed by the darkness...... This kind of absolute darkness seemed to be splitting every individual up. It put each person into an independent dark space alone.

“Ayrin!” Stingham shouted towards Ayrin.

He saw Ayrin getting swallowed by the darkness, and even his shouting became weird in this darkness. It seemed to first be absorbed, blocking it from transmitting far, before stretching out very far.

Ayrin stopped.

His brows furrowed deeply.

This Evil Dragon forbidden skill was very strange. He could not absorb any arcane particles from it, but as the darkness fell over him, a layer of silver flames appeared in his mind.

It was a strange instinct. It seemed to be taking shape, but even he could not comprehend it. It was very abstract.

Darkness invaded everything. Jeriya who had just completed casting the forbidden skill looked a lot skinnier. A large amount of fresh life energy was extracted from her abdomen. However, her aura remained powerful and her body began fading into the darkness.


Three wobbling Sky Crystal Ferries were almost swallowed by darkness as well.


A door on the deck opened.

Mody and several medical masters walked out from behind.

A bitter smile spread on Mody’s face. Even he who had experienced the Trauma Room felt extreme fear.

Different from most other arcane masters, he could clearly feel this darkness was a type of spatial forbidden skill as it was his field of expertise.

Although he could ascertain the type of this forbidden skill, he was unsure what effect it would eventually cause.

He also had no confidence in breaking this forbidden skill.

He only had one chance to act...... As for what happened after that, he had no idea.


It was like a thunderclap booming around him.

The originally wobbling Sky Crystal Ferry creaked as if it was slammed by a heavy hammer and dropped to the ground again.


Before landing, an even more intense tremor rang out.


Mody spat out a mouthful of blood.

Several medical masters immediately rushed in and cast healing skills on him.

At the same time, the ground shook. Blood soaked soil was knocked up and scattered.

The countless Evil Blood Batmen corpses bounced up as if they were resurrected.

“What’s going on?”

Ayrin and Jean Camus turned around.

They could sense this shaking coming from the three Sky Crystal Ferries behind them. And they could also feel that despite the sky still being dark, the darkness that split everyone up was shattered by it and was rapidly dissipating.

“Watch out!” Ayrin suddenly shouted towards the dumbfounded Stingham and the others behind him while pointing at the ground.

Crack crack crack......

The shaking on the ground did not stop, and egg shell splitting sounds rang out.

The moment Ayrin shouted his warning, large seams spread out on the ground.

Countless seams criss crossed and enlarged further.

The even ground disappeared. Pieces of ground were separated by gaps over dozens of meters wide to several hundred meters wide, forming tiny islands.


Many people screamed.

Some realized they were standing on a large piece of land alone. However, there were others who were squeezing on a small piece of land, trying not to fall off.

The deep gaps in between were bottomless. There were faint transparent light streams swarming at the center of the gaps, releasing a creepy aura.


The dark sky also seemed to have split open. Countless black shreds rained down.

“It’s Acting Corps Leader Mody!”

“Acting Corps Leader Mody broke the enemy’s domain!”

Ayrin’s eyes sparkled. Although he did not witness Mody casting the skill, he instantly recognized the familiar arcane power aura coming from the Sky Crystal Ferry.

At that moment, his body tensed on reflex.

An extremely dangerous presence was rising up from the deep gap in front of him.

“That is?”

His pupils rapidly contracted.

A huge crystal coffin rose up from the tumbling soil.

A familiar aura overflowed.

It was one of the most important artifacts belonging to the Evil Dragon, the original form of the Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate!

This huge crystal coffin did not immediately transform into the Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate.

It floated up like a huge dragon crystal and kept injecting arcane energy into the space below it.

A huge bone claw slowly and stiffly appeared from the soil beneath the crystal coffin.



At the same time, a dense patch of darkness descended on the fallen Sky Crystal Ferry.

Jeriya appeared from the center of that patch of darkness.

Crack crack crack crack......

The entire deck of the ferry began collapsing from where she landed.

Jeriya did not know who broke her forbidden skill, but she could sense the culprit was on this Sky Crystal Ferry.

Since this person could break her most powerful forbidden skill, she believed he was her greatest threat. After all, if he could break one of her skills, he might be able to break them all.

“Already gravely injured?”

The instant she appeared on the Sky Crystal Ferry, she saw Mody who was retreating under the protection of some medical masters and arcane masters from the Office of Special Affairs. She was a little startled by this.

However, she did not hesitate to make her move.

The scattered arcane power from the retreating people was rapidly absorbed by her. A black arrow condensed with astonishing speed and accurately locked onto Mody.


The black arrow approached Mody as if it teleported. The surrounding arcane masters could not react at all.

However, at the last moment, countless gem-like feathers blocked the black arrow.


The gem-like feathers exploded, becoming streaks of crimson light.

At the same time, Ferguillo appeared at the center of the scattering crimson light.

He stretched out his right hand and grabbed the final shard of the black arrow.

It melted in his palm and became a tiny black light ball.

“It’s you!” A furious roar rang out from behind Jeriya.

A tall and thin figure appeared from Jeriya’s shadow.

It was Nissen. He saw Ferguillo who had destroyed his original physical body and became so furious that it looked as if flames were spilling out from his eyes.

Ferguillo looked at the furious Nissen and plainly replied, “It’s me, so what?”

“Mother, I will take him on! I can take him on now!” Nissen let out a low growl. At the same time, his aura exploded. A tiny Evil Dragon shadow appeared above his head.

Jeriya’s gaze turned complicated. She originally intended to reject Nissen’s plea, but she nodded and turned around instead.

Liszt and Minlur showed up on a piece of land not far behind her.

“Holy Dawn Evil Five?”

She shook her head and coldly yet confidently spoke, “You’re no match for me.”


The moment she spoke, a trail of black spoke crashed down from the sky, landing right behind her.

A grunt came from the black smoke.

Rui stumbled out from it.


An astonishing streak of green flames suddenly appeared in front of her.


Jeriya could not dodge it.

The green flame shot into her body.

In the distance, Stingham maintained his throwing motion.

Liszt looked at her and plainly spoke, “We are not the Holy Dawn Evil Five. We have always been the Holy Dawn Evil Six.”

The green flame pierced through Jeriya’s body.

“It’s not enough...... The result is the same.”

However, what caused Liszt to hold his breath were Jeriya’s words.

She did not fall.

Two bewitching black flowers bloomed from the wounds at the front and back of her skewered wound.

The two bewitching black flowers tightly clung onto Stingham’s Green Dragon Spear.

The Green Dragon Spear was unable to return to Stingham.

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