Chapter 653: Stingham’s Use

Chapter 653: Stingham’s Use


“Something like this can actually happen......”

The Master of House Baratheon was filled with disbelief.

It was as if he were looking at someone else’s change and not his own.

Because even he could not believe what happened to him was real.

He breathed deeply. A never felt before sense of power flowed out from that new dragon crystal, as if magma was flowing in his body.

His eyes began to reveal a joyous emotion.

Next, he raised his head to look at the escaping Jeriya and the little monster. He did not choose to pursue them and instead mumbled to himself, “Something like this can actually happen.”

Crack crack crack......

Popping sound came from the bones in his body.

A never felt before sense of power appeared in his expression.

This was his new life! One that would completely change him.

His gaze fell onto the rubble of the Iron Elephant Stronghold.


He arrived at the top of the rubble in an instant.

A huge swirl of wind appeared next to him.

Stones and soil were sucked in and became an earth dragon.

As the powerful pulling force continued, the underground river was also pulled up. The two Dragon corpses appeared before the Master of House Baratheon within the water.

They were a yellow Dragon and red Dragon.

“I see......”

Relief and rejoice appeared in his gaze.

In the next instant, an unimaginable glow manifested in his eyes.

He saw a powerful red flash within the red Dragon’s corpse.

It was a dragon crystal! A similarly powerful dragon crystal!



Back at the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold, the demihuman main warehouse. Ayrin was curiously looking at two objects Merlin had worked on.

“Merlin, can we really use it like this?”

One of them was a crown similar to Fenny’s Cursed Crown. It was an identical physical replica.

The other object looked like a crystal spinning top. However, the interior was hollowed out. It was quietly spinning before Ayrin, colorful light rays emitting from its interior and becoming a colorful light film.

“Impressive! This is the Aura Fixation Spinning Top.” Professor Plum spoke.

Although his expression and tone were mundane, they could not hide his praise.

Ayrin immediately turned to ask Professor Plum, “What kind of artifact is the Aura Fixation Spinning Top?”

“A device that can completely imitate the aura of any chosen artifact. In the beginning, it was used as an ambush tactic. Setting up an ambush in the enemy’s path beforehand and using this device to camouflage it. This will make the enemy unable to sense the change in aura along the path.”

Professor Plum looked at the crown that looked exactly the same as Fenny’s Cursed Crown, “If I’m not wrong, that crown should have an aura replication device. By using these two devices, the Evil Dragon should not be able to sense anything wrong while you’re attempting to destroy the Cursed Crown. Not even the loss of aura in this crown.”


Ayrin opened his eyes wide. He looked at the physical replica of the crown, “Other than the aura replication device, Merlin must have added something into the crown. This is like a combination of several artifacts!”

Professor Plum narrowed his eyes and emphasized, “More importantly...... It’s made to the extent that even the Evil Dragon cannot sense the difference.”

Combining several artifacts into one object was not difficult to an expert artificer. Especially when the demihuman army almost swept clean the entire Doa Royal Palace, providing sufficient rare materials.

What was the most difficult was to deceive the Evil Dragon’s senses.

This meant that they not only had to produce it, they had to make it into an antique that could deceive the eyes of the best antique merchant in the entire Doraster Continent.

Belo raised his brows slightly and spoke, “Let’s begin.”

The Cursed Crown was like a destructive weapon that could explode at any moment to them.

If they did not destroy it completely, there would always be a possibility that the Evil Dragon would snatch it.

And with it, the Evil Dragon would really become invincible.

“Then I will start!” Ayrin shouted.


Waves of silver aura surged out from underneath his feet.

Without any warming up, his body was instantly filled with the urge for destruction. His every cell was rampaging.

In his past battles, he already felt an urge to destroy everything on the battlefield. Now, what more could excite him than destroying the most important treasure of the Evil Dragon?

Boom! Boom!

Two terrifying humming sounds rang out almost simultaneously.

In an instant, two afterimages of Ayrin appeared smashing down on the Cursed Crown.

He unleashed a full power punch on one side of the Cursed Crown. Before the Cursed Crown could be blasted away, he already appeared on the other side and stopped the Cursed Crown with another punch.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Terrifying humming sounds kept ringing out. Waves of shockwaves continuously spread out.

By using this method, Ayrin did not need others to help fix the crown in place. He constantly used his physical strength to crush the crown.

“What a solid Crystal Dragon structure...... Even Ayrin......”

Everyone’s gaze froze.

The power Ayrin unleashed could blast a mountain into dust! However, the Cursed Crown only kept trembling and did not even change its shape!

“Damn! This still isn’t enough?”

Ayrin’s eyes were filled with astonishment.

However, he did not want to admit defeat. An instinct strongly manifested in his mind.

I can only do that!


He suddenly jumped up and appeared above the Cursed Crown.


Then, he appeared below the Cursed Crown.

What was different was that a trail of sparks appeared on the surface of the Cursed Crown.

“He...... he turned his fist into a file!”

Nobody could follow Ayrin’s actions. However, when the trail of sparks lit up on the Cursed Crown, they realized what happened.

Ayrin used his fist to graze past the Cursed Crown’s surface from top to bottom, then from bottom to top.

It was no longer pure hammering, he was grazing it!

Pzzt! Pzzt!

Trails of sparks kept appearing on the surface of the Cursed Crown.

The rumbling sounds of lightning even came from the intense grazing!

A scaly light glowed on Ayrin’s body. A thin arcane resistance layer constantly glowed between his fist and the Cursed Crown.

The arcane resistance layer looked like the Epic Silver Dragon’s dragon scale scratching the Cursed Crown under the pressure.

“Can his fist endure this kind of grazing?” Moss exclaimed in shock.

He could see Ayrin’s fist getting grazed by his own arcane resistance layer, blood flowing out within the arcane resistance layer.

However, Ayrin did not slow down at all!

Streaks of real flames appeared between his fist and the Cursed Crown.

Under the constant grazing by the Epic Silver Dragon’s arcane resistance layer, the Cursed Crown’s surface temperature was constantly rising.

The hard surface started to show a sign of softening.

“Damn it! It still doesn’t work!” Ayrin suddenly roared.

His expression became twisted. It was not just the pain from the friction on his flesh. The temperature on his fist was also transported by his blood to the rest of his body. The rapidly circulating blood in his body was cooling his fist down. However, the rising temperature still caused his blood to almost boil.

Even if he did not want to admit defeat, his instinct told him that even if he grazed his fist all the way to his bone, it would not let the Cursed Crown reach the critical point of destruction.

“Even this doesn’t work?”

Jean Camus and Belo frowned deeply. They could clearly sense Ayrin had reached his limit.

“Ayrin...... Let...... Let me try helping you.”

Everyone was startled. That was Stingham’s voice!

Pzzt...... Pzzt......

Before they could react, even more intense sparks appeared on the Cursed Crown’s surface.

The new trails of sparks were caused by two streaks of green flames grazing it.


Everyone held their breath, their eyes filled with disbelief.

The graze clearly came from the Green Dragon Spear. More importantly, it did not affect Ayrin’s attack at all.

Each time Ayrin’s fist grazed past the Cursed Crown, there would be a minute interval which Stingham would use to attack with his Green Dragon Spear.

It looked like Ayrin’s fist and Stingham’s Green Dragon Spear grazed past the Cursed Crown without any pause, and at the same spot!

Stingham has already become so accurate?

What did he do in this period of time?

“Ayrin...... am I accurate?” Stingham asked with a low volume.

“Brave warrior Stingham, good job!”

Ayrin’s excited roar blasted everyone’s eardrum.

His organs suffered intense pain as if they were being grilled, but he was feeling elated!

He could sense a tiny crystal dust particle breaking off from the Cursed Crown!

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