Chapter 663: Ferguillo vs. Evil Dragon Descendent

Chapter 663: Ferguillo vs. Evil Dragon Descendent


Night arrived in the Doraster Continent. Jeriya fell asleep.

In her dream, there was a black sun.

The light rays it released constantly nourished her body. So even during her sleep, her power was slowly growing.

Suddenly, the sky turned red. Countless streaks of flames and ice fell from the sky. An enormous magic eye opened up in the sky.

Jeriya woke up in shock. A strange shudder ran throughout her body, causing her breathing and heartbeat to rapidly increase.

She had had this dream multiple times now. Everything was the same, and it all felt so real. This could not be considered a coincidence anymore, but a sign.

An enormous magic eye opened up in the sky, and the Evil Dragon would dominate the Doraster Continent once again. That meant they would eventually win this upcoming war, right?

Jeriya took a deep breath. Her expression suddenly turned sad, and even contained a trace of fear!

A sharp scream instantly echoed throughout the Gillian Corps camp, “Nissen!”

After a second, every building within dozens of meters were engulfed in black flames and turned into ash.

Jeriya walked out from within.

She, who had become furious, looked insurmountably tall and powerful. However, her hands were trembling non-stop due to anger and fear.

She could not sense Nissen’s aura.

It meant Nissen had left the camp and was extremely far away. He might have also used some arcane skill to purposely escape her senses.

Nobody knew her son better than herself.

There was only one possibility for Nissen to leave her!


It could only be Ayrin!

She suppressed Nissen’s greed, but neglected Nissen’s pride and arrogance.

He would not believe Ayrin could be stronger than him.

However, could the current Nissen win against Ayrin?

Jeriya’s body grew colder and colder, to the point a layer of ice appeared on the ground around her.



Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two streaks of light descended from the pitch black sky.

Fellemang and the Evil Dragon appeared in front of a forest that was entangled by countless vines, blocking anyone from entering.

“Yalf Elven Kingdom’s outpost forest. A place with a fresh memory.”

Fellemang looked at the forest entangled by countless vines and sighed, “Fifty thousand elven arcane masters were annihilated here.”

The Evil Dragon took a glance at him and walked forward, “This will be the place we rise up again.”

The moment his aura infected the vines, they began to grow black thorns and bloomed flowers in the shape of skulls, which made horrifying hissing sounds.

The silent forest instantly became alive.

Screams from countless living creatures rang out. However, they disappeared as quickly as they came, killed by this forest.

Their flesh and blood were sucked clean by the vines.

At the heart of the forest, all signs of buildings were covered by vines. However, there was a spring that still gushed out water, giving off a strange pale blue glow.

Even Fellemang felt doubtful and asked, “What’s inside here?”

A grey light dot flew out from the Evil Dragon’s fingertip and fell into the center of the spring.


The roots close to the spring began squirming around, curving outwards. Pieces of rocks were carried away by the roots. The spring grew larger. The pale blue glow became denser. At the center of the water pillar that was rising higher and higher, a huge tree that released a moonlight glow suddenly rose up.

Most of its trunk was broken. However, the spring water flowing down from its trunk still released a vibrant life force, as if countless water fairies were singing.

“The Tree of Life?”

Fellemang’s expression could only be described as astonishing, “You actually left such a large piece of the Tree of Life here!”

“The battle against the Yalf Kingdom greatly damaged me. However, it taught me many things too.” The Evil Dragon sneered, “Just like this elf in my body. Without him, how would I be able to learn such a powerful healing skill?”

Fellemang smiled elegantly. He understood the Evil Dragon’s plans and nodded, “I understand.”


The break of day.

Nissen raised his head from the corpses of three arcane masters. He wiped his sweat with a satisfied expression.

He raised his two hands upwards. Thin membrane wings began growing from his waist and arms.

Although his arcane level was insufficient to completely transform into Evil Dragon form, he could already use this membrane wing skill to fly through the air rapidly.

After devouring the arcane particles of the three arcane masters with decent arcane levels, his strength increased one step further. Plus, he confirmed some information from them. Ayrin, the target he wanted to battle against, should be at the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold.

Ayin! Ayrin! Ayrin!......

He was sick of hearing this name!

As the true inheritor of the Evil Dragon bloodline, he did not believe the Silver Dragon bloodline could be stronger than his Evil Dragon bloodline.

It was as if Ayrin was the Savior of this Doraster Continent from the words of those arcane masters.

In that case, I will kill him alone!

Perhaps to Jeriya or others, such a thought was childish and foolish. However, to him who could obtain strength effortlessly and grow stronger without a limit, it was only a natural matter.

Pride and foolishness were usually only separated by a thin line.


A dust cloud spread out from beneath his feet. The three withered corpses around him were blown away by the powerful gust of wind. He was about to take off after spreading open his membrane wings.

At that moment, a plain voice suddenly rang next to his ear, “What exactly are you?”

Nissen was startled for a moment.

He heard those same words countless times.

Because his power and his greedy, bloodthirsty tendencies were mismatched with his age, many arcane masters he encountered did not think he was a normal living creature. They would refer to him as an it, instead of a normal child.

However, though the question was the same, the feeling he got from it was different.

The plain voice seemed to contain a powerful force.

The person who asked it also gave off a sweet, desirable flavor even more so than his mother!

His entire body began trembling uncontrollably.

He suddenly turned around.

A young arcane master with crimson hair appeared in his eyes.

The arcane master had different colored pupils, one pink and the other purplish black.

Nissen licked his lips and revealed his teeth as he asked, “Who are you?”

“Ferguillo.” The young arcane master looked at him calmly and asked again, “What about you? What are you?”


Nissen slightly frowned.

This name sounded a little familiar.

In the next instant, he recalled who this young arcane master was.

“You’re the person who obtained my father’s arm and initiated the clean up in Eichemalar?” Nissen suddenly became excited.

Greediness materialized into beams of light and shot out from his eyes.

His attention focused on Ferguillo’s right arm.

He began to sense a familiar aura, the very aura that left him intoxicated.

Although it was altered a little by this person’s bloodline, once he devoured that arm and this person’s power, his own power would grow to an unimaginable height!

“Maybe I can even catch up to father?”

“Father?” Fergullo deeply frowned.

The Evil Dragon actually has a child?

In the darkness far away, Liszt’s team that encircled the area also showed an unbelievable expression.

They already knew Jeriya was with a creepy arcane master. Ferguillo was able to sense him, and when confirming he was away from Jeriya, they had gone to intercept him.

However, they never imagined that the person they intercepted was actually the Evil Dragon’s son!

“The Evil Dragon is similar to other high rank Dragon bloodlines...... They only have one chance to have a child.” Ciaran took a deep breath and quietly spoke to Liszt, “There are no records of the Evil Dragon having had a child.”

“Is he at his wit’s end? Does he want to gain a powerful helper or use him to attract attention?”

Carter’s expression was constantly changing. He felt this matter was really strange.

“I heard you’re Ayrin’s good friend?”

“Then you must know where he is now, right?” At this moment, Nissen looked at Ferguillo and could not hold back his questions, “Tell me honestly. If you are honest, I will let you die comfortably later.”

“Ayrin?” Ferguillo’s expression was calm. However, he looked at Nissen like he was looking at Stingham, “Are you looking for Ayrin?”

“I will personally kill him.” Nissen nodded and his breathing became hotter.

“If I had known that, I wouldn’t have intercepted you.” Ferguillo shook his head.

“What do you mean? Are you saying I’m not his match? You’re saying I won’t even be able to escape from him?”

Nissen became furious. Countless trails of a grey aura seeped out from his skin.

His mental strength was different from normal people. He clearly sensed Ferguillo’s meaning in an instant.

Ferguillo did not say anything else.

He did believe that would be the case.

To him...... What he was thinking now was not how to defeat Nissen, but how to restrict the creepy Evil Dragon forbidden skills Nissen possessed, and how to keep him here.

“Do you think you can defeat me?”

Ferguillo’s thoughts were read by Nissen again. Nissen’s expression immediately turned menacing.

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