Chapter 662: The Evil Dragon Descendent’s Ambition

Chapter 662: The Evil Dragon Descendent’s Ambition


“No matter what, there must be a way to destroy them! But if we can’t find a way to kill them, we must at least restrain them.” Ayrin shouted. He wanted to use the Eternal Winter Domain to freeze the Cursed Ghosts.

“Ayrin, that method won’t work. Unless you keep using the Eternal Winter Domain, the domain’s effect will dissipate eventually. Actually, according to your intention, it’s better to throw them into an abyss or some deep cave to trap them.” Chris immediately shook her head, “But Ayrin, don’t you want to know where they are migrating to?”

“Yeah! This Cursed Ghost army must have received the summon from the Evil Dragon. Even if they are not going to where the Evil Dragon is, they must be going to a place important to the Evil Dragon.” Meraly and the others suddenly realized.

“Then, should we follow this Cursed Ghost army? But there’s a possibility they are luring us into the Evil Dragon’s trap.” Moss spoke with worry.

“If there’s a trap, we just need to destroy it!” Ayrin spoke aggressively without any fear.

“This should be the Evil Dragon preparing for the final war. We can follow them to take a look. We just need to be careful and avoid the trap.” Professor Plum spoke.

“Alright! Let’s follow this Cursed Ghost army!”

Ayrin immediately made up his mind and stopped attacking them.

“You lots also stop!” Moss shouted towards the beasts charging at the Cursed Ghost army.

They decided to stop, but the natives of the Snowfall Forest continued to charge towards the Cursed Ghost army as if they had lost their sanity.

“The barbarian arcane masters have not arrived yet. They won’t listen to us at all. What do we do?” Charlotte could see the beasts continue fighting the Cursed Ghost army as if they did not hear Moss’s voice.

A loud snort rang out, “Stop!”


Ayrin and the others were startled.

They saw Belo suddenly appearing in front of a beast.

It was a huge Frost Sabertooth Tiger. Its enormous body was a dozen times the size of Belo. It was releasing a powerful arcane energy fluctuation, which transformed into strips of chilled air like a frost belt.

Suddenly getting blocked by someone, the Frost Sabertooth Tiger roared angrily and was about to attack Belo.

However, Belo stretched out a finger towards the Frost Sabertooth Tiger and a mysterious red glint flashed across his eyes. The Frost Sabertooth Tiger suddenly stiffened up and crouched down in fear.

“Incredible! The most powerful beastman arcane master is indeed the natural bane of these beasts!”

The group was impressed by Belo’s performance. The beasts were stopped by Belo. Soon, the rowdy forest began to settle down. It became quiet without the sounds of fighting.


Ayrin turned to Auroses in surprise, “Uncle Auroses, why aren’t you afraid of Belo?”


Auroses almost spat out blood.

The high beastman was the natural bane of most beasts. In ancient history, long before the Era of the War with Dragons, most beasts were food to the beastmen. However, he had a true Dragon bloodline, so why should he be afraid of beastmen?

Ayrin you bastard! You’re treating us Dragon bloodline like normal beasts!



Southern region of the Kingdom of Doa, Deer Horn River Plain.

The Deer Horn River Plain was originally the territory of the Deer Horn Corps from the Kawas Household in the Kingdom of Doa. However, after the war at the Doa Royal Palace, the entire Kingdom of Doa fell into a lawless and chaotic state. This rich land that produced many precious metals was occupied by the Gillian Corps from the Kingdom of Eiche.

The Gillian Corps was originally a subordinate Corps under House Gregory. It was the Corps that purposely slowed down their advancement during the war at the Doa Royal Palace to preserve their fighting strength. They intended to sweep the battlefield after the fight had been fought to obtain the best loot. However, they were chased away by the demihuman army.

The Gillian Corps was unable to obtain much of anything from the battlefield, so their dreams of becoming the number one Corps after the war was shattered. However, their alternative measures still allowed them to reap large profits.

After occupying the Deer Horn River Plain, the Gillian Corps slowly gained control of the majority of trade in the Southern region of the Kingdom of Doa.

In fact, many active bandit teams were secretly controlled by them! By almost monopolizing trade and secretly robbing the merchants, the Gillian Corps developed very quickly.

Not only did some wandering arcane masters join them, causing the Gillian Corps to grow by a third, even the camp construction was beginning to look like a large Corps. A majestic Gillian Corps Stronghold was half completed.

However, right now, the sounds of construction didn’t come from this incomplete stronghold. Instead, it looked like a huge slaughterhouse.

On a straight path connecting to this stronghold, countless arcane masters wearing yellow armor lay alongside the path. The blood that had not dried up yet painted the ground, giving it a thick, red, rubbery texture.

At the entrance of the camp, over two thousand aracne masters looked forward with pale faces.

There were two people standing there, one tall and one short.

The tall figure was Jeriya with her hair split into three tails.

The short one was her son Nissen, the Evil Dragon Descendent.

Nissen had grown to the height of a youth about thirteen to fourteen years old. He was similar in height to Ayrin and the others.

His skin had completely turned grey. In addition to his bloodthirsty and cruel expression, it gave off an even creepier feeling.

A Gillian Corps general lost control of his mind and screamed hysterically, “What is that thing...... Why did the arcane power that hit him get absorbed instead...... Isn’t that an ability only the Evil Dragon possesses......?”

To a large Corps, especially with a camp that had fixed defensive and offensive weapons, they were not really afraid of individual powerful arcane masters.

With the assistance of large output artifacts, even if the powerful arcane master could kill many people, he would be exhausted to death.

However, it was different now. The creepy youth next to Jeriya did not become exhausted after killing almost a thousand arcane masters, he became stronger instead.

Even existences at the level of Evil Dragon Bishops, only had corrosive properties in their Evil Dragon Particles. They could not directly devour the arcane power of others!

To the Gillian Corps, it seemed that the total amount of Evil Dragon bloodline this creepy youth possessed far surpassed the limit. It was impossible for him to survive!

“You...... You’re exposing your tracks so openly like this...... Aren’t you afraid of getting killed by Ayrin’s group?” A Gillian Corps general shouted in fear.

“For a Corps like yours, there is no need to think about that problem.”

Jeriya kept her head a little raised. This gave off a feeling that she was high and mighty. She coldly stared at the Corps that fell into fear and slowly spoke, “What you need to think about now is whether to choose death or obedience.”

The entire Gillian Corps fell into despair.

“Ah!” A general shouted and charged away like lightning, trying to escape.

Jeriya’s expression did not change, she did not even look at that arcane master.

Nissen, however, suddenly disappeared from next to her.


A cluster of bloody mist spewed out from the chest of that general.

Nissen slowly retracted his hand as he laughed menacingly.


The corpse of that general collapsed to the ground.

What is that arcane skill?

How is he so fast?

We can’t even escape? He will just catch up to us in an instant?

The Gillian Corps arcane masters crumbled.

This was originally a shameless Corps without much righteousness.

“Surrender, we surrender!”

“I don’t want to die!”

Many people cried surrender.

A Corps with such a size actually surrendered to two people!

A contemptible smile appeared on Jeriya’s face.

Even to her past self, these people were a stain to the name ‘arcane master’.

“You should be able to use your Evil Dragon bloodline inheritance skill soon, right?” She slowly asked Nissen who returned to her side.

Nissen obediently lowered his head and answered, “Yes, mother!”

“Raise your power quickly. Once you can use it, turn them all into your followers.” Jeriya instructed.

These trashes that stained the name of arcane masters may finally be of some use after experiencing the power and desire from receiving some Evil Dragon bloodline.

After instructing Nissen, she turned around and looked in the direction of the Snowfall Forest.

After becoming the Evil Dragon’s queen, she also obtained a unique sensing ability from a portion of the Evil Dragon’s power. She could sense the movement of the Cursed Ghost army in the Snowfall Forest.

Be it the movement of that army, or the Evil Dragon’s decision to make her control the Gillian Corps, they clearly told her that the final war would soon start.

Nissen was increasing his strength.

She was increasing her strength.

However, the indescribable sense of insecurity in her heart was growing stronger.

“I understand, mother.”

Nissen obediently nodded after hearing her instructions.

He was very obedient towards Jeriya. However, the moment Jeriya was lost in thought, a hidden glint flashed across his eyes.

It was not the usual greediness, but a strong curiosity and dissatisfaction.

While following Jeriya to constantly become stronger, he heard a name from many arcane masters he killed: Ayrin.

Is that Ayrin with the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline really so strong?

Can he be stronger than me?

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