Chapter 669: The Frontal War Commences

Chapter 669: The Frontal War Commences


Explosions rang out on every Gillian Corps arcane master.

They looked down in confusion. Their bodies were being pierced by black light rays. The black light rays looked like thin tubes, transporting their blood and arachne particles out of their bodies.

Bam bam bam bam......

The Gillian Corps arcane masters collapsed one by one. Collapsing dead to the ground, in their final moments, they understood their worth to the Evil Dragon. Where they were excited to constantly grow stronger, from the start, the Evil Dragon only fed them for the harvest.

“What happened?”

“Is that the Gillian Corps?”

As the Gillian Corps arcane masters fell like wheat being cut, Ayrin’s group also sensed something amiss and turned to look towards them.

The blood and arcane particles brought out by the black light rays rapidly gathered and eventually became a horrifying black wave. It first looked like a black sun-like sphere that floated a few meters above ground before exploding and taking on the appearance of a huge Evil Dragon.

“What does that mean?”

Ayrin’s group opened their eyes wide.

They watched the black Evil Dragon rising up.

However, at that moment, the black Evil Dragon created from blood and arcane particles disappeared as if it squeezed into the void. There were only trails of arcane power remaining in the air, becoming a cluster of grey smoke and slowly flowing.


At the center of the demonic forest, below the grey Evil Dragon cloud, there was another tremor. A terrifying aura became a tide and rapidly spread out.

Raging winds blew, sweeping up the fallen leaves and dried branches.

The thick smell of blood came from both the Gillian Corps and demonic forest.

“Belo, what’s wrong?”

Meraly was startled, because Belo was behaving strangely. Bloody and icy arcane power was rampaging beneath him. A bloody glow shot out from his eyes and a bloody aura surged out from his body, faintly becoming a blood red swirl above his head.


Hearing Meraly’s question, Belo snorted. The bloody glow in his eyes gradually dissipated.

“Such a thick bloody smell, Belo is also becoming so impulsive...... Could it be a high beastman blood forbidden skill?” Ayrin wondered. He turned to Belo and shouted, “Belo, did the Evil Dragon use a forbidden skill similar to yours?”

Belo coldly faced everyone and spoke, “He’s giving us a display...... He wants to tell us that he stands at the top in all aspects.”

They were stunned for a moment and understood what Belo said, “It’s even stronger than a high beastman forbidden skill......”

Ayrin scratched his head and mumbled, “The Evil Dragon can also use the blood forbidden skill of high beastman bloodlines. What does he want to do by using this forbidden skill now?”

Chris took a deep breath and asked Carter, “Teacher Carter, what should we do now?”

Carter entered into a deep thought.

The demonic forest in his sight was like a huge mystery, and a massive trap at the same time.

The Evil Dragon’s creepiness and strength had made many of their preparations meaningless.



The fallen Gillian Corps arcane masters became rotten corpses and made strange sounds.

The black light rays disappeared. The charred skin on Jeriya’s body fell off. Her skin color was originally dark, but now after shedding a layer, her skin underneath was white.


A ring of black light appeared in front of her and Nissen.

Relief flashed across her eyes.

This ring which contained immense arcane power told her that she and Nissen were not abandoned.


She emitted arcane power and brought Nissen to enter the ring of black light.

In an instant, the scenery around her and Nissen changed and they appeared at the center of the demonic forest.


After becoming the Evil Dragon’s queen, Jeriya’s temperament and strength showed astonishing changes. However, when she saw the scene before her, she still drew a sharp breath.

The Evil Dragon stood before a pale blue spring.

Behind him, a huge tree releasing a moonlight glow was erected at the center of a thick water current.

A vibrant spirit energy flowed down from the huge tree.

Under the nourishment of the spirit energy, the surrounding black vines rapidly grew.

Each vine had become thicker than thousand year old tree trunks. The vines were constantly splitting and spreading out.

It was clearly the Tree of Life, a holy artifact of the ancient elven kingdom which the elves created the Elven Forest with!

It was said that the Tree of Life was destroyed during the War with Dragons, but there was actually half of it left!

Right now, Fellemang stood on top of the Tree of Life with his eyes closed. He held a small piece of a broken silver gem in his hands. A powerful arcane particle flow surged out from his head into the void above.

A vibrant domain aura reverberated in the air.

What astonished Jeriya even more was that the black Evil Dragon created from blood and arcane particles was contracting in front of the Evil Dragon. It had become a black swirl of several square meters now.

Within this disgusting smelling black swirl, there seemed to be countless tiny Evil Dragons swimming around.

Jeriya was speechless, while Nissen was trembling and did not dare to raise his head.

The aura released by the Evil Dragon almost choked him.

An evil and cruel smile appeared on the Evil Dragon’s face. He spoke with his sonorous voice, “Nissen, my son. You disappointed me.”

The black vines around him began twisting madly as if they were his servants.

“Father......” Nissen’s face lost all color on his face. His body trembled non-stop.

“I will give you one more chance.”

The Evil Dragon looked at him coldly. As he spoke, a shadow releasing a powerful arcane energy fluctuation rose up from the ground beneath Nissen.

“Ah!” Nissen screamed in shock.

His body fell into the black swirl. In an instant, countless tiny Evil Dragons infiltrated into his body.

“Ah!” He screamed even louder.

It was not because of fear, but because of intense pain.

Powerful forces impacted his body. The flesh and nerves in his body were broken and repaired.

Countless grey air currents began revolving around him.

As the tiny Evil Dragons slowly reduced in number and were absorbed by him, the arcane particle aura around him also became more powerful.

Jeriya’s tense body immediately relaxed. Joy appeared in her expression.

At first, she was worried that Nissen would be severely punished for losing the Evil Dragon bloodline’s original physical body. However, even though Nissen was currently suffering from intense pain, it was actually the Evil Dragon forcefully increasing his power.


Ferguillo looked towards the center of the demonic forest and slowly spoke, “There’s an Evil Dragon aura rapidly growing...... It should be the Evil Dragon trying to raise Nissen’s strength.”

“Teacher Carter, do you have a good plan?” Ayrin clenched his fists and looked at Carter, “If not, we can only fight a frontal war against the Evil Dragon.”

Carter took a deep breath and shook his head, “Looks like we can only fight him head on.”

Ayrin swung his fist and shouted excitedly, “Arcane masters should be fighting from the front. The more we fight like this, the more likely the Evil Dragon will be convinced of his failure after we beat him!”

Shouldn’t we first beat the Evil Dragon before worrying about convincing him of his failure?

However, when thinking about a frontal war, everyone’s blood began boiling.

The air around Ayrin started burning. He turned around and shouted towards Auroses, “The great Storm Kingdom’s King, brave warrior Auroses! We can begin!”

“Storm Kingdom exists with glory forever!”

“Praying for the victory of this war!” Auroses spoke solemnly. He began changing a mysterious and ancient Draconic incantation.


A dragon crystal appeared before him.

Golden lightning shot out from the dragon crystal and it became a world of lightning.

A glowing gate of light and a lightning passage appeared.

Gudra’s enormous body appeared from the light gate. At the same time, countless sharkman arcane masters and strange oceanic creatures swarmed out from the lightning passage.

The scattering arcane power energized Ayrin.

He shouted towards Professor Plum, “Professor Plum, let’s begin!” Then, he dashed towards the demonic forest.

“Eternal Winter Forest!”

“Eternal Winter Forest!”


As Ayrin rapidly chanted, clusters of chilling frost air kept exploding. Patches of forest were instantly frozen along Ayrin’s path, becoming a winter wonderland.

“Follow him!” Auroses ordered the sharkman arcane masters, “Just shoot your arcane power to Ayrin’s surroundings!”

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