Chapter 655: Fellemang’s Assassination

Chapter 655: Fellemang’s Assassination


Night descended and dark clouds covered the starry sky. A cold wind blowing from the North became chilly.

Ivan and Wilde quietly concealed in the plains of Moth Port, covering themselves with withered grass.

Due to their bloodline and chance events, these two outstanding arcane masters born in St. Lauren could no longer catch up to Ayrin’s group. They might not even be able to participate in the final showdown against the Evil Dragon, and they could not play a role in determining the final outcome.

However, similar to many other righteous arcane masters, they were using their own methods to keep fighting.

Ever since the war at the Doa Royal Palace, the entire Kingdom of Doa became chaotic. Many territories in the Kingdom of Eiche also lost their lords. This resulted in a sudden increase in bandits in many regions.

Moth Port, located at the connecting junction between the Central and Western region of the Kingdom of Eiche, was one of the regions bandits were most active in.

Ivan and Wilde, along with many other young arcane masters and Corps arcane masters, were fighting against these bandits.

No matter what kind of enemies they faced, an arcane master’s responsibility and meaning was to protect.

They had to fight courageously and defeat the enemies.



Grey moths the size of bats flew up in the plains.

The concealed Ivan and Wilde immediately tensed up.

There was clearly an arcane master approaching.

There were only two possibilities for alerting the grey moths. One was a weak and reckless arcane team; the other was an extremely powerful opponent that did not mind getting discovered.

A patch of the darkest dark suddenly shrouded Ivan and Wilde.

A figure appeared within the dense plain fog.

“Ivan, Wilde?”

The other party held a scroll. He spoke in a gentle tone as if to confirm something.

Ivan and Wilde held their breath. Their skin felt sharp pain as if needles were pricking them. A shocked feeling uncontrollably welled up in their hearts.

The other party did not release a powerful arcane energy fluctuation. However, they could already feel an overwhelming pressure.

He was clearly an extremely terrifying arcane master!

Ivan and Wilde kept silent, terrified. As the other party approached closer, they could vaguely see two wings on their back.

Ivan suppressed his shock and asked, “Who are you?”

“Physique and arcane properties match. Looks like I’m right.” The stranger elegantly spoke to himself. He then politely answered, “My name is Fellemang.”


Ivan and Wilde trembled.

They were certain they did not hear wrongly. A bitter smile appeared on their faces.

It was a legendary name, the captain of the Evil Dragon’s Evil Spirit Servants.

Wilde took a deep breath, then asked, “Why is someone like you personally coming to kill us?”

Wilde, an outstanding student from the Iron Forest Academy, idolized Ferguillo and as such did not speak much. However, after knowing the identity of the other party, he simply wanted to know the reason as fear would not be of any use.

“Simple. Because you are Ayrin’s friends.” Fellemang answered with a smile, like a real gentleman.

“So what? Wasting time?” Wilde revealed a mocking grin.

Ivan also snorted.

To him and Wilde, Fellemang coming to assassinate them was a total waste of time. If he and Wilde’s lives were able to make Fellemang waste so much time, they were worth it.

“I don’t see the fear of death from your eyes. You are opponents worthy of respect.” Fellemang quietly looked at Ivan and Wilde and smiled, “You are of no threat of course. However, your death will make Ayrin furious.”

“I don’t get it.” Seeing Fellemang not in a hurry to kill them, Wilde spoke in a serious tone, “What benefit will you gain? The more furious Ayrin gets, the stronger he becomes, right?”

“Everything has a limit. Everything has two sides.”

Fellemany smiled, “There are usually similarities between powerful bloodlines...... Extreme fury can also let the desire for destruction and devastation to surpass the limit.”

Wilde and Ivan were startled, “What do you mean?”

Fellemang shook his head with a smile on his face, “I have already given sufficient explanation out of respect towards a worthy opponent. Now, it’s time for me to kill you.”


Just as he shook his head, a black halo appeared behind his head. At the same time, a transparent wave instantly spread out in the sky and swept towards Wilde and Ivan.


Wilde and Ivan were astonished, but not surprised.

Their bodies instantly stiffened. They couldn’t even move a finger!

Facing a legendary existence like Fellemang, they would not even have a chance to counterattack. They could not even let arcane particles flow out of their bodies.

Fellemang was still smiling elegantly.

Two chilling threads seemed to have surged out from his eyes, spreading along the transparent waves and almost cutting Wilde and Ivan.


A loud explosion rang out. Countless blue waves crashed down.

A piece of ocean suddenly fell down from above Wilde and Ivan. Endless waves crashed onto the transparent waves that bound Wilde and Ivan.

Fellemang’s expression did not change. He did not appear to be surprised and did not even exert any extra force.

The two chilling threads continued stretching forward.


The waves shattered.

Three figures were blasted back, spitting out blood.

A metal seahorse statue stood at the spot in front of where Wilde and Ivan stood a moment ago, releasing a mysterious black metal-colored arcane power. However, that quickly changed. The seahorse statue that was clearly a powerful defensive artifact suddenly shattered into countless metal fragments.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Three figures crashed into the ground and coughed out blood.

“Nolan, Silver Trout Academy Team Captain, House Tyrell’s genius arcane master. Looks like my intel is right. You are also with Ivan and Wilde.” Fellemang smiled towards the third person, “And you should also be Ayrin’s friend. You have fought alongside him more than once.”

“Why did you come out?”

Ivan’s ribs were completely shattered. He endured the pain and stared at Nolan angrily.

“He is really strong. I used a powerful artifact like the Metal Seahorse Swarm, yet I can’t stop even one attack.”

The one falling along with Ivan and Wilde was Nolan. His arcane robe was stained with blood. He smiled bitterly, “I also wanted to leave you two behind and escape, but I realized I couldn’t...... With that guy’s strength, he should have already discovered me. I probably can’t escape anyway. So you don’t have to get angry.”

Wilde coughed out blood while saying, “You’re really talkative, but dying along with you two doesn’t feel bad.”

His ribs had shattered completely. However, he slowly got up.

Two blades flowed out from his hands.

The blades were thin and long. They were his blue wasp swords.

Facing an opponent like Fellemang, his swords would not pose any threat.

However, it was an attitude, the faith of fighting to the death.

“There are more coming to die? Looks like there are many guests here today.”

Fellemang looked at Wilde, then smiled towards the side.

There are more coming?

Who else is nearby?

Ivan and Nolan were stunned. They turned their head with some difficulty and saw two figures, one tall and one short, dashing towards them from the darkness.

Ivan’s stunned gaze turned complicated.

Coincidentally, those two were also acquaintances.

A handsome man and a petite, cool woman.

They were Morgan and Audrey from the Dragon Breath Academy.

Ivan, Wilde and Nolan did not know Morgan and Audrey were also here. If they met during normal times, they might come together and sit down to chat about recent events.

However, Ivan only shouted towards the two loudly, “You two idiots!”

“What an unexpected harvest.” Fellemang kept his elegant smile.

Morgan stood in front of Ivan’s group and quietly told Audrey, “Let’s begin.”

Audrey nodded silently and became solemn.


The space before her suddenly trembled.

A mysterious sound came from within her body, as if her soul was chanting.

Countless ice crystals manifested in the air, levitating between her and Fellemang.

Facing the chilling ice crystals, Fellemang merely spoke a word while smiling, “Shatter!”


The ice crystals shattered. The shards were twisted by a powerful force and turned into a huge ice blade in the air, then changed direction towards Audrey and the others.

The arcane energy fluctuation around Audrey rapidly dissipated.

The attack just now completely exhausted her arcane particles, but she did not bat an eye towards the approaching ice blade.

She knew she was no match for Fellemang. She attacked only to stall him for an instant.


Endless crimson flames surged out from Morgan.

The flames seemed to be alive and contained a boundless dragon breath.


The flames became a long tail in the air.

“This is?”

Ivan’s group opened their eyes wide in shock.

They did not feel any heat. They only felt getting swallowed into a spatial passage.


The flame tail instantly disappeared. Only the dragon breath lingered around.

The huge ice blade cut a several meters long gash in the ground before shattering into countless ice shards.

Audrey, Morgan and the others had disappeared before Fellemang.

It was clearly a failed assassination. Especially to an arcane master at Fellemang’s level, such failure could be said to be a huge shame.

However, seeing the empty space before him, Fellemang’s handsome face did not show any negative emotion. A trace of excitement and anticipation flashed across his eyes instead.


Thump! Thump! Thump!

Within the darkness, Ivan and the others crashed down from the spatial passage.

Blood flowed out from Ivan’s mouth.

“Morgan...... You...... you actually......” Ivan shouted out the first thing that came to mind without even knowing where he landed. However, due to his injuries, he could not finish a complete sentence.

Before Ivan, the wobbling Morgan looked extremely feeble. However, Morgan coughed and spoke happily, “It’s fine. I only managed to activate this forbidden skill by completely burning away my dragon crystal...... However, I managed to prevent watching you three die before me...... As for my arcane level...... it can be regained.”

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