Chapter 666: Ayrin Also Has A Secret

Chapter 666: Ayrin Also Has A Secret


Dazzling star light shone above Maelstrom Island.

Maelstrom Island was a huge island near the Kingdom of Eiche’s ocean. It was the gathering spot for many bandit teams and the shelter for countless exiled arcane masters.

The strongest arcane team from House Baratheon, the Maelstrom Team, had previously trained on this island for a long period of time.

In the center of Maelstrom Island, a yellowish glow flashed from the eyes of two Baratheon Storm arcane masters. Their long magenta hair fluttered in the wind. As they chanted, the dark clouds in the sky started swirling and connected to the ground.

Crack crack crack crack......

The pitch black rocks in front of them suddenly cracked, revealing a trace of red light.

Then, streaks of red flames surged out from the crack.


Countless rocks scattered out and an enormous figure rose from the burning red magma.

It was a horned Flame Demon.

Its body bathed in fire, with its two pupils shooting out one-meter long golden light rays.

“What do you want?”

The Flame Demon seemed to be familiar with House Baratheon. It spoke towards the space behind the two Baratheon arcane masters, red flames spewing out from its mouth.

The terrifying arcane power spread out like a tide, becoming red lotus flowers on the ground around.

The Master of House Baratheon stood behind the two Baratheon arcane masters.

The Master of House Baratheon slowly spoke, “I want you to get me three hundred Fire Swirl Gems. Three days, that should be plenty of time.”

“Three hundred Fire Swirl Gems?” The air around the Flame Demon exploded, “Has your House Baratheon gone mad?”

“Apocalypse Emperor, the previous Master of House Baratheon chose to form an alliance with you, but not me.” The Master of House Baratheon did not show any change in his expression. Countless streaks of yellowish wind currents swarmed around him, becoming a huge wind cluster that expelled all the heat.

He slowly stretched out his hand towards the Flame Demon. A dazzling red dragon crystal released a brilliant glow.

“You have two choices. One is to provide the items I want and let me refine this dragon crystal into the artifact I need. The other choice is to refuse, in which case I will use this dragon crystal here and sweep everything clean.”

“This is a blatant threat!” The enormous Flame Demon roared furiously. The flames on its body became a huge fire pillar and shot towards the sky.

“Yes, this is a blatant threat.” The Master of House Baratheon sneered. He paused for a moment, then continued while watching the hysterical Emperor level monster, “But if you agree to my condition, I can promise to give you this territory forever and guarantee your safety.”


The Gillian Corps had started marching.


During the continuous march without any rest, one Gillian Corps arcane master could not endure any longer and collapsed.

The Gillian Corps arcane masters seemed familiar with this sight. They did not sympathize or feel sad, but looked excited and greedy instead.


The moment that the arcane master fell unconscious, purplish black light rays shot out from the arcane masters around him and into his body.

His body withered quickly and he died not much later.

Meanwhile, the surrounding arcane masters became more energetic as if they just ate some tonics.

Jeriya was at the center of the Gillian Corps.

This scene did not trigger any fluctuation in her emotion, because these arcane masters were only following her rules.

During this continuous march, once someone fell, the surrounding arcane masters could use the Evil Dragon forbidden skill she taught them to absorb the fallen arcane master’s Evil Dragon particles.

Like this, those that survived would be strong enough to become high rank Evil Dragon followers and absorb more Evil Dragon particles, as well as that it guaranteed a non-stop marching speed.

A black cluster of light arrived and a familiar voice came from it, “A good method, you didn’t disappoint us.”


Jeriya immediately stood up from her chariot pulled by arcane masters. She instantly became nervous and anxious, her hands slightly trembling.

Her anxiety did not come from Fellemang’s arrival, but Nissen’s life.

As Fellemang showed up from the cluster of black light, she saw a tall and thin figure standing next to him.

Seeing the unfamiliar appearance but the familiar head hanging pose, she could not help but exclaim, “Nissen?”

“It’s me, mother.” Nissen shrank back in fear.

“He foolishly thought he could kill Ayrin alone, and ended up getting ambushed by Ferguillo and Liszt’s team.” Fellemang looked at Jeriya elegantly and smiled, “Then, he was defeated by Ferguillo alone, losing the best body in this Continent.”

Jeriya’s body felt a little cold, but her breathing slowly returned to normal. This was already the best result she could expect.

“The final war is coming soon. There must not be any further accidents. I will give him back to you, you must not let him out of your sight again. Help him improve his strength as soon as possible.” Fellemang looked at Jeriya with the same smile.

Then, his figure slowly faded away in the air.

Jeriya took a deep breath and coldly spoke to the trembling Nissen, “Never make another mistake, or I will personally kill you.”

Nissen took a step back in fear.

Jeriya was the most familiar person to him in this world. At that moment, he felt true killing intent from her.

Without a doubt, Nissen was the most important family to Jeriya in this world. As for the Evil Dragon, her feelings for him were mostly submission and awe.

Her warning to Nissen was to avoid losing her son forever.

However, she did not notice Nissen’s expression at that moment.

Her thoughts completely focused on Fellemang.

To her, Fellemang was extremely mysterious.

Before becoming the Evil Dragon’s queen, she already felt the relationship between Fellemang and the Evil Dragon was strange. This was because Fellemang did not cower before the Evil Dragon like the other servants. In fact, he even seemed to be on an equal standing with the Evil Dragon.

And just now, after she had inherited some of the powerful Evil Dragon forbidden skills, she could sense a never felt before strange aura from Fellemang.

“You didn’t disappoint us......”

Fellemang’s first sentence echoed in her mind.

She remembered that when Fellemang mentioned the Evil Dragon in the past, he seemed to like to use the word ‘us’.

“Fellemang, what secret do you carry?”

Jeriya breathed deeply, her anxiety becoming more intense. She clenched her fists tightly.


Meraly traced her finger on the military map and exclaimed, “These guys are walking in a straight line! If we follow it, their destination should be......”

The route of the Cursed Ghost army was a straight line on the map.

“Hmph!” Belo snorted.

“You all......” Meraly immediately felt her face turning hot.

She noticed that the people around her, including Belo, had long since discovered this point, yet she was exclaiming as if she found out a huge secret.

At that moment, Stingham spoke, “Ah? A straight line? Where will they go?”

He approached to look at the map in Meraly’s hand and checked the route of the Cursed Ghost army.

Meraly heaved a sigh. There was still one who did not know it.

“This route...... They can only go here, the Sleeping Demonic Forest.” Jean Camus took a glance at Stingham and pointed on the map.

“Sleeping Demonic Forest?” Stingham repeated.

“During the Era of the War with Dragons, that was the territory of the Yalf Kingdom. However, the four hundred thousand arcane masters of the Yalf Kingdom all died in that war. Due to some forbidden skills the Yalf elven arcane masters used during the war, the forest became a demonic forest filled with countless traps and aggressive plants. No arcane teams venture deep inside nowadays.” Jean Camus slowly explained, “In this case, the Evil Dragon should have something set up or hidden there..”

“Four hundred thousand elven arcane masters died inside? If that’s the case, the Evil Dragon has the Evil Spirit Resurrection Gate, so he can summon those skeleton warriors.” Stingham spoke.

“It’s fine! We can let Auroses bring us in from the sky. As long as we kill the Evil Dragon, every problem will be resolved!” Ayrin spoke excitedly.

The others became speechless.

It seemed that to Ayrin, there was no such thing as a problem.

Auroses’s expression turned dark again.

Am I, the Storm Kingdom’s King, going to end up as his personal transportation tool?

“Ayrin, don’t let your guard down. A slight hint of carelessness is not just the issue of us dying, it’s the fate of the entire Doraster Continent.” Charlotte admonished Ayrin quietly next to his ear, “You didn’t train much these days, don’t become contempt from the victories we’ve had before.”

“No, I’ve been studying the other forbidden skill Radiance Priestess Tashina taught me.” Ayrin answered.

“Radiance Priestess Tashina taught you another forbidden skill? Which one?” Charlotte was startled.

“An incredible forbidden skill.” Ayrin became proud. He squinted his eyes and whispered a few words to Charlotte.

“What?” Charlotte opened her eyes wide in disbelief.

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