Chapter 665: The Evil Dragon’s Secret

Chapter 665: The Evil Dragon’s Secret


It seemed like a force was pushing his own bones out from his body.

It was a horrifying scene. However, when Ferguillo saw this, his expression turned grim.

A rapid incantation came from his mouth.

His body accelerated. The friction between his palms and soles against the ground even generated trails of smoke.


Ferguillo’s gem-like feathers crashed into Nissen’s body, causing Nissen to tremor greatly and stop his action for a moment.


Ferguillo’s right hand stabbed into Nissen’s body like a blade and pierced through Nissen’s heart.

Nissen’s face twisted.

A beastly scream came from Nissen’s mouth.

The blood in his body did not gush out from his body and gathered towards Ferguillo’s hand instead.


In an instant, the sphere condensed from blood exploded inside his body, completely shattering his heart. His flesh was torn apart and scattered on the ground.

It was an injury that would cause any arcane master to die instantly. However, Nissen did not die.

His arcane also did not stop.

Evil Dragon bones kept piercing through his flesh, released purplish black light. They became countless purplish black particles.

In a short moment, the fog created from the purplish black particles shrouded an area of several hundred meters, completely engulfing Ferguillo and Nissen within.


At that moment, countless holy light pillars crossed into a net, enshrouding Ferguillo and Nissen.

The moment the purplish black particles touched the holy light, they immediately sizzled and gave off smoke.

Ferguillo’s right hand was still in Nissen’s body.

Nissen’s body rapidly withered. He could sense Nissen’s life force completely disappearing. Nissen entered a dead state.

However, Ferguillo’s brows frowned deeply.

He could sense a strange mental strength becoming countless streaks of wind currents and spreading outwards.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

His mental strength rapidly spread out.

He could feel a huge shadow shrieking sharply and charging out.

That shadow touched the holy light net, but did not show any reaction.


A light sound came from his hand.

Ferguillo opened his eyes. He saw Nissen’s body before him had already become a cluster of ash. The remaining few maggot-like grey white particles fell to the ground lifelessly and melted away like butter.

The dazzling holy light net was still contracting.

He heaved a sigh and spoke, “Senior Liszt, please stop.”


The holy light net shook violently, then snapped and faded away.

Liszt’s team appeared not far away from Ferguillo.

The usually silent Rui saw the ash and melting particles on the ground and asked, “Is he dead?”

Ferguillo shook his head. He took a deep breath and slowly answered, “We only killed his physical body.”

Carter frowned and asked with a serious expression, “He still managed to activate the Evil Dragon forbidden skill to escape with his consciousness?”

“It really is a unique forbidden skill.”

Ferguillo nodded. He thought deeply, then spoke with a low tone, “And it seems that when his life reached the end, his Evil Dragon bones burned up themselves to generate this forbidden skill.”

After a slight pause, Ferguillo continued, “And despite releasing my full mental strength, I could only sense the existence of that consciousness. I couldn’t clearly grasp how he managed to escape. It seemed as if it was a real piece of shadow that cannot be touched.”

“That’s the Evil Dragon’s son.” Liszt groaned and rubbed his chin, then spoke, “He did not even open six arcane gates. In such a situation, there is only one possibility. This forbidden skill is related to the Evil Dragon bloodline’s unique life forbidden skill.”

“So, the life forbidden skills from some bloodlines burn away all arcane particles and life force to damage the opponent, while the Evil Dragon bloodline’s life forbidden skill allows his consciousness to escape, then enter another body.” Carter took a deep breath and grimaced, “This is why the Evil Dragon kept his consciousness after the War with Dragons. However, due to the many powerful arcane masters on the battlefield in that final war, his consciousness was greatly damaged and didn’t fully recover until now.”

Ferguillo nodded.

After staying silent for a few seconds, he looked at Liszt’s group and slowly spoke, “Although we were not able to kill the Evil Dragon’s son today, we have at least found out this secret of the Evil Dragon...... So, despite the Evil Dragon’s consciousness already becoming inseparable from Rinloran’s body, we cannot rule out the possibility of activating this forbidden skill at the end.”

Ciaran’s expression also turned poor. She spoke coldly, “If he cannot win in the end, he may burn away Rinloran’s body and escape again.”

“He has already used all his powers. He even used his once in a lifetime reproduction. So, the Evil Dragon definitely won’t want to accept failure again. He will definitely use all of his power to fight us. However, if he still fails in the end, he will definitely do that if he is able to.” Ferguillo took a deep breath and slowly continued, “Hence, we absolutely cannot let him destroy Rinloran’s body.”

Liszt and Ciaran glanced at each other, their gaze indicating they thought the same.

It was already difficult to defeat the Evil Dragon.

It would be even more difficult to prevent the Evil Dragon from escaping with his consciousness.

Ferguillo frowned deeply, “Ayrin should be able to think of something.”

Even he felt the difficulty of this matter.

He had no confidence in himself, but...... he was confident about Ayrin.

It seemed that this was unrelated to strength or intelligence. The light shining from Ayrin’s body looked like the light of hope that could overcome any difficulty.



Next to a pond, a tall and skinny arcane master laid on the muddy soil on the verge of death.

His left leg was bloated and black. Two visible bite wounds had completely rotten.

A black python’s corpse laid next to him.

It was the ‘Rotten Poison Python’. This python was not really strong, but its teeth contained many lethal toxins. It usually hid in the water or muddy soil.

To be ambushed by such a python clearly meant the arcane master was just a low level one.


Suddenly, a cluster of shadows charged out from the bushes and pounced onto the arcane master with a loud shriek.

“Ah!” The dying arcane master screamed and twisted his face.

After dozens of seconds, his expression gradually returned to normal. The wounds on their body faded away and rapidly recovered.

A vengeful scream came from their mouth, “Ferguillo......!”

The man stood up from the ground and shivered.

A sigh came from what seemed like the void, “Nissen, I’m disappointed.”

Fellemang showed up next to the pond from a cluster of black light.

“Fellemang!” Nissen’s expression was ashen, “It would have been better if you came sooner!”

“Naive child.” Fellemang shook his head, “This kind of spatial forbidden skill will exhaust the majority of my power. And if not for your life forbidden skill automatically activating, how could we have sensed you being in danger?”

Fellemang paused for a bit and elegantly asked, “Also, you should be leading the Gillian Corps towards our destination together with Jeriya. Why are you here?”

“It’s Ferguillo! It’s that Ferguillo who transplanted an arm of my father! He actually possesses so much power! It’s because of those trashes that my father’s arm ended up in his hands!” Nissen roared.

“Will you still not learn from your failure?” Fellemang shook his head, “Foolishly acting on your own is already disappointing enough...... Also, your consciousness can exist for a long time without a body. You should have had sufficient time to find a more suitable body. However, you randomly picked an arcane master with such a normal bloodline in panic. How much slower will your cultivation become now?”

“I can slowly modify this body.”

Nissen raised his head. His hands suddenly grabbed Fellemang’s shoulders, his fingernails digging into Fellamang’s flesh. He looked at Fellemang with a menacing expression. “I need more power now...... I will start with you. Father should not blame me for killing you!”

Fellemang did not speak.

He just revealed a mocking sneer.

“Ah!” Nissen suddenly screamed in pain and backed off in disbelief.

Pieces of flesh fell from his fingers as if they were rotten.

There was no wound on Fellemang’s skin at all.

Fellemang looked at the shocked Nissen and lightly spoke in his mind, “What a pitiful child. You don’t even know my identity......”

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