Chapter 664: Unable To Defeat

Chapter 664: Unable To Defeat



A huge shadow coffin suddenly appeared and locked Ferguillo inside.

Nissen immediately sneered, “Weak!”


However, in the next instant, the rapidly contracting shadow coffin made a sharp sound.

Then, it scattered into many pieces.

Ferguillo appeared from within unscathed. He stretched out his right hand. Trails of a grey aura revolved around his fingertips and condensed into a tiny ball.

“You actually blocked it?”

Nissen’s sneer immediately vanished. A cruel glint flashed across his eyes.


A grey shadow flew out from his body. It turned into a huge grey moth before becoming countless pale white and grey mixed particles.

These particles adhered to Ferguillo like snow.

Ferguillo did not move.

He was covered by a thick layer of particles. The pale white and grey particles wriggled on his body like maggots.


A streak of grey light shot out from his hand.


The space in front of Nissen exploded, knocking him back.

Nissen shouted angrily.

He arrogantly believed he could kill Ayrin alone. The arcane masters he encountered before were easily killed by a random Evil Dragon forbidden skill. However, before even facing Ayrin, he was already having trouble fighting an opponent like Ferguillo. This was the first time someone managed to knock him back!


Nissen howled. The pale white and grey color mixed particles immediately collapsed. However, Ferguillo was not inside.

“A sneak attack again? I got you!” Nissen shouted angrily.

Ferguillo soundlessly appeared behind him. At the same time, Nissen’s pupils suddenly vanished. An intangible force gathered at his back, becoming threads that glowed weakly.

The threads contained an indescribable cutting power. An absolute vacuum appeared in the air due to getting cut by those threads.

Ferguillo was still rapidly approaching him. It looked like Ferguillo was using his own body to collide into the thin threads.

Nissen had the ability to see through Ferguillo’s next attack, so he could set such a trap.

However, even though those strange threads were right in his path and he could not dodge them anymore, Ferguillo was strangely calm.

He silently stretched out his right hand.

Anybody had to pay the price for being arrogant and naive. The Evil Dragon’s son was no exception.

Nissen neglected Ferguillo’s resistance against the Evil Dragon particles, and neglected that arm...... The complete arm of the Evil Dragon.

Since it was the Evil Dragon’s arm, how could such a level of Evil Dragon arcane power threaten it?

In forbidden skill and body reaction aspects, he and Nissen were evenly matched. The only difference was that Nissen could devour all arcane power. So, it was futile to try to outlast Nissen in arcane particle exhaustion. The only method to kill this child was a fast melee.

Ferguillo successfully got close to Nissen.


The thin threads cut into his left arm. The skin on his left arm was cut open, tiny droplets of blood spewed out. However, at the same time, the thin threads snapped, becoming countless scattered air currents.


Ferguillo stamped loudly.

A spiral-shaped force travelled from his sole all the way to his arm.


His left fist that had been accumulating strength thrust towards Nissen with a terrifying force.

Nissen shrieked furiously. He twisted back his arms and intercepted Ferguillo’s punch.

Due to the failure of his trap, Nissen became even more furious. However, he also believed he could reverse the situation, because Ferguillo’s strength came from his the right arm. He did not believe Ferguillo’s left punch could contain much power.


However, the moment his arms came into contact with Ferguillo’s punch, the sound from the impact was a metallic humming sound.

Waves of sharp pain instantly travelled from his arms up to his brain.

“Ah!” A humiliated groan in pain came from Nissen’s mouth.

His body fell forward uncontrollably. As he forcibly twisted his body back, he saw Ferguillo’s fist releasing a pale golden glow.


Ferguillo retracted his left fist stably, then grasped the empty space with his right hand.


Countless gusts of air currents became intense gales and pulled Nissen back in front of him.

Nissen did not know anything about Ferguillo.

In his eyes, Ferguillo was just an arcane master who became powerful by using the Evil Dragon’s arm. However, the fact was that Ferguillo had been powerful even before then. He was the best student in the Iron Forest Academy which was the best combat skill academy in St. Lauren.

Ferguillo pulled Nissen towards him with his right hand, while his left fist accumulated energy. Then, he punched, smashing onto Nissen’s spine.


With a clear bone fracturing sound, Nissen screamed in pain, “Ah!”

Ferguillo’s left pupil suddenly shot out pink light rays.

Nissen’s face turned pale and his body stiffened.


Ferguillo’s right hand touched Nissen’s back without any hindrance. He pierced through the grey arcane resistance layer and dug deeper towards Nissen’s heart.

“Ah!” Nissen screamed hysterically.

Nissen had never before been heavily injured. So, he had never experienced intense physical pain. He was unable to bear the pain inflicted by Ferguillo.

In that instant, his scream was filled with fear and incomprehension. The greediness in his eyes completely disappeared, only fear remained.

His entire being was filled with fear. He did not want to die!


A stream of blood gushed out from his body and forcefully pushed away Ferguillo’s hand. He then pushed himself away from Ferguillo.


Nissen crashed into the ground heavily. It sunk in, creating a crater.

He was stained with grey-colored blood and soil, just like a dirty little beggar.

He looked at Ferguillo and spoke with a shivering voice, “Impossible!”

Ferguillo looked at Nissen and plainly said, “You’re too young.”

Nissen understood Ferguillo’s meaning.

Ferguillo said that he was too young, not because he lacked strength, but because he lacked experience. It took time to learn that many things that seemed impossible, were in fact possible.

“I don’t believe it!”

Nissen’s expression twisted in frustration.

Just like overly arrogant geniuses, he was not willing to admit defeat.

He chanted two ancient Draconic incantations.

“Life Valve: Judgement Sword!”

“Abyssal Breath!”

Countless grey particles seeped out from his skin. His body rapidly enlarged, instantly growing up to a young adult. However, at the same time, his flesh became a little shriveled. His skin was dry like tree bark, filled with wrinkles and looking extremely old.

A dark grey crack suddenly split the ground, binding Ferguillo’s advancement. Hot aura swarmed out from it. At the same time, a grey gate opened up in front of Nissen’s forehead. A Demonic Dragon claw wielding a grey long sword fiercely stabbed towards Ferguillo’s chest.

Ferguillo’s face looked a little pale, showing a clear pained expression.

A deep-voiced chant came out from his mouth.

Arcane power gathered towards him.

A light ball condensed in his right palm.

There was no trick.

He pushed his right hand towards the ground.


The light ball heavily crashed into the ground.

A ring of terrifying explosion shockwaves blasted out from the ground beneath him.

The grey crack instantly disappeared, returning to normal. A huge crater opened up on the ground.

Ferguillo shot towards the sky with unbelievable speed, just like a missle shot from a Goblin Cannon.

The grey long sword manifested from Nissen’s forehead passed through below Ferguillo.

“His performance...... it really makes others want to applaud for him!”

Minlur, who was spectating the battle in the encirclement, looked at Ferguillo’s soaring figure and heaved a sigh.

At that moment, Nissen clearly used an Evil Dragon forbidden skill that burned away his life force.

Even his casting speed had improved astonishingly. In the time frame that he could only use one forbidden skill before, he now used two powerful forbidden skills consecutively.

Even Ferguillo could not defend against those two forbidden skills at the same time.

However, Ferguillo only used one skill...... just one skill to avoid Nissen’s sure kill move.


Nissen raised his head in shock.

Ferguillo became a light dot high up in the sky.

Next, that light dot became a rapidly descending shooting star.

Countless gem-like feathers spread out around the light dot.

The feathers vibrated in the air, pushing Ferguillo to blink around in the air.

With Nissen’s current dynamic vision and sensing ability, he was unable to accurately judge the real Ferguillo amongst the blinking afterimages.

Nissen’s pride and frustration finally melted into nothing.

At that moment, he finally understood he could not defeat Ferguillo today.

“Ah!” He screamed in fear.

Dozens of crystal lights shot out from his body.

Dozens of Evil Dragon bones, which still looked young and glowed bewitchingly, pierced through his flesh and shot out from his body.

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