Chapter 667: The Evil Dragon Breaks Through!

Chapter 667: The Evil Dragon Breaks Through!


Holy Dawn Academy, Medical Center.

A female medical master stood before Mody and looked at him apologetically, “Acting Corps Leader Mody, we are really sorry. We have followed medical master Songat’s medicine and treatment method and done our best, but...... Perhaps medical master Songat has a solution. He is coming over today.”

Mody listened to the female medical master’s words patiently. Seeing her apologetic gaze, he shook his head, “It’s fine. It’s already unbelievable for my injuries to be recovered to this extent. Even if my condition can only allow me to attack once...... I’m at least still useful.”

The female medical master opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but at that moment, a huge shadow shrouded over the entire medical center.

“What’s this?”

The Holy Dawn Academy students looked up in astonishment. Everyone was shrouded by the shadow descending from the sky.

There were three huge ferries hovering above the Holy Dawn Academy.

“Sky Crystal Ferries?”

Mody saw the three huge ferries in the sky after walking out of the medical center and was stunned.

Although he received news that Songat would be rushing over with some Office of Special Affairs members to prepare for regrouping with Ayrin, but to use such a transportation tool...... Those were the Holy City’s Sky Crystal Ferries! This was too shocking.

However, it was reasonable...... If they did not win this war, the Sky Crystal Ferries and the Holy City would no longer exist.

During the War with Dragons, the Evil Dragon fell in Eichemalar. If he won this war, he would definitely see to the demise of Holy City.



“What’s wrong with them?”

Ayrin put his hands above his eyes to block the sunlight and looked at a few white dots in the sky.

As they followed the Cursed Ghost army, they had already entered the ancient Yalf Kingdom’s territory. They were in the demonic forest filled with countless traps and aggressive plants.

The white dots in the sky belonged to the Frost Tusk Peak’s Frost Wyvern scouts.

Right after Ayrin’s group started to follow after the Cursed Ghost army, the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold’s two major Corps and the demihuman army also followed behind closely. However, as they could not march without rest like the Cursed Ghost army, they fell far behind. A distance of about ten days separated them now.

The scouts riding on the Frost Wyverns had been in charge of surveillance due to their speed and passed news to the Corps behind.

Although the Wyvern was only a little different from a true Dragon, their physical strength and arcane power were vastly inferior to a true Dragon. Especially for these few Frost Wyverns from the Frost Tusk Peak, their bodies could not adapt to the warm environment. After flying out of the cold Northern region of the Kingdom of Doa, their bodies became a little feeble, and their white scales began showing grey spots.

In the past, as the proud Storm Kingdom’s King, the pure blooded and ancient Lightning Dragon Auroses would look down on these wyverns and scouts. However, it was different now. Their enemy was the Evil Dragon. The scouts who flew at the front required the courage to sacrifice themselves any moment. They were closest to death by staying at the front. A random forbidden skill from the Evil Dragon could easily wipe them out.

“They seemed to have seen something astonishing. They are panicking.” Ayrin said.

Auroses instantly wrapped himself in lightning currents and rapidly approached the Frost Wvyern scouts.

Due to not transforming into a Dragon, Auroses directly landed on top of a Frost Wyvern. He quickly asked the scout, “What’s wrong?”

“Senior Auroses......”

The scout was not afraid of death, but he was stuttering due to panic. He only gestured towards Auroses by pointing at a large periscope fixed on the Frost Wyvern.

The lens of this large periscope had a layer of green light. It was due to the lens being made from Clairvoyance Crystal. By using the lens polished from a Clairvoyance Crystal, they could see mobile objects through the clouds. They could even see green light emitting from objects that gave off heat in the night.

“What’s that?”

After taking a glance through the periscope, Auroses’s expression completely changed.

There were huge grey clouds in the distance.

The clouds shrouded over the center of the Sleeping Demonic Forest, the place where the four hundred thousand Yalf Kingdom’s elven arcane masters died in the past.

It was created from countless dust particle-like grey mist gathering. It reached only a little over the trees.

Within the clouds, there were countless cocoons each the size of two full grown humans hanging on the trees.

Those cocoons were invisible in the dense black colored forest. However, because there were objects breaking out from those cocoons, the scouts noticed them.

Ayrin and the others also landed on the Frost Wyvern’s back and gathered around the large periscope.

“What are those things?” Ayrin shouted in surprise. He could see half human, half bat monsters breaking out from cocoons. There was also a pair of short horns growing on their heads.

“This should be one of the Evil Dragon’s forbidden skills! The Evil Dragon is really there!” Charlotte immediately recalled the huge green spiders in the sewers below the Doa Royal Palace.

They had also personally witnessed the creation of arachnes at the Fearotz Stronghold.

It was clearly the Evil Dragon’s arcane power that changed the form of those spiders. However, the power back then was at that of an Evil Dragon Bishop, incomparable to the current scene.

In the forest shrouded by boundless grey clouds, there were innumerable of those cocoons!

It seemed that the grey clouds were a domain itself.

This power could only be possessed by the Evil Dragon.

“He’s really there! This is the place the Evil Dragon chose to initiate the final war.” Chris frowned, “But we still need to wait for him to break through. This forest is too big...... Even though we know he’s in there, if he doesn’t break through, Ferguillo cannot pinpoint his location. We won’t be able to find him either.”

“Those are Evil Blood Batman.” Jean Camus suddenly spoke.

“Evil Blood Batman?” Everyone was startled and turned to Jean Camus, “Jean Camus, do you know what they are?”

“The Green Dragon Divine Temple had records on them. During the battle against the fifty thousand elite arcane masters of the Yalf Kingdom, the Evil Dragon used this forbidden skill to create countless Evil Blood Batmen in Yalf Kingdom’s outpost forest.”

Jean Camus looked at Ayrin and the others and slowly explained, “This Evil Blood Batman comes from the mutated bat species in the forest. These batmen created from the Evil Dragon bloodline’s forbidden skill inherited the Evil Dragon’s rapid regeneration ability. They can’t use any arcane skill, don’t have any arcane energy, but their physical strength and speed are outstanding. They can also fly. As long as their hearts do not get shattered, any grave injuries on their bodies will be recovered quickly.”

“So just like Barbarians, pure physical strength?” Ayrin was startled.

“So many......” Meraly suddenly thought of something and trembled, “Ayrin, in this case, even if you want to destroy the entire forest to find the Evil Dragon, it cannot be done. Those things don’t have any arcane energy for you to absorb.”

Ayrin opened his eyes wide and shouted, “That’s true!”

He just thought about using Fire Embers to burn away the entire forest.

However, be it the Cursed Ghost army or those batmen, he was unable to absorb any arcane energy from them. In that case, he could not fight continuously.

It was impossible even if his companions provided arcane energy to him. It was impossible to burn away such a large area. And once their arcane particles were exhausted, they would be helpless against the Evil Dragon.

The Evil Dragon deployed the Cursed Ghost army here and used forbidden skills to create countless of those batmen clearly to counter Ayrin!


At that moment, the entire demonic forest shrouded by the grey clouds shook.

Hundreds of thousands of batmen flew up in shock.

The entire demonic forest seemed to be burning, with black ash in the air.

At the same time, the lingering grey clouds gathered towards the center of the demonic forest.

They twisted in the sky and rapidly condensed into an enormous grey Evil Dragon.


A cluster of powerful arcane energy fluctuations charged out from the demonic forest and rapidly spread out, becoming a raging gale. Countless fallen leaves were picked up from the ground by the gale and danced around.

In the sky, the Evil Dragon cloud looked like a statue. It was not dissipating at all.

Everyone held their breath.

The Evil Dragon had officially opened his sixth arcane gate!

The powerful arcane energy fluctuation shockwave proved that.

However, what shocked them was that the Evil Dragon did not hide his aura at all!

That Evil Dragon cloud was clearly created by the Evil Dragon on purpose!

It was a demonstration, as if he was telling everyone: I’m right here, come and fight me!

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