Chapter 654: The Past Warriors Could Not Be Proud

Chapter 654: The Past Warriors Could Not Be Proud


“Brave Warrior Meraly, it’s up to you now!” Ayrin shouted out without slowing down. His fists kept grazing the Cursed Crown.

“Crystal Angel!”

Meraly also sensed a tiny crystal particle flying out. A dazzling light glowed from her eyes and she moved towards the crystal particle.

Before today, she still felt a little inferior. She was worried that others would look at her strangely because of the crystal wings growing from her back. However, right now, seeing the desperate Ayrin working hard despite his blood boiling and the completely changed Stingham, she no longer had any such thoughts.

Everyone is giving it their all.

Since they can even risk their lives, there’s no point worrying about the crystal wings growing on my back!

Meraly stretched out her hand and held the tiny crystal particle in her palm.

The arcane power from Crystal Angel instantly absorbed it into her body.


It was just one speck, one tiny crystal particle. However, the instant she absorbed it, her entire body felt as if it were getting smashed by a huge object. She trembled violently.

“Ah!” Meraly cried out in pain.

The arcane power of Crystal Angel completely melted the crystal particle. However, once the melted crystal current flowed inside her body, it felt like countless tiny crystal daggers wedging into her bones!

Those ‘crystal daggers’ were trying to regroup and return into that crystal particle. It was trying to return to the crown! This was why it felt as if the ‘crystal daggers’ were slicing her bones and cutting her flesh.

However, Meraly did not give up. After crying out in pain, she screamed out like Ayrin, “Get integrated!”


A crystal hue surged out from her body. It seemed like crystal dust seeping out from her pores.

Her bones desperately confined and integrated the melted crystal particle.

The crystal dust was the product from the friction between her bones and the Cursed Crown crystal particle.

It was an unimaginable pain.

Meraly’s body convulsed and shriveled up.

However, at that moment, two hands suddenly held Meraly’s hands.

They were Belo’s.

Due to the intense pain, Meraly’s nails dug deeply into his palms.

However, Belo did not even bat an eye.

This was my suggestion, so I will share the pain with you.

It seemed Meraly could feel this thought of Belo.

She did not release Belo’s hands and instead screamed in her heart, “Get integrated!”


Bone shattering sounds came from her body. Sounds of heavy objects falling also came out at the same time.

“Did it work?”

Moss and the others were sweating from nervousness. Their muscles were cramped from tensing up too much. When they heard the sounds, their eyes opened wide.

Every tiny part of the crystal particle in Meraly’s body had been fixated. They became liquefied and seeped into her bones.

Meraly’s face twisted in pain just like Ayrin, but she screamed out, “Again!”

“Again!” Ayrin also screamed at the same time.

Under the continuous attack by him and Stingham, more and more crystal particles flew out from the Cursed Crown.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The crystal particles entered Meraly’s body one after another. When each particle seeped into her body, a loud thumping sound could be heard, just like a huge boulder dropping into a calm lake.

“They...... really......”

Auroses’s face turned pale.

The scene before him had wiped away the last trace of pride deep in his heart.

During the majestic Era of the War with Dragons...... Those legendary arcane masters were unable to destroy this Cursed Crown. However, these youths who are much weaker than those legendary figures are actually doing it!

In front of them, what’s there to be proud of?

“It worked?” Ayrin shouted excitedly, “Brave warrior Stingham, we can slow down a little!”

The Cursed Crown had exceeded its material endurance critical point under the constant attacks by Ayrin and Stingham.

Even if they slowed down their attacks a little, it would only be a matter of time before the crown completely shattered.

Meraly was drenched in sweat. However, she slowly stood upright. She gritted her teeth and slowly replied to Ayrin’s concern, “It’s fine...... I can hold on......”

A different flame lit in Jean Camus’s eyes.

“Meraly, my judgement was right about you.” He evaluated in his mind while walking towards her.

“I will help.” He spoke. Then, a unique aura spread out from him.

Crystal particles flew past him without any hindrance.

However, the instant they passed by him, most of the arcane power contained within the particles was neutralized, only leaving the crystal material behind.

“It’s really effective!” Moss and the others almost cheered loudly.

“Ayrin destroys and absorbs a portion of the arcane power, Jean Camus neutralizes another portion! The burden Meraly has to bear is minimized!”

They saw Meraly’s pained expression clearly lessen, and her integration speed also became faster.

Her brain which was overwhelmed by pain to the point of numbness also got a little clearer, as did her vision.

The figure of Ayrin and Stingham, the cheering from Moss, Chris and the others, they entered her eyes.

Deep gratitude began filling her heart.

It’s because of you people that I have become so brave.

Without your courageous examples, I wouldn’t have become a brave warrior like today.


The Cursed Crown was becoming smaller and smaller, while Meraly felt herself getting stronger and stronger.

Each bone in her body became crystal clear, hard and strong. Each crystal particle seeping into her body could no longer fight back. They obediently settled down.

It’s almost there...... Meraly muttered to herself in her mind.

Then, she stretched out her hands towards the half destroyed Cursed Crown.


Her action startled everyone.

Before they understood what she was doing, her hands already touched the extremely heated up Cursed Crown.

The skin on her hands turned charred.

However, a layer of crystal hue instantly appeared on her hands.

Crystal-like bone spurs extended from her hands.


Everyone held their breath.

The Cursed Crown was stabbed through by the bone spurs, then completely shattered when she gripped and tore it apart!


Moss opened his mouth wide and drew a sharp breath.

“After integrating the Cursed Crown...... Meraly’s Crystal Angel...... has become so powerful!”

Chris’s gaze was filled with admiration.

Although the arcane structure of the Crystal Crown was almost destroyed, the crown itself was made from a Crystal Dragon’s dragon crystal, Restoration Crystal, Memory Crystal and many other types of crystals. It was hard beyond comparison.

The crystal spikes Meraly could produce had already become so powerful it could pierce the Cursed Crown!

Even though Meraly’s arcane level was low compared to the others, not many could oppose her Crystal Angel that had reached such a level!

Ayrin also stopped and shouted with astonishment, “Incredible! There won’t be any armor or shield that can block your attacks now, Meraly!”

“Incredible......” Stingham also stopped. His Green Dragon Spear had reddened from the heat, causing his hands to release smoke as he held it.

He flicked his hair out of habit, but did not shout ‘I’m the most handsome!’. He looked at Meraly who was absorbing and integrating the last portion of the Cursed Crown, and spoke with a worried tone, “I wonder, after the Cursed Crown has been completely integrated by Meraly, will it reassemble in her body...... Meraly won’t turn into a crown, right?”


Everyone became speechless.

Although Stingham’s personality has changed after Shanna’s death, he is still such an idiot......

The arcane structure has been completely destroyed. The crystal has also been converted, how is it going to become a crown again?

“Meraly, how do you feel?”

Chris and Charlotte were also a little worried. They were afraid Stingham would jinx her like before.

Meraly absorbed the last bit of the Cursed Crown. At that moment, a mysterious flame flashed across her eyes, and her body jerked a little.


She did not answer Chris and Charlotte’s question. The air behind her shook lightly as her crystal wings suddenly stretched out.


Sparkling stars instantly filled the eyes of Chris and Charlotte.

Meraly’s crystal wings had completely changed shape. They looked perfect and dazzled brightly!


The wings suddenly contracted and disappeared.

“You can control it now?”

Chris was mesmerized.


Meraly felt excited.

The moment she integrated all the crystal particles of the Cursed Crown, she could feel a mysterious power maintaining the fixed shape of her bones. It allowed her to maintain the state of having two wings. However, the crystal-like bones seemed to be able to flow like water. She could freely change the hardness of her bones with her mind and control their shape.

“Now, I will look beautiful with or without wings!” was what Meraly thought.

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