Chapter 658: Two Valkyries

Chapter 658: Two Valkyries


Air currents clashed and turned into a raging gale.


Terrifying arcane energy fluctuations exploded from Black Jasmine.


A unique domain aura instantly spread out. Unique silver light rays shot out from Black Jasmine and covered several hundred meters around.

Not only Chris, even Ayrin and the others were shrouded in the domain.

“So heavy...... What is this domain?”

The fatigued Moss was pressed down onto the ground instantly.

Not only did his body feel heavy, even his senses were dulled.

“Double Gravity Dulling Domain.” Jean Camus calmly spoke.

Moss felt ashamed, because he was the only one to collapse under the pressure. Jean Camus, Meraly and Aryin did not seem to be affected one bit.

“This domain is so powerful and covers such a wide area...... The arcane particle exhaustion must be astonishing. And this is only for restriction purposes, not even to attack. Why is Black Jasmine using such a domain from the start?” Meraly asked.

Light Devouring Valkyrie Black Jasmine was once the acknowledged number one genius in the Kingdom of Doa. She felt the competitions with rules and restrictions, as well as her identity as a righteous arcane master, were not challenging enough. So, she eventually turned towards the Evil Dragon followers. People like her would never waste any arcane particles.

“She targeted Chris’s specialty.” Ayrin was not confused at all and looked at the two girls full of anticipation.

“Targeted Chris’s specialty?” Meraly could not understand it.

“Because Chris is the powerful one-shot type arcane master. Her Dark Destruction Dragon and the attack that follows after are really powerful. Black Jasmine just needs to avoid getting hit by it.”

Ayrin looked at Black Jasmine and Chris without shifting his gaze and spoke excitedly, “With Black Jasmine’s ability, after using this domain, she can guarantee not to get hit by Chris’s Dark Destruction Dragon.”

“Oh, right!” Meraly immediately exclaimed in realization.

“She exhausted so many arcane particles to restrict Chris’s specialty...... Black Jasmine cannot force Chris into a battle of attrition now. She must have prepared some special measure to take Chris out quickly.”

Chris did not make a move yet, while Black Jasmine did not seem willing to waste any energy. She approached Chris using a stable and stamina saving pace, as if she were strolling towards Chris. The intense fighting scene had yet to start, but after Meraly’s question, Ayrin was so excited he began waving his hands.

“If her specialty is completely restricted by the opponent...... Wouldn’t Chris be in danger?” Meraly suddenly became nervous.

Although it was a fair challenge, Black Jasmine and Chris were both powerful. The loser might actually end up dead.

“How can that be? Chris is a god-like girl!” Ayrin laughed and waved his hand towards Chris, “Chris, do your best!”


Ayrin’s cheering seemed to have fueled Black Jasmine instead. A sharp sonic boom rang out as Black Jasmine instantly accelerated, reaching Chris in one step.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Even though they were in a domain that slowed everyone down, Ayrin and the others lost sight of the two girls. They only saw countless afterimages of fists and palms flying around and clashing.

“Are they going to rely on pure speed...... physical strength?”

“Chris’s physical strength has greatly improved again!”

Moss opened his mouth wide at the scene after struggling to get back up. Black Jasmine’s method was to not give Chris any time to use arcane skills. She was extremely fast, but Chris was keeping up with her pace.

“They have really become much stronger......” Jean Camus thought.

Chris’s physical strength had almost caught up to Black Jasmine.

Meanwhile, in the previous battle, Black Jasmine’s reflex and muscle stamina lost to Chris. However, her current fighting method showed Jean Camus that she had worked hard in these two aspects!

The improvements both parties made resulted in an evenly matched close range combat.

However, that thought only flashed across Jean Camus’s mind for an instant.

That was because the continuous clash suddenly stopped with a loud crack. The two instantly separated.

Chris took multiple steps back. Each step exerted great strength and allowed her to open up a long distance from Black Jasmine.

“Her arm!”

Meraly and the others shuddered. They were astonished to see Chris’s right arm dangling limply. Her shoulder and elbow joints actually looked as if they had been dislocated!

“Professor Plum, what combat skill is that? Why is Chris’s arm joint in such a state?” Ayrin shouted in surprise.

Only then did everyone realize the black-robed Professor Plum had already appeared not far away from them and was watching the battle.

“Close range joint-focused skill, shockwave dislocating palm. By compressing the power brand, it acts on the opponent’s joints within a certain period of time. This is an extremely difficult close range combat skill to master.” Professor Plum spoke.

Black Jasmine was gasping heavily.

A sense of excitement and pride flashed across her eyes.

I will stand up from where I fell!

There was no other method of winning against Chris that could make her feel more proud.


However, right at that moment, just when the sense of pride rose up in her mind, a sharp tearing pain flared up on her left arm and then impacted her entire body. She trembled from the pain and drew a sharp breath.

She looked at her left arm in disbelief.

There was a lump of muscle bulging up. Her muscle strips were visibly twisted and snapped. The internal bleeding from the injury caused her entire arm to swell up.

Black Jasmine lost control of her left arm and could not exert any strength with it.

“It’s Merlin’s close range combat skill!” Moss immediately realized and shouted after seeing that injury.

Although he could not remember the name, he clearly knew that both Ayrin and Chris managed to learn Merlin’s close range combat skill that snapped the opponent’s muscles.

“They are still evenly matched......”

Jean Camus and the others narrowed their eyes.

Now that both of them lost an arm, the match was still very much even.

“To think that I still can’t beat you with this!”

Black Jasmine took a deep breath. The pained expression immediately disappeared from her face and was replaced by even greater fighting spirit.

She had first started training before Chris. Her physical strength completely overwhelmed Chris in the previous battle. However, Chris had actually caught up to her. It could be said that Chris had gotten closer to her level.

After taking another deep breath, Black Jasmine spoke slowly while staring at Chris, emphasizing every word, “You’re certainly strong, but I will defeat you.”

Chris was also not in a hurry to attack. She stared back at Black Jasmine with a serious expression and spoke, “I won’t be defeated by you.”

“I will prove it to you!” Black Jasmine shouted.

Sonic booms rang out again.

She suddenly disappeared from the spot. Then, she jabbed towards Chris with her right fist.

“This is?”

Ayrin’s eyes immediately opened wide.

He could see Black Jasmine shrinking down one size, while her skin seemed to be filled with countless tiny horns. The power brand surrounding her also turned into triangular shapes.


Chris blocked with her left arm accurately. However, she was unable to completely block the attack. Black Jasmine’s fist was still approaching, landing on her chest.


Chris swept her left arm, clawing Black Jasmine’s shoulder.


Chris spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying back.

“How did her strength increase that much so suddenly?”


Moss was also shocked.

Chris’s reaction in that instant was beyond anyone’s imagination. The moment she felt she was unable to block the attack, she immediately counterattacked. However, even though the two parties were evenly matched in physical strength, Black Jasmine’s jab suddenly became at least one time stronger.

“Meridian Stimulation Art. By stimulating her own blood and causing her muscles to cramp, she can unleash a power beyond her normal threshold. This is also a difficult combat technique. A small mistake in stimulating the cramps could cause her to lose balance in her bodily functions and die.” Professor Plum explained.

Meraly could not help but wonder in her heart, “Is the battle over with that?”

Based on Black Jasmine’s ability, she would not give Chris any chance to recover. In a situation where Chris suffered greater damage, a series of close range combat techniques would wear Chris out.


However, Meraly contracted her pupils as she saw Black Jasmine not following up with more attacks. Instead, she stiffened up.

Five shallow scratches appeared on her left shoulder. Blood was flowing out from the wounds. It was colorful, like the oil paint on a palette!

Black Jasmine’s skin was faintly turning colorful.

What’s going on?

“Meraly, you still don’t get it? This is related to you!” Ayrin laughed at her, “You forgot your Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon was killed by us?”

“Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon?”

Meraly trembled.

She recalled the event and immediately realized!

Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon bloodline!

Chris is not a normal human bloodline anymore, she has the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon bloodline!

All this while...... Chris received the nickname of god-like girl with a normal human bloodline. As a result, even a close friend like Meraly, who had known Chris for quite some time, had forgotten that Chris had integrated the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon bloodline.

“It’s an even match again.”

Ayrin did not care about the astonishment in everyone else’s minds. He looked at Chris and Black Jasmine with great anticipation.

One was poisoned, but could use arcane energy to suppress it. The other was injured, but was still able to continue fighting. The condition of the two were quite similar.

“I still can’t defeat you with that? Looks like I have to use my final trump card!”

Black Jasmine took deep breaths and gritted her teeth. She used arcane particles to forcefully pressure her blood and filter the poison, then raised her head.


Waves of black arcane power that seemed to absorb the surrounding light spread out from her body, then rapidly contracted.

“Armor skill?”

“Materialize skill. An arcane skill that combines heavy particles and an armor skill?”

Ayrin opened his mouth wide.

A full body armor covered Black Jasmine. It seemed to be made out of sharp metal jasmine flowers.

At the same time, two black swords of the same material appeared in her hands!


Moss and Stingham looked at each other, wondering how Chris would overcome her opponent.

They could clearly sense the aura released by Black Jasmine’s armor and swords. It was pressing down on them like a mountain!

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