Chapter 671: The Miscalculated Evil Dragon

Chapter 671: The Miscalculated Evil Dragon


“For Snowfall Forest! For Doraster!”

The moment the demihuman army began charging, all snow forest beasts and barbarian arcane masters from Snowfall Forest let out sky shattering roars and began a death charge.

Although the arcane skills used by Belo and Ayrin were beyond their imaginations, they still felt there were too many of those Evil Blood Batmen.

If the demihuman army and them combined were described as a lake, the approaching Evil Blood Batmen would be a real ocean!

The speed of the Evil Blood Batmen far surpassed the clumsy demihumans.

It was definitely not an evenly matched fight!

However, what could they think about now?

They could only fight!

Fight until the last drop of blood flowed from their dead body!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sound generated by the full speed charge of beasts and robust arcane masters sounded like huge drums beating.

They split into branches and mixed amongst the demihuman army. They were even faster than many monsters mounted by the demihumans.


“The gap between their levels is too great!”

Compared to the Snowfall Forest alliance army which had experienced cruel wars, the sharkman arcane masters and oceanic monster army from the Storm Kingdom were a little inferior.

Most of them turned pale and some lost the courage to charge.

The weakness and cowardice of the demihumans had been deeply engraved in everyone’s mind. Although they appeared brave under the stimulation from arcane skills and that most of them were carrying shiny items like upstarts, the sharkman arcane masters knew very well that demihumans could be considered a total desert of arcane power. They only had physical strength and not any arcane particles.

Even if there were some artifacts that could be activated without the need of arcane particles, those artifacts were limited in effect in a war with such overwhelming numbers.

Even if a demihuman could kill several Evil Blood Batmen, they were vastly outnumbered!

“I want to go back, I want to go back to the ocean!”

Within the Storm Kingdom alliance, dozens of enormous Bone Crunching Monsters cried out.

The Bone Crunching Monsters were over ten meters tall. They looked like huge conches with two feet. Their normal food included various kinds of rotten bones.

Before coming here, they thought they were mainly in charge of taking on the Evil Dragon’s skeleton army.

Those bones were walking food in their eyes.

However, they never imagined that instead of the skeleton army, an overwhelming number of Evil Blood Batmen appeared.

“What’s that?”

At that moment, almost everyone saw every demihuman taking out a silver object that looked like a staff or short javelin. Five pearls and a gem were embedded on the tip. The pearls and gems emitted a white and black glow, adding a shade of mystery to it.


Sonic booms even denser than a downpour suddenly filled everyone’s ears.


The sharkman arcane masters held their breath. Their mouths opened wide like a suffocating fish, revealing their throats.

Countless pitch black light rays shot out from the demihuman army!

Compared to the black tsunami-like Evil Blood Batmen charging at them, the demihuman army was like a lake. However, at that moment, they called forth a black wave!

The Evil Blood Batmen directly facing the demihuman army instantly fell!

Just like countless fruit trees with ripened fruits getting stirred by black sticks, countless black fruits dropped to the ground.

Over ten thousand Evil Blood Batmen shrieked in pain. They were severely burned by the full volley from the demihuman army and fell to the ground, black smoke rising from their body.

In a single volley, over ten thousand Evil Blood Batmen were reaped...... And the distance was really......

The sharkman arcane masters opened their mouths wide. They could not believe their eyes.

There was at least a five hundred meters distance between the fallen Evil Blood Batmen and the demihuman army!

It meant that those pitch black light rays not only were powerful, their effective range also reached over five hundred meters!


A second volley.

Another ten thousand Evil Blood Batmen fell.

The moment the second batch of Evil Blood Batmen were reaped, a sharkman arcane master screamed as if he just woke up from a dream, “Dazma Abyssal Laser Staff!”


His scream made the other sharkman arcane masters fall into greater astonishment, to the point their bodies felt numb.

Dazma Abyssal Laser Staff is created by using the Abyssal Crystal...... How can there be so many of them?

More importantly, if the records are correct, each Abyssal Laser Staff can shoot dozens of lasers consecutively!

It only needs the heat from the palm to be activated!

Pzzt! Pzzt! Pzzt!

Brain numbing sonic booms kept ringing out.

Each volley sounded like the death reaper cheering, each volley sweeping over ten thousand Evil Blood Batmen.

The demihumans kept repeating the same action. They put their hands on the gem at the tip of the staff, then removed it before putting it back on again.

Just like drawing the bowstring and shooting, each repetition would shoot out a black light ray.

There was no need for accuracy.

Nearly thirty thousand light rays combined into a raging tide, generating a carpet bombing.

“We are the strongest army in history!”

“We are the fated dragon slaying army!”

The few demihuman leaders proudly shouted in their drunken stupor.

Normally, everyone would scold them idiots after hearing such declarations. However, the current scene left them all astonished.

This was the reaping of life. The demihuman army advanced without hindrance.

The Evil Blood Batmen were under the Evil Dragon’s control, they totally discarded their lives. However, seeing such reaping, the Evil Blood Batmen instinctively felt fear and stepped back uncontrollably.


“They are actually equipped with so many Abyssal Laser Staves!”

Even the Evil Dragon’s expression turned grim.

The overwhelming number of Evil Blood Batmen was originally one of his trump cards. It was meant to force Ayrin’s group into absolute passiveness. By then, even if Ayrin was able to make his way to him, Ayrin would definitely not be in peak condition. However, this demihuman army equipped with Abyssal Laser Staves completely shattered this advantage!

And as coincidence would have it, the dark arcane power which could corrode biological cells was the only type of arcane power he could not devour. The demihumans did not have any arcane particles either. Just like the Evil Blood Batmen was specialized against Ayrin, the demihuman army also specialized against him. The dark arcane power had already spread throughout the demonic forest. However, the scattered arcane particle density was too thin to support his absorption for any powerful forbidden skills.

The scenes that shocked the Evil Dragon did not stop there.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After witnessing the mind blowing performance from the demihuman army, the Storm Kingdom alliance regained their courage and began charging. Suddenly, they heard three loud humming sounds behind them.

As they turned their heads back, they were shrouded by three huge shadows.

The three crash landed Sky Crystal Ferries levitated again, though they were struggling to stay up.

They looked tattered and could only reach a height of a dozen meters above ground due to domain effect. Their advancing speed was also extremely slow, just like floating snails.

Due to the urgent repair and adjustment of the sky crystals, the three ferries were unable to maintain balance. They kept rocking back and forth in the air, but this did not stop the flip boards on the ship bodies from opening up, allowing many metal tubes to extend out.


Blue flames spewed out from all the metal tubes.

The three Sky Crystal Ferries looked like they were burning away what little life was left in them. They rattled violently as if any moment they would fall apart.

Countless blue fire clusters drew a hot trail in the sky and crashed into the retreating Evil Blood Batmen.

Each fire cluster that landed did not exceed one meter in diameter, but they immediately exploded, creating a huge blue fire lotus over twenty meters in diameter!

“What is that?”

“So the Office of Special Affairs still has something good!”

Ayrin and Charlotte were surprised.

They could tell that it was a type of artifact similar to the White Dwarven Artifact Cannon. However, there was an actual substance shell within the blue fire cluster. The explosive power should have mostly originated from the material of the shell.

It was an artifact even the Evil Dragon had never seen before. The explosion created by the shells only contained pure metal fragments and ore powder. There was no arcane power released at all. His expression turned worse and he howled in a low tone, “Jeriya, I leave that dirty army to you!”

Jeriya bowed to him. Then, without any words, her body bloated up and rapidly shriveled again.

Countless streaks of grey aura flowed out from her abdomen and dissipated in the surrounding air.

A black sun gradually rose up from the demonic forest.

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