Chapter 657: Black Jasmine Reappears

Chapter 657: Black Jasmine Reappears


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Sounds of sharp objects cutting through the air rang out in the empty space within the demihuman camp.

Drenched in sweat, supporting himself on his knees, Moss panted heavily while looking at the figures around him working hard in training. Hearing the wind lashing sounds from Ayrin and Stingham’s actions, he could not help but think, “Even Stingham is working so hard. I’m the least talented one here, I must work harder......”

Work harder!

As a member of the team, I must not get left behind! I can’t drag everyone down!

The fatigued Moss gritted his teeth and straightened himself again.

Professor Plum who wore black robes watched the youths train at the side of the field. He was expressionless. However, seeing Moss gritting his teeth to endure, he heaved out a long sigh.

In this Holy Dawn Academy team, not a single member was trash. This child with the giant bloodline did not disappoint him.

Can he survive in the final showdown, just like those honest and loyal giants during the Era of the War with Dragons?

Those giants never betrayed their friends, even when they faced death. They were always loyal to their companions. Even their strongest arcane skills were focused around offering and sacrificing themselves for others.

In the approaching final showdown, Professor Plum worried about Moss the most.

Suddenly, Professor Plum sensed something and his gaze turned sharp. Ayrin and the others also reacted and stopped their training.

“What happened?”

Many monsters in the demihuman camp felt uneasy. There was clearly a strange presence descending.

A black light formation suddenly manifested in a place not far away from Ayrin’s group.

Within the light formation was a ferocious panther that reflected black light.

The cautious Ayrin immediately wiped his sweat and shouted excitedly, “Black King, it’s you!”

The black panther was none other than the Black Moon Emperor they had been with for a period of time at the Fearotz Stronghold. It was the famous guardian god of the Mountain Dwarves during the Era of the War with Dragons.


The black panther growled unhappily in response to Ayrin’s excited shout. It was clearly because Ayrin kept saying bad things about it, planting a trauma in its heart.

What darkened its expression further was that after hearing its growl, Ayrin scratched his head and grumbled, “Looks like it’s still unfriendly. Will it bite me?”

“There are two secret letters. Ayrin, it’s passing the letters to you.” Chris’s curious voice came from behind. She saw the letter pouch the black panther carried on its back. There was a wax sealed letter. The letter was addressed to Ayrin.

“Who sent me a letter?”

Ayrin still looked worried that the black panther would bite. He carefully took the letter from the black panther’s back.

His behavior made the black panther feel even more humiliated. It growled deeply again and ignored him.

Ayrin quickly opened the envelope and skimmed through the content, then shouted, “It’s a letter from Teacher Liszt!”

“Ferguillo can now sense the Evil Dragon’s aura fluctuation? Just that he couldn’t confirm the exact location......”

Everyone immediately squeezed closer to read the letter. After seeing the first few sentences, their expressions immediately turned serious.

The news of Ferguillo risking his life to swap his arm and initiating a clean up in Eichemalar had already reached them. They also knew that Dimension Traveler Lenyu and Liszt’s team would be regrouping with Ferguillo. Once the Evil Dragon was going to break through the sixth arcane gate, Ferguillo would be able to clearly sense his location. Lenyu would bring Liszt’s group to the place first and create a void marker. Next, Professor Plum and Liszt’s team would cooperate to open a spatial passage, sending Ayrin’s group to the battlefield.

Hence, all of them were clear that the moment the Evil Dragon opened the sixth arcane gate, it would be the moment of the final showdown.

Now that Ferguillo could already sense the Evil Dragon’s aura fluctuation more frequently, it meant that the Evil Dragon had almost recovered back to the six-gate arcane level. He was already getting close to breaking through! It could happen any moment now!

This letter was to inform them to prepare for the final showdown!

“Fellemang personally went to assassinate Ivan’s group, but failed?......”

The group continued reading and immediately became nervous. They focused on Ayrin.

“Where did Old Ginns go?” Ayrin looked absentminded.

The second matter written on the letter was the information Ivan’s group delivered to Eichemalar.

After repeating Fellemang’s exact words to Liszt, they tried to contact Old Ginns, but could not find him.

“Everything has a limit, everything has two sides. There are usually similarities between powerful bloodlines. Extreme fury can also let the desire for destruction and devastation to surpass the limit......” Chris and Charlotte read out the content in the letter.

“Ayrin, what does that mean? Would extreme fury bring about some negative consequences?” Meraly looked at Ayrin, “Why else would Fellemang be trying to assassinate Ivan’s group in order to enrage you?”

“I don’t know.” Ayrin scratched his head. Other than the desire for destruction getting more intense when his fighting spirit was high, to the point he wanted to destroy everything in his sight, there had been no negative consequences so far.

Old Ginns should be the most knowledgeable about the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline. Why is he missing?

“No matter what, since Fellemang personally carried out this assassination attempt, we must be careful about it.” Chris spoke.

“It should be fine.” Ayrin scratched his head, “Fellemang did not succeed anyway. There’s not really anything that can enrage me. If he failed, he probably won’t make another move easily. He should also worry about us using them as bait to lure him out.”

“The enemies are so despicable.” Moss looked grim, according to the content of the letter, if not for Morgan, Ivan, Wilde and Nolan would have been killed.

“Looks like Audrey and Morgan have also improved. They could actually save Ivan’s group from Fellemang.” Ayrin looked excited. “Even if he has to start over, he will also become more powerful than before!”

“This guy always sees things differently from others......” Seeing the excited and fearless Ayrin, the others were speechless.


At that moment, the black panther let out a roar.

Ayrin jumped in fright. “Is it going to bite me?”

“Chris!” A cold voice shouted from outside the camp.

As the voice was transmitted, a cluster of black light appeared in the plain not far from the camp.

Within the black light, a beautiful and confident-looking female arcane master wearing black chainmail appeared.

“Light Devouring Valkyrie Black Jasmine!”

They instantly recognized the identity of the female arcane master.

“Is she here to challenge Chris?”

Ayrin was startled for a moment, but then realized the situation.

During the war at the Doa Royal Palace, Divana was unable to stop them from breaching the core area of the Doa Royal Palace. Light Devouring Valkyrie Black Jasmine also lost to Chris there.

When Black Jasmine admitted defeat and escaped, she vowed to return and defeat Chris.

Is she really coming back to challenge her now?

After realizing the situation, Ayrin immediately scratched his head and apologized to the black panther. “Sorry, Black King. Did you notice Black Jasmine because her arcane skill is a little similar to yours? I thought you were getting grumpy and wanted to bite me all of a sudden.”

The black panther’s expression turned so black it almost condensed into ink.

Who’s getting grumpy all of a sudden?

It’s you who has a screw loose in his head, always thinking I will bite you!


“Black Jasmine!”

Within a few breaths, Chris shot out like an arrow and landed outside the demihuman camp.

“I told you I will defeat you.” Black Jasmine looked at Chris, emphasizing every word.

Following behind Chris, Ayrin appeared next. He did not turn hostile towards Black Jasmine. Instead, he seemed excited and asked, “Has she officially opened six arcane gates? Is that why she’s challenging Chris?”

“Not yet.” Stingham answered.

“Then it must be because she has made a great advancement in some other area.” Ayrin’s expectation was getting greater.

After all, a duel was far more interesting when one side did not rely on their arcane level to overwhelm their opponent. Arcane level mainly depended on the time spent on training and bloodline.

Chris looked at Black Jasmine and spoke without getting arrogant, “I also told you I will be ready to fight you whenever.”During the war at the Doa Royal Palace, this genius female arcane master from the Kingdom of Doa was a little stronger than her.

“They still clearly remember the conversation? I almost forgot Black Jasmine......” Ayrin muttered.

The others were speechless, does he always like to ruin the mood?

Black Jasmine and Chris did not say anything else.

Waves of air currents flowed between them.

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