Chapter 668: The Corps With Unknown Utility

Chapter 668: The Corps With Unknown Utility


Ferguillo suddenly stopped his steps while traveling through a plain in the Kingdom of Eiche. He turned to Liszt’s team behind him and said, “It’s begun.”


Liszt held his breath and his lazy expression instantly vanished.

Ferguillo took a deep breath and spoke, “Yes, I can sense the Evil Dragon’s aura, and it’s very powerful.”

Even to him, a numbing sensation spread in his heart after sensing the Evil Dragon’s aura after breaking through.

The final war finally arrived.


Two light pillars surged out from Liszt and Rui simultaneously and joined up in the sky. Then, they turned into several light sigils and dissolved in the air.


At almost the same time, a ring of light showered down from where the light sigils dissolved. Ferguillo and Liszt’s team immediately flew towards that ring of light.

The ring of light disappeared after a flash.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Not far behind Ayrin, Ferguillo and Liszt’s team rapidly descended near Professor Plum.

After landing, Liszt’s team drew a sharp breath after seeing the huge Evil Dragon cloud above the demonic forest. Before Ayrin’s group could say anything, he asked, “He didn’t hide his aura at all?”

“Teacher Liszt! Teacher Ciaran!......”

“What happened this time?”

Ayrin exclaimed.

The densely packed Evil Blood Batmen which flew up a few seconds ago suddenly crashed down.


The air shook again.

A black and yellow color light cluster rapidly rose up from the center of the demonic forest beneath the Evil Dragon cloud, then violently exploded. The radiance and shockwave rapidly spread outwards.

“This is a domain?”

Ayrin opened his eyes wide. He could sense the aura of a domain.

“What’s going on?”

Several Frost Wyverns suddenly began shaking, then fell uncontrollably down from the air as if they were being pressed down by a unique domain power.

“What domain is that?” Auroses shouted in shock.

His flying skill was of no use. Although he could use the skill and the arcane power emission was working properly, his body was still falling like a rock.

“An anti-air domain that constrains the flow of air currents?”

Chris fell just like the others, but her expression remained calm.

“This isn’t an anti-air domain, it’s the Sky-Land Compression Domain!”

Professor Plum narrowed his eyes, “Don’t try to hover in the sky. No levitation type arcane skill is useful in this domain. Prepare to defend when we land!”

“Sky-Land Compression Domain! What is that domain?” Ayrin wondered, when he suddenly heard a sharp sonic boom coming from an even higher spot in the sky.

He forcefully turned his head back and saw a figure falling down with terrifying speed.

That arcane master was at a height much higher than them, and he was falling at an even greater speed! A ring of bright flames due to friction surrounded him, making him look no different from a meteor.

“It’s Uncle Lenyu! This domain actually reaches so high up in the sky that even he cannot escape!”

Ayrin immediately recognized the figure to be Dimension Traveler Lenyu.

At such a falling speed, even a six-gate arcane master could not survive!


Without any hesitation, Ayrin suddenly accelerated his fall.

When he was just a few dozens of meters above the ground, two dazzling arcane particle currents spewed out from his hands.

A huge blue ice pillar erected beneath him.

At the same time, his body was covered by thick armor.

Crack crack crack crack......

The huge ice pillar shattered.

Ayrin actually used this method to forcefully buffer his fall!


The moment the huge ice pillar shattered, Ayrin dashed out.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Several huge tornado pillars surged up. Under the buffering from the tornado pillars, the falling speed of the others greatly reduced.

“Storm Lord’s Spear!”

“Water Dragon! Water Dragon!......”

Next, Ayrin did not care about Chris and the others anymore. A huge wind spear and several huge Water Dragons flew towards the falling Lenyu.

After a loud crash, Lenyu and Chris’s group landed at almost the same time.

“Uncle Lenyu, are you alright?” Ayrin shouted.

In his view, the others were unharmed, since only Lenyu had a trail of blood seeping out from his mouth.

“I’m fine.” Lenyu coughed with a pale face.

If not for Ayrin’s assistance, even if he used his full power when landing, his body might not have been able to resist.

“Professor Plum, why is this domain so strange? It doesn’t interrupt any of our arcane skills, but why can’t it let us hover in the air?” Ayrin asked Professor Plum.

“This is an Evil Dragon forbidden skill. The Evil Dragon used it once before during the Era of the War with Dragons.” Professor Plum looked a little relieved after seeing nobody died from this forbidden skill, “This domain’s power is very strange. It’s similar to compressing the entire sky to a height of a few dozen meters. Based on speculation, it should be a technique of folding space. However, nobody knows the real secret.”

“It’s similar to compressing the entire sky to a height of a few dozen meters, just like sticking the sky and land together, hence it’s called Sky-Land Compression Domain?” Chris turned to Ayrin, “Ayrin, even you can’t uncover the secret behind it?”

“No.” Ayrin shook his head. Unless he could see the opponent using the skill and sense the arcane particle flow, he was unable to find out the generation process from just the bizarre effect of the domain.

“So we can only levitate a few dozen meters above ground and cannot fly through the sky.” Jean Camus spoke, “This way, we cannot fly to the center of the demonic forest and can only advance from the ground?”

Hearing Jean Camus’s words, everyone held their breath.

If this was the case, they had to face the Cursed Ghost army and Evil Blood Batmen.

“How long can this domain be maintained for?” Ferguillo plainly asked.

“If the records are right, this domain can be sustained forever if there is a constant arcane particle supply.” Professor Plum’s eyes glittered, “Just that......”

“Just that?” Seeing Professor Plum suddenly pausing, Ayrin and the others urged on.

“Just that this power can only be used by the Evil Dragon after opening his sixth arcane gate, and exerting his full power. If he constantly maintains the arcane particle supply, it’s the same as using the majority of his power to maintain this domain...... Since he prepared to face us here, this doesn’t seem right.” Professor Plum spoke.

“Then there is only one possibility, Fellemang possesses this ability too.” Carter took a deep breath and slowly spoke, “It’s impossible for Jeriya, because she hasn’t arrived here yet. Before this, we were planning to intercept her. Ferguillo has locked onto her aura.”

“The Evil Dragon’s servant captain?”

Moss and the others were stunned.

“In that case, the Evil Dragon wants to use the Cursed Ghost army and Evil Blood Batmen to exhaust our strength.” Chris looked towards the demonic forest with a grim expression, “We cannot fly inside. If we kill our way towards the center, we will be completely exhausted.”

Carter took a deep breath and looked at everyone, “Rather than that, I’m more worried about what will happen after the Gillian Corps arrives. They are almost here......”

“The Gillian Corps?”

“What does the Evil Dragon want from them?”

Even the normally slow Meraly immediately noticed something was off, a chill spreading out from her heart.

Other than Jeriya, that Corps did not possess much fighting strength. Even if they had become Evil Dragon followers, they could not be too strong. Ayrin could kill them alone.

However, the key point was that be it the Cursed Ghost army or those Evil Blood Batmen, they were clearly specialized against Ayrin. They did not allow Ayrin to absorb arcane particles, which meant he could not fight continuously.

However, Ayrin could absorb arcane particles from the Gillian Corps.

The Evil Dragon was very cunning, he definitely would not neglect this point. He would never send a Corps to Ayrin to recharge arcane particles.

Belo twitch his nose. He could sense the location of the Gillian Corps from the smell in the air.

“The Gillian Corps is not far from here. Should we exterminate them first?” Flames of impulsiveness lit up in his eyes.

Ayrin pondered for a moment and spoke, “I will use Fire Embers to burn them away. No matter what goal the Evil Dragon has, it should be useless.”

Carter nodded in reflex. He agreed that this would be the safest method. However, he showed a bitter smile for some reason.

If the Evil Dragon purposely arranged this...... It won’t be so simple.

Jeriya and Nissen were at the center of the Gillian Corps.

She and Nissen could vaguely see the huge Evil Dragon cloud.

She also knew they were not far from Ayrin’s group, but she was not worried about their own safety.

This was because they, be it herself, Nissen or the Gillian Corps, were important pieces to the Evil Dragon. They would not be used as cannon fodder.


At that moment, a streak of light flashed in her mind.

It was a presence coming from the Evil Dragon, an order.

She raised her head. Without any hesitation, her skin suddenly began burning. The skin fell off piece by piece, becoming pitch black.

Countless black light rays shot out from her body.

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