Chapter 661: None Of Those

Chapter 661: None Of Those


“What’s going on?”

Ayrin immediately ran out of his tent still half asleep. Drool hung at the corner of his mouth

Belo looked towards the Snowfall Forest and coldly answered, “The Cursed Ghost army is moving.”

Compared to Ayrin, he looked more majestic with several retainers standing by his side.

Ayrin did not hesitate and shouted towards Auroses next to him, “Come! Let’s go look!”

“You bastard, are you really treating me as your mount?”

Auroses was frustrated. He cursed out in his mind, but he did not refuse. When a terrifying dragon aura spread out from his body, he immediately transformed into his Dragon form.

“Hurry up!”

Ayrin jumped onto Auroses’s back without any reservation and urged the others to do the same.


Golden lightning fell from the sky and the Lightning Dragon flew up after everyone had jumped on his back.

Arcane teams had all gathered in the outermost region of Hearth Valley.

The Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold generals looked at the raging Snowfall Forest, then turned to the direction of the demihuman camp.

They were arcane masters with plenty of combat experience. However, in the current situation, they hesitated. They could not guess what plan Ayrin’s group had.

Then, they saw the Lightning Dragon taking off.

They smiled bitterly after seeing Ayrin’s group sitting on the Dragon’s back.

The truly important figures just charge to the frontline without saying anything.

They seem to only keep charging. There’s no plan to think about to them......

High above in the sky, Ayrin shouted, “They don’t intend on hiding at all! What are they doing?”

Even from far away, they could see the Cursed Ghost army marching rapidly without a care. Their march generated a huge air current in the Snowfall Forest.

It was totally a migration!

As they got closer to the Cursed Ghost army, even Jean Camus held his breath.

There were over three thousand Cursed Ghosts rapidly moving. Amongst them were at least a hundred transparent War Beasts. On top of each War Beast, there was a robust pure blood Barbarian general.

This Cursed Ghost army had crossed through a thousand years of time. They completely ignored any person or beast in the surroundings. They were merely migrating!


When Ayrin’s group descended with the Lightning Dragon, many beast tribes in the Snowfall Forest had already arrived.

Those beasts that even the Ice Giants could not control had already begun attacking the Cursed Ghost army.

The trees around the Cursed Ghost army were toppled. Beasts roared angrily and charged relentlessly towards the Cursed Ghost army.

It was an impactful scene.

Countless transparent shards scattered and blood spilled.

Cursed Ghosts were torn to pieces and beasts were collapsing to the ground.

“It’s useless.” Jean Camus mumbled with a frown.

The Cursed Ghost army clearly did not want to be stalled by fighting. The entire army only slowed down a little. The slowed pace allowed the torn Cursed Ghosts to recover and catch back up.

“This army’s objective is clear. They are migrating. These beasts cannot kill them. The casualties are meaningless.” Chris nodded, her expression grim.

The creepiness of this Cursed Ghost army was beyond her imagination.

“Are they really unkillable? Let me try!”

Ayrin’s response was the most direct. He simply jumped down after they reached a few dozens of meters above the ground.


A huge wind spear smashed a big crater within the Cursed Ghost army. It tore apart multiple Cursed Ghosts, and Ayrin appeared at the center of the crater.


In the next instant, he disappeared from the spot and appeared above a War Beast, launching a punch towards the pure blood Barbarian on the back of the War Beast.


A thunder clasp exploded in the air.

The transparent pure blood Barbarian accurately punched Ayrin’s fist. The two fists collided violently.

“Impressive!” Ayrin shouted and flew back like a meteor.

At the same time, the pure blood Barbarian’s arm cracked and shattered into small shards.


Ayrin landed stably without any wounds.

However, he opened his mouth wide at the same time and exclaimed, “What a strange arcane power!”

He could sense his fist hitting the Barbarian’s fist just like hitting a real block of ice. Other than feeling a trace of bizarre mental strength scattering, he was unable to absorb any energy from the enemy.

“Is it because he’s a pure blood Barbarian and does not have any arcane particles?”

Ayrin charged and slammed a normal Cursed Ghost with his fist.


That Cursed Ghost was unable to resist and broke apart in many pieces, “It’s the same!” However, Ayrin opened his eyes even wider. He still did not absorb any arcane particles. Everything within the Cursed Ghost, including its arcane particles, seemed to have transformed into a type of strange particles. They were like real ice, but contained a strange mental energy fluctuation.

“Are they really unkillable? This Cursed Ghost army will only die after the Evil Dragon is dead?”

Ayrin was in deep thought. Even Fenny’s Cursed Crown was destroyed by them. Since this Cursed Ghost army was a production of the Evil Dragon’s forbidden skill, he believed there had to be a way.


Waves of powerful mental energy fluctuations spread out from his body.

A light formation appeared beneath him. A ghost-like transparent figure let out terrifying shrieks and charged towards the nearby Cursed Ghosts.

Countless ruby-like embers suddenly manifested in the cold air around him.

The embers brought the charging beasts back to their senses and made them fall back.


Several Cursed Ghosts near Ayrin were blasted apart.

Ayrin shouted in shock, “This doesn’t work either?”

He’d sensed the creepy mental energy fluctuation. It seemed that the mental energy fluctuation was the foundation of those Cursed Ghosts. It was the source that enabled the shattered pieces to regroup. Hence, at the same time he used Fire Embers, he also activated the powerful Psychic Style forbidden skill and used a powerful mental attack on the Cursed Ghosts.

However, he instinctively felt it was useless. The creepy mental strength released from those shards did not get affected at all. And even though Fire Embers melted the shards, they could not draw out the arcane power within and burn it away.

He was certain that once the shards cooled down, they would regroup again.

Is it even more troublesome than the Cursed Crown?


Ayrin was unconvinced, “Meraly!”

In the next instant, a Cursed Ghost was lifted up by him and thrown towards Meraly. Then, he struck it from behind, causing it to explode into countless small shards.


A ring of crystal light shot out from Meraly’s hands.

Although there were no instructions, she clearly understood Ayrin’s intention.

She directed the arcane power in her hands to attach onto the scattering shards.

A shocked and disappointed expression instantly filled Meraly’s crystal clear face.

“I can’t.”

Meraly shook her head towards Ayrin.

Her Crystal Angel could not absorb and integrate those shards. She could not handle it like with the Cursed Crown, because these shards were not made of crystal.

She did not even sense the creepy mental energy fluctuations within the shards. To her, they seemed like real ice.

Ayrin would not concede so easily. He shouted towards Jean Camus and Stingham, “Jean Camus, Stingham, you two try it!”

Jean Camus nodded. In the next instant, he appeared behind a Cursed Ghost.

The air lightly trembled, a cluster of pale light shrouding him and that Cursed Ghost.


Stingham also attacked. A cluster of green flames accurately penetrated a few Cursed Ghosts.

“Ayrin, did I throw well? In such a large scale battle, did I hit enough arcane masters with one throw?” Stingham asked Ayrin. He was like a student trying to be acknowledged. However, his gaze turned gloomy and he shook his head, “It’s useless, Ayrin.”

Jean Camus said, “It’s a strange forbidden skill. The properties of the mental strength of these Cursed Ghosts seems to have been changed by the Evil Dragon’s forbidden skill.”

His gaze was flickering as he stared at the Cursed Ghost in front of him that continued to march without a care in the world, “The arcane skills used by us arcane masters either target the opponent’s mental strength or physical body and arcane particles. However, the mental strength and physical body of these Cursed Ghosts had been modified to be neither of these two.”

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