Chapter 652: The Reborn Ambitionist

Chapter 652: The Reborn Ambitionist



The Master of House Baratheon crashed into the ground. The land tremored uneasily. Explosions rang out from the forests and valleys. The entire Iron Elephant Stronghold cracked, as if it was about to collapse.

In the center of the explosion was a deep crater. Here, the Master of House Baratheon lay, his eyes filled with astonishment and sorrow.

Every Master of House Baratheon was arrogant and proud.

An arrogance and pride that far surpassed Auroses’s. Because every arcane master in House Baratheon would undergo cruel trials as they grew up. In order to guarantee the inheritance of the powerful bloodline, only the strongest members of the House could survive.

Even as he lamented at the top of the Iron Elephant Stronghold, he previously only considered the Evil Dragon and Ayrin to be above him in the entire Doraster Continent.

However, right now, Jeriya and that little monster stood above him as well!


The flaring emotions and wounds suffered from Jeriya caused the Master of House Baratheon to spit out another mouthful of blood.

The blood was black, shining black crystal light.


At that moment, a deadly presence approached. Jeriya passed through the thick dust cloud caused by the explosion and appeared right above him.

Seeing Jeriya descending before him, he questioned in a painful and confused tone, “How can this be?” He seemed to be asking this question not only to Jeriya, but also to himself.

“I saw through your ambition. You aren’t willing to cooperate with either side. It’s because of your House Baratheon, or rather you...... What you want is to have the Evil Dragon and Epic Silver Dragon bloodline disappear. Then, you can dominate the Doraster Continent.”

Jeriya calmly looked at the Master of House Baratheon, “It’s a pity. I have told you before, any ambition requires the strength to back it up...... You have the ambition and desire to dominate the Dragons, but your strength is far lacking. You cannot even defeat me who only obtained only a portion of the Evil Dragon’s forbidden skills, how are you going to fight against true rulers?”

“Even my son will soon surpass you.”

Jeriya paused for a moment, then looked at the Master of House Baratheon with a pitying gaze, “If you want to survive, your only choice is to become a loyal servant like Fellemang.”

Black-colored blood began flowing out from the wounds on the Master of House Baratheon. His cheek sunk in. He appeared exhausted and even a little absentminded.

However, resolution emitted from his body.

“Even if I cannot become the true ruler of this continent, dying in this process to vie for the position would make others recognize me as one of the candidates. I will be able to maintain the pride and glory of Baratheon. If I submit to the Evil Dragon, regardless of how much power I gain, I will only go down in history as a dog under the Evil Dragon.”

“So, I will choose to die on the battlefield.”

The Master of House Baratheon closed his eyes.

He breathed out a yellowish dragon crystal. Cracks spread across its surface.

Streaks of destructive flames spewed out from the dragon crystal.


The air above the Master of House Baratheon exploded.

Jeriya retreated rapidly while wrapping herself in black crystal light. Seven shades of black formed a black rainbow in front of her.

Her expression was stern.

She could not deny the Master of House Baratheon’s power. Although he lost in the battle between forbidden skills, the dragon crystal of existences like him had accumulated power over countless years. The explosion of such a dragon crystal was not something she could defend against.


A muffled explosion rang out in the forests and valleys around the Iron Elephant Stronghold.

A shockwave constantly expanded like an inflating bubble, shrouding the surroundings.

Countless cracks appeared on the Iron Elephant Stronghold. Huge boulders weighing over a ton fell off. The entire Iron Elephant Stronghold began collapsing.

The huge shockwave, destructive dragon breath and flames reached all the way deep underground.

Deep beneath the Iron Elephant Stronghold, there was a cluster of frozen mass. Even the rapid flowing underground river scattered after hitting this mass.

When the destructive dragon breath and flames reached this mass, the underground river boiled, making terrifying bubbling sounds.

At the center of the frozen mass, there were two huge Dragon corpses.

One was yellow, the other was red.

The dragon claws of the two corpses dug deeply into each other’s body, grabbing each other’s dragon crystal.

If anybody could witness this scene, they would naturally deduce that those two Dragons dealt a fatal blow to each other in an intense battle long ago and fell together.


When the destructive dragon breath and flames seeped into the center of the frozen mass, the dragon crystal in the yellow Dragon suddenly glowed as if it awakened.

It sensed the deadly danger the Master of House Baratheon was facing. So, it began to burn rapidly and rose up.

The power of the dragon breath of this dragon crystal that had slept for an unknown amount of years far surpassed the dragon crystal of the Master of House Baratheon.


The entire Iron Elephant Stronghold bulged up due to the powerful force coming from deep underground. A fountain of rocks spewed out of the ground.


The few surviving Baratheon arcane masters, as well as Nissen and Jeriya were shocked by the unexpected turn of events.


A yellowish streak of light charged out from the rumbling earth.


Nissen, who had killed several Baratheon arcane masters, opened his greedy and bloodthirsty eyes wide.

His physique was different from arcane masters. He could clearly see it was a dragon crystal.

His instinctive desire to eat it caused him to cheer. Then, he charged directly towards the dragon crystal.

Before anyone could react, he jumped up and appeared before the dragon crystal. He grabbed towards the dragon crystal.

Greedy Evil Dragon particles swirled between his fingers, swarming towards the dragon crystal.


The dragon breath on the surface of the dragon crystal was not devoured, but became a thin air current layer due to its power.

Nissen’s childish yet greedy expression suddenly turned to horror.

A sharp scream came from his throat, “Ah!”


In the next instant, the bones in his hand completely shattered. His entire wrist and fingers were twisted in strange directions. He was repelled by the powerful force.

Everyone became astonished.

The Baratheon arcane masters had no idea how this dragon crystal suddenly appeared here. Not to mention how it possessed such great power that just its dragon breath flowing out from the surface directly repelled Nissen.

At that moment, the Master of House Baratheon was on the verge of death. His consciousness and body were crumbling. The sudden loss of his dragon crystal, in addition to the shockwave from the destruction of the dragon crystal, caused his body to almost shatter into countless pieces.

He was completely unaware of the dragon crystal that came from deep underground.


He did not see that after repelling Nissen, the dragon crystal unleashed an even greater power and unleashed a long yellowish tornado.

The dragon crystal spun rapidly within the tornado and descended right above him.


Another explosion rang out.

The dragon crystal fell on the Master of Baratheon’s body.

The moment its tip touched the Master of Baratheon’s skin, a yellowish shockwave spread out within his body.

The powerful force directly restrained the shattering body.


The dragon crystal dove into his body.

The Master of House Baratheon regained consciousness.

He was first startled, then quickly became elated.

His gaze turned towards the dragon crystal entering his body on his chest.


The space in front of him became black again.

The dark night shrouded the yellowish dragon crystal.

Jeriya appeared before him with a stern expression.

Two black crystal dragons swarmed out from her hands. The dragon mouth bit the yellowish dragon crystal, seemingly attempting to pull it out.


However, the dragon crystal forcefully sank into the Master of House Baratheon’s body, while the two black crystal dragons completely shattered.


Jeriya spat out a mouthful of blood.


Without any pause, black light flashed and Jeriya caught the falling Nissen, a black light ray shooting through the sky.

She was filled with disbelief and astonishment.

Originally, the Master of House Baratheon would die if he did not submit himself to her. However, her assassination caused a totally unexpected result.

What kind of monster would the Master of House Baratheon become due to the dragon crystal that suddenly appeared? She could not imagine. However, she was certain that if she did not leave right now, she and her son would be killed.


The Master of House Baratheon breathed deeply, as if gaining a new life.

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