Chapter 670: Time To Create Epic

Chapter 670: Time To Create Epic


Outside Hearth Valley in Snowfall Forest.

Countless huge snow forest beasts and robust ice barbarian arcane masters raised their heads at the same time, peering into the sky.

While Ayrin was constantly casting Eternal Winter Domains in the Sleeping Demonic Forest far away, the sky above their heads began humming.

Three huge sky ferries appeared in their view.

Those were the Sky Crystal Ferries from the Kingdom of Eiche!

After passing through St. Lauren, these three ferries did not regroup with Ayrin immediately, but sailed here first!


The moment the snow forest beasts and giant arcane masters raised their heads, countless bright light pillars shot out from the Sky Crystal Ferries.

The light pillars shot into the void above the sky, while even more light pillars descended and shrouded the entire part of the forest they gathered in.

The falling snow flakes reversed direction.

An enormous void passage opened up. The three Sky Crystal Ferries gradually disappeared into the void passage. The great attraction force pulled all snow forest beasts and giant arcane masters up towards that huge light cluster.

The physical trait of these snow forest beasts and giant arcane masters limited their activities to cold environments. In warm weather, they would weaken and even fall sick. However, not a single snow forest beast or giant arcane master struggled to break free.

They abided by the summon and chose to believe Belo.


After several Eternal Winter Domains exploded in the demonic forest, large patches of it were completely frozen as if a chilling winter had arrived.

Professor Plum’s arcane particles had already flowed out from his ten fingers, becoming a bright light pillar shooting up towards the sky.

He kept chanting a mysterious incantation. As he chanted, the arcane energy fluctuation from the people around him twisted slightly. Countless light sigils revolved around the light pillar and shot into the sky.


Even Ayrin who was charging forward and constantly casting Eternal Winter Domains stopped to look up.

It was an epic scene.

Countless light sigils spread out like ripples. Three huge Sky Crystal Ferries gradually appeared in the sky, starting with the bow, followed by the body.

The three Sky Crystal Ferries let out astonishing humming sounds. The arcane power within the Sky Crystal Ferries could not resist against Fellemang’s domain and fell towards the ground like three hills.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After three loud crashing sounds, the three Sky Crystal Ferries suffered different extents of damage as they dug out three deep trenches on the ground.

Then, snow forest beasts and ice giants fell down like raindrops.

Despite being only a few dozen meters above the ground, a drop that would not cause any casualties, the rapid thumping sounds of them landing made others feel their hearts jumping out of their mouths.

“He really used domains to create an ice forest here!”

The chief of the Ice Barbarian arcane master, Sunderland Reap, landed heavily. His two feet smashed two deep depressions on the ground, like two ice hammers. He looked at the clear ice crystals around and felt astonished.

He could sense the chill lingering in the demonic forest created by the Eternal Winter Domain. It was even colder than the Snowfall Forest, and would not dissipate anytime soon.


Seeing the arrival of the Snowfall Forest army, the impulsive Belo looked a little satisfied.

Then, he turned around and looked towards the demihuman army.

“Can they also bring over the demihuman army?” Auroses noticed Belo’s expression. Auroses began thinking of an unbelievable feat as he did not know Ayrin and Belo’s full plan.

Although he and Professor Plum were experts in spatial type arcane skills, transferring such a large army once was already the limit. Most of the power was borrowed from external sources. They were only providing spatial coordination.

This was something only a six-gate arcane master could barely achieve.

Could it be Ayrin?

Auroses’s gaze turned towards Ayrin.

He instinctively felt only Ayrin could do it.


A unique arcane energy fluctuation reverberated from Ayrin’s body.

What shocked Auroses was that it was clearly not a powerful forbidden skill that opened spatial passage, it seemed like just another summoning skill.

However, a gust of wind from a far away place clearly blew out from the sky above Ayrin.

Countless sharp screams suddenly rang out from above Ayrin.

“Ah!” Demihumans riding on monsters fell down from the sky above Ayrin like raindrops.

“What’s going on?”

Auroses was dumbfounded, he could not understand what was happening before him.

Meanwhile, within the demihuman army that was still several days away from the demonic forest, a huge metal base was shining brightly.

It was a huge metal base. It was originally used as a charger for the three Mountain Cleaving Titans. However, right now, it was modified by Merlin. Countless gems were embedded on the metal base.

Groups of demihumans squeezed into this metal base. Every batch that went up would disappear in the next second.


“Mobile Transferring Base? There’s still an artificer who can create those?”

At the center of the demonic forest, there was a mirror-like black light erected in front of Jeriya. It displayed the area around Ayrin’s group. Right now, even the Evil Dragon looked astonished.

“I can sense the Eternal Crown’s aura. It’s with Ayrin.”

However, that astonishment disappeared in an instant. The Evil Dragon’s face was filled with greed and arrogance again, “Jeriya, you and Nissen’s priority is that crown.”

“Relying on this demihuman army to fight against my Evil blood Batmen is a good plan.”

Then, the Evil Dragon raised his head and sneered, “However, those dirty demihumans were originally my slaves, lowly servants and trash! Do you think you can fight against me by relying on them?”

His voice suddenly turned sonorous like a hurricane and swept across the entire demonic forest, echoing in the sky.

“It’s the Evil Dragon’s voice!”

Ayrin’s group heard it clearly. The sound slapped them like materialized waves, shaking everyone.

“Kill them!”

“You dirty trash, you really dare betray your king?”

The Evil Dragon’s sonorous voice kept ringing out.

Along with his voice, the Cursed Ghost army that entered the ancient Yalf Kingdom’s outpost forest charged out. Different from the migration before, the Cursed Ghost army split up like a deathly tide this time.

At the same time, countless Evil Blood Batmen screeched sharply and leapt out.

There were so many of them that they formed a screen of pure darkness in front of Ayrin’s group.

“Boss Ayrin......”

The demihumans were already shaking after seeing the huge grey Evil Dragon cloud in the sky. When the Evil Dragon’s voice slapped everyone like materialized waves and the enemy army approached, they pissed their pants. Many of them even threw away the things they carried and laid prone on the ground while shivering.

“Trash being trash...... But even if you’re trash, you will also be recorded in history as dragon slaying warriors.”

Belo looked with contempt and disdain. As the Evil Dragon’s voice slapped him, he just snorted. His body began transforming.

Needle-like fur grew out from his skin. He became a combination of wolf and man, his face turned red.


Countless streaks of blood flowed out from his fingertips, separating into tiny blood droplets.

These blood droplets traveled in the air like living creatures. They made snorting sounds like Belo as they seeped into the bodies of demihumans.

A bloodthirsty glow lit up in the demihumans’ eyes.

The shivering demihumans who were cowering on the ground suddenly jumped up, as if they were filled with a bottomless courage.

“Evil Dragon! Who’s your slave? Who’s your trash?”

“Kill the Evil Dragon, skin him alive!”

The demihumans began shouting fiercely.

“Evil Dragon, f*** you!”

Many of the demihumans started making gestures. They cursed towards the direction the Evil Dragon’s voice came from.


Auroses and the sharkman arcane masters held their breath. They looked at Belo with deep shock and awe.

This impulsive Holy Dawn kid had the strength to back up his arrogance!

The cowardly demihuman army changed into a mad rampaging army in an instant!

So many demihumans...... If they faced that army, they would definitely be overwhelmed.

Before Auroses could recover from astonishment, Ayrin began to shout, “Brave warriors! It’s time to create epicness!”

“Fight bravely!”

Bizarre pinkish domains started exploding amongst the demihuman army.

A strange wine fragrance spread out.

The demihumans seemed to have gained a pink arcane resistance layer. They looked as if they were drunk, their faces beet red. However, there was not a trace of fear left in their eyes.

“Get them!”


The demihuman army began charging like a raging tide!

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