Chapter 659: The Deep Green In Dream

Chapter 659: The Deep Green In Dream



Black Jasmine charged.


Chris retreated.

“How can she win now?” Meraly exclaimed.

Black Jasmine’s armor was very special. Not only did it not weigh down her body, but it even made her body lighter and more agile, raising her speed instead.

Within the Double Gravity Dulling Domain that was still up, Chris’s Dark Destruction Dragon had even less of a chance to hit Black Jasmine.

If Chris continued fighting in close range combat, she would not be able to break through Black Jasmine’s armor.

Her rapid retreat suddenly stopped.

Due to her stopping, the distance between her and Black Jasmine instantly shortened.


The space exploded.

A terrifying flame swept out from her left arm like a volcano eruption.

You’re finally using the Dark Destruction Dragon!

However, in this situation, you can’t hit Black Jasmine!

Meraly and the others held their breath anxiously. They could see Black Jasmine maintaining absolute vigilance. The instant the terrifying flame surged out, she immediately dashed to the side.

Her continuous dashing created a few afterimages in the air, making others unable to distinguish real from fake.


Petal-like metal pieces flew out from Black Jasmine’s armor.

The strength behind those metal pieces could even pierce through normal protective armor and stab into an arcane master’s body. However, they were not shot towards Chris, but towards the ground behind Black Jasmine instead. Just like a tiny air current, they bolstered her speed even further.

What a special armor skill!

With those metal pieces, Black Jasmine’s moving speed becomes even faster!

“Does Chris still have any method to win?”

The excited Ayrin kept his eyes open and was filled with expectation.

Even he felt that Chris would not be able to hit Black Jasmine.

After the previous failure, the current Light Devouring Valkyrie Black Jasmine clearly had made great improvements in all aspects.

“It won’t work...... She’s so fast, I can’t hit her.” Stingham spoke sorrowfully.

Stingham knew he could not lock onto Black Jasmine. He felt that his throwing technique had to become even better.

At that moment, everyone exclaimed in disbelief, “What?”

“This is?” Even the usual calm Jean Camus exclaimed and was filled with shock.

The terrifying flame spread out.

Traces of black smoke on the boundary between tangible and intangible wrapped around Chris. However, the familiar black flaming dragon did not rush out.

After the terrifying black dragon flame surged out from Chris’s arm, it actually rapidly contracted and condensed into a black sword in her left hand.

On the surface of the black sword, traces of black smoke turned into swimming black dragons!

Black Jasmine opened her eyes wide and trembled.

“Professor Plum, is this the evolved form of the Dark Destruction Dragon? Just like Fire Embers, after reaching a certain level, it can be condensed into this form?” Ayrin asked. While everyone else was astonished, he had already turned to Professor Plum.

“You are right. This is the greatest power of this forbidden skill.” Professor Plum answered.

“So the ultimate secret of the Dark Destruction Dragon is to condense its power into something like a materialized weapon?”

The others remained astonished and felt a chill.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Chris had already begun a fierce charge. She stepped heavily on the ground three times, leaving three deep footprints behind. Then, she arrived right in front of Black Jasmine.

Black Jasmine did not make any sound, but her eyes were filled with shock.

She crossed her two swords to intercept Chris’s slash.


Her two swords instantly shattered.

They scattered into countless flower petals as if they were really made from fragile flowers.

Black Jasmine’s reaction was also extremely quick.

The moment her swords shattered, she shouted and clasped her palms together over Chris’s sword.


However, with a violent tremor, Black Jasmine was knocked back. Her hands and armor could not endure the power behind Chris’s slash. Her armor shattered completely, becoming countless black jasmine flower petals.


She crashed into the ground and bounced a few times before coming to a stop.

Blood flowed out from her nose and mouth. She was unable to continue fighting and could not even get up.

Chris did not go in for the kill, but rather stopped.

Her left arm seemed to have reached its limit. All the bandages wrapping around it snapped. After taking a few deep breaths, the black sword in her hand dissipated into black smoke as if it melted.


Black Jasmine stared into the sky, her eyes filled with disbelief.

She had greatly improved herself in close range combat and forbidden skills, yet she still could not defeat Chris.

“That was a spectacular fight!” Ayrin began applauding.

He arrived before the collapsed Black Jasmine and looked at her passionately, “Black Jasmine, you have improved greatly! However, Chris is also constantly improving herself! You need to work harder to defeat Chris!”

Work harder?

You don’t want to kill me?

Black Jasmine was confused for a moment, but dazzling sparks immediately appeared in her eyes.

She stopped struggling and relaxed on the ground. While recovering her stamina, she spoke, “I lost!”

“But I will definitely defeat you, Chris!”

“Sure, I will wait!” Hearing Black Jasmine’s words, Chris who was already doing stretches to relieve her muscles replied seriously.

“Are we letting her go again?” Meraly asked Ayrin and Jean Camus.

Black Jasmine was still an Evil Dragon follower with the Evil Dragon bloodline. Even though she lost to Chris, she was still a powerful arcane master.

“It’s fine. Black Jasmine is also a true brave warrior. The current Chris has become her sole target. She won’t help other Evil Dragon followers to do bad things.” Ayrin turned around to look at Meraly, “And with such an opponent constantly chasing after her, Chris will also gain greater motivation. She can also improve during their fights.”

“This guy......”

Meraly looked at the excited and passionate Ayrin and felt heartfelt respect towards him.

She recalled the slogan on the academy wall of her academy.

Do not fear the opponent, for the opponent is forever the motivation for your advancement.

The Dual Gravity Dulling Domain gradually dissipated. After recovering some stamina, Black Jasmine slowly stood up and left without saying a word.



Nighttime arrived. Chilling wind swept through the Frost Tusk Peak and the plains below, producing strange sounds.

“If...... If Ayrin and the others were here, the result would have been different.”

“Why...... Why are you so useless? When can you become a little more useful and mature?”

“Can you stop slacking to the point you don’t even want to think?”

“Go...... Run away!”

In the demihuman camp, Stingham was twisting around on a simple bed.

Suddenly, he woke up from his dream and sat up. He was drenched in sweat.

The moment he sat up, the suddenly tensing up and exerting of strength in his muscles caused a series of chain reactions. A gate in his body opened up. The aura circulating around him strengthened, faintly glowing green.

“My fifth arcane gate opened?” Stingham mumbled to himself absentmindedly.

He, who possessed the most ancient Green Dragon bloodline from the Green Dragon Divine Temple, was a true genius. He was able to break through the fifth arcane gate while sleeping!

The time he took to open the fifth arcane gate from the fourth was only a little slower than Ayrin.

However, there was no complacency in his expression.

I’m still not strong enough......

Ever since Shanna sacrificed herself, he would have the same nightmare almost every single night. His memory of Jeriya and Shanna.

He wanted to defeat Jeriya and protect Shanna. However, all he could do in his nightmare was stand still and watch.

Every time he woke up, he was clear that even if he met Jeriya now, he was no match for her.

A bitter smile spread out on Stingham’s face again. He muttered, “Deep Green Domain......”

Due to a lack of training and being too lazy to think, even though he knew the strongest forbidden skill of the Green Dragon bloodline was the Deep Green Domain, he was not interested in it at all.

Now, he really desired to be able to learn this legendary domain that only those with high Green Dragon bloodline could use.

The powerful forbidden domain had been lost.

In dreams, other than those repeating nightmares, he sometimes would dream of a deep green. A place where everything was covered in deep green.

Is this related to the Deep Green Domain?

How can I obtain or perceive the casting method of the Deep Green Domain?

Stingham scratched his head bitterly. He looked up at the sky through the venting window...... However, there was no green, it was still night with only a faint white color breaking the darkness.

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