Chapter 656: Hand Blade and Thousand Storms Sword

Chapter 656: Hand Blade and Thousand Storms Sword


“Where are we?”

Wilde supported his body with difficulty and looked at the scenery up ahead.

There was a lake not far away, with an island in the middle. There were many rocks that looked like giant faces erected around the edge of the island.

Wilde instantly recognized this special. Morgan’s forbidden skill had actually brought them from the Central-Western region in the Kingdom of Eiche all the way to the Central region, near Thousand Face Island at the Twilight Drum Plain!

A bitter smile appeared on his face.

It was a miracle for them to escape from a legendary figure like Fellemang, but the price was heavy.

Morgan had burned away his dragon crystal to use that forbidden skill. His arcane gates had closed up. This was no different from abolishing his arcane level.

Morgan was a greater genius than Rinsyi as became evident at the national tournament. He was even close to transforming into a Dragon. However, in order to save them, he had to fall back to a newly awakened state.

“We should be at Twilight Drum Plain.” Audrey did not know that Wilde realized where they were as he asked his question. So, she answered the question and turned to look at them, “Why did Fellemang personally come to assassinate you?”

Ivan, Wilde and Nolan were gravely injured, intense pain numbing their bodies. However, the three of them did not rush with treating their bodies. Instead, they carefully recalled every word Fellemang spoke.

“It’s strange.” Ivan spoke, “Fellemang was openly talking with us. He said he came to assassinate us in order to enrage Ayrin. He also told us that everything has a limit, everything has two sides. There are usually similarities between powerful bloodlines. Extreme fury can also let the desire for destruction and devastation to surpass the limit.”

“Everything has a limit, everything has two sides...... There are usually similarities between powerful bloodlines. Extreme fury can also let the desire for destruction and devastation to surpass the limit?”

Morgan sat down. He slowly repeated those sentences and frowned.

“Could it be that once fury surpasses a certain threshold, Ayrin’s Epic Silver Dragon bloodline will have negative consequences?” Audrey also deeply frowned.

“Since it’s related to Ayrin, his teachers and himself should know it better than us.” Morgan raised his head after pondering for a while, “We just need to deliver this information to them as soon as possible. If there’s a problem, they should be able to find a solution.”


Audrey nodded. Morgan was not only the spiritual leader of their team, he was also a tactician. He would make the best judgement most of the time.

But if Ayrin’s Epic Silver Dragon bloodline contains a huge flaw...... This possibility caused her to worry.



Just as Audrey was beginning to worry about Ayrin, Ayrin shouted excitedly on an empty space in the demihuman camp, “Brave warrior Meraly, try pierce through this Dragon Blood Sun Shield! This is what Merlin picked out for you. Although it’s broken, its material is still decent!”

He was holding a broken golden rectangular shield.

The shield edge had two gashes. They seemed to be the work of some powerful force, but the shield itself was still relatively intact. Compared to some greatshields, this shield was not very large. It had the height of a person and width of one meter. However, its thickness was what stood out. It actually had a thickness of about one meter!

On its front side was a drawing carved of the sun, while the back side had patterns of crossing squares.

Meraly stood opposite Ayrin. Chris and the others were standing near them at the side.

After completely integrating Fenny’s Cursed Crown, they wanted to test how powerful Meraly’s Crystal Angel had become.

“What do you mean, still decent?”

“Ayrin you idiot, read more books!”

“The Dragon Blood Sun Shield is known as the masterpiece of artificers. It’s the most solid shield, comparable to a six-gate arcane master’s defensive forbidden skill. This shield is crafted from pure metal and blood from several types of Dragons is used in the process...... If this kind of material is only decent, there doesn’t exist any good material!”

Ayrin’s comment instantly caused a commotion.

“Ah? This broken shield is so impressive?”

Ayrin scratched his head embarrassedly.

“You still call it a broken shield?” The group wanted to faint.

The Dragon Blood Sun Shield previously belonged to House Gregory, one of the Nine Houses in the Kingdom of Eiche. More specifically, Gregory’s Dragonrider Gubbler wielded it. Gubbler died in the war at the Doa Royal Palace, so this shield was looted by the demihumans.

Throughout the entire Era of the War with Dragons, only three such shields were produced, and only Gubbler’s shield was passed down. The damages on this shield were sustained during the Era of the War with Dragons, and not after Gubbler obtained it.

“So impressive?”

Seeing the expressions of everyone, Ayrin laughed even more embarrassedly. Then, he became excited again, “Since this shield is so impressive, if Meraly can pierce it, there probably won’t be any arcane resistance layer or shield that can block her strikes, right?”

Can Meraly pierce through this shield?

Chris and the others were instantly filled with expectation.

A glint of excitement and expectation also flashed across Meraly’s eyes.

Taking a deep breath, she nodded towards Ayrin as a sign. Then, she let out a sharp howl and suddenly accelerated.


Crystal light surged out from her right hand, instantly becoming a long conical sting that reached over her arm, and struck the Dragon Blood Sun Shield Ayrin held.

Ayrin and Meraly both shook slightly at the impact. Then, they completely stopped moving.

Ayrin looked at the back of the shield in disbelief.

A crystal light was shining.

“It really pierced through......” Chris and the others opened their eyes wide in surprise.

A tip of the crystal sting went all the way through the shield.

Meraly was also startled.

“Brave warrior Meraly, your strike is just like Iron Forest Academy’s Hand Blade! Crystal wraps around your entire arm, and your arm becomes similar to a sword. However, no matter how powerful the Iron Forest Academy’s Hand Blade is, it doesn’t possess such a penetrative strength. This is incredible!” Ayrin cheered.

“Incredible!” The others returned to their senses after hearing Ayrin’s cheering and also cheered for Meraly.

“I wonder if it can pierce through the defensive layer of Stingham and me. My Reattachment plus Dragon Scale Absorption, together with my own arcane resistance layer. It should be similar to Stingham’s Lover’s Corpse.”

Ayrin shouted excitedly, “Brave warrior Meraly, try attacking me directly!”

“Attacking you directly?” Meraly was dumbfounded.

“You can try it.” Chris agreed with a serious expression.

Ayrin’s defensive strength was probably the best amongst the arcane masters they knew. Arcane resistance was different from the metal material. This attack could give them more feedback.

Ayrin seemed to see through Meraly’s concern and encouraged her, “It’s alright, you can attack my palm. Even if you succeed, it’s just a light injury. I can recover quickly.”

“Alright, I will try it.”

Recalling Ayrin’s astonishing recovery speed and his will that treated pain as nothing, Meraly finally made up her mind.


Her entire arm became a crystal sword again, stabbing towards Ayrin’s left palm.

Crack crack crack......

In that instant, Ayrin’s entire body was wrapped in a thick arcane resistance armor, making his palm look especially thick.


A trail of blood shot out.

She can really pierce through?

The group opened their eyes wide.


Ayrin’s arcane resistance armor instantly dissipated. His face did not show any pain as he looked at his palm in surprise instead.

There was an obvious sword hole in his palm.

In just a few seconds, the wound stopped bleeding and closed up.

“It didn’t completely pierce through.”

Ayrin was like a pervert studying the wound on somebody else. He excitedly analyzed, “But since you already pierced through the arcane resistance layer, this means your physical strength is still lacking, you don’t have sufficient charging force. Since you can even pierce through this level of arcane resistance, once you gain enough charging force, you can pierce through any arcane master’s body! You should also be able to pierce through the Evil Dragon’s body!”

“But the Evil Dragon’s body is Rinloran’s......” Stingham suddenly spoke.

“It’s fine. We just have to incapacitate the Evil Dragon. Rinloran is also a true brave warrior! He’ll be fine with some injuries on his body.” Ayrin took a glance at Stingham without minding it, then turned back to Meraly, “Meraly, your Crystal Angel can change shape freely now. In that case, it can also be used in defense and change into a shield, right?”

“Yes.” Meraly nodded.

The special property of the Cursed Crown allowed her to freely change the shape of the crystal substance. As long as she wished for it, she could even make the crystal cover her entire body. And she could sense that even if her crystal bones were shattered by a powerful force during battle, the special property would allow them to recover to their original shape, which was the skeletal structure plus a pair of crystal wings.

The only defect would be that the crystal did not provide sufficient buffering to her weak flesh and blood.

Otherwise, she would be similar to a mobile Cursed Crown.

“This is equivalent to gaining a powerful weapon against the Evil Dragon!”

Everyone was excited.

At that moment, Stingham wondered, “Rinloran’s Thousand Storms Sword...... If it clashes against Meraly’s Hand Blade, what would happen?”

Stingham really missed Rinloran.

Without someone scolding him all the time, he felt something was missing.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

In a certain mountain, the Evil Dragon’s body kept making humming sounds while getting soaked in a cluster of rotating silver light.


A beautiful sword flash suddenly appeared before him.


Another attack followed by another beautiful sword flash.

It seemed as if using such a sword skill once was not satisfying enough.

“Thousand Storms Sword, huh? I never thought that this trashy high elven body actually hid such a wonderful sword skill that even surprised me!”

The Evil Dragon laughed haughtily.


In the next moment, he roared angrily for some reason.

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