Chapter 651: Final Clean Up

Chapter 651: Final Clean Up


The setting sun was about to fall below the horizon. Darkness was descending upon the land. The Master of House Baratheon stood at the top of the Iron Elephant Stronghold and surveyed the territory before his eyes. Self mockery revealed itself in his gaze.

The Iron Elephant Stronghold originally belonged to the Lannister Family. This territory was originally the foundation of House Baratheon and the Lannister Family. House Baratheon and the Lannister Family had fought over this ancestral land for many years.

In order to obtain and protect this territory, they had paid an unimaginable price in the dark.

After the war at the Doa Royal Palace, the Lannister Family had almost completely died out. This ancestral land was finally in House Baratheon’s hands. However, the Master of House Baratheon did not feel proud or excited at all.

Over centuries of conflicts and many powerful arcane masters in the Nine Houses of the Kingdom of Eiche, nothing could compare to Angil’s conspiracy.

The Master of House Baratheon was certain that if Ayrin’s group did not suddenly join the fray, he would have failed to escape the battlefield. House Baratheon might very well be exterminated as well.

Angil was just a pawn the Evil Dragon placed in the Kingdom of Eiche.

This really seemed to be a form of sorrow.

The Storm Dragon bloodline of House Baratheon was so powerful every generation that they could antagonize anybody, yet they were not the peak existences. The Evil Dragon and Epic Silver Dragon bloodline remained a step above them.

Not the peak existence...... Second, third, fourth...... There did not seem to be much difference having more land or less.

The last glow of the sunset disappeared in the Master of House Baratheon’s lament. Darkness descended, shrouding him and the entire Iron Elephant Stronghold inside.


“Since you have arrived here without getting detected by all those arcane teams, you should be a formidable entity...... Since you’re here anyway, don’t just sit there and hide.”

The Master of House Baratheon suddenly turned around slowly. His yellowish pupils glowed in darkness.

Sonic booms suddenly rang out in the sky. A storm was brewing.

On the plaza of the Iron Elephant Stronghold next to the cliff, two figures walked out from the shade of the huge iron elephant statue. One was tall, the other short.

The black-robed Jeriya appeared more elegant and confident. Ever since becoming the Evil Dragon’s queen, her original creepy and violent presence had mostly faded away, replaced by a motherly radiance. That radiance made her gain a true majestic aura.

Especially when her son, Nissen, was next to her to bring that aura out.

Compared to several days ago, Nissen had already grown to the size of a child about seven to eight years old.

His white skin faintly glowed grey, the bloodthirstiness and greediness in his pupils increasingly intense.

Nissen could sense the life force of the Master of House Baratheon was several times more vibrant than those of the arcane masters he devoured before. His greed and desire reflected even more clearly in his hungry gaze.

That gaze even caused the Master of House Baratheon to feel a chill. He deeply furrowed his stern brows.

He looked at Jeriya and coldly asked, “What’s this thing?”

“We can discuss other matters first.” Jeriya put her hand on Nissen’s shoulder. Nissen instantly held back his greedy gaze.

“Discuss what?” The Master of House Baratheon revealed a smirk.

The cold mountain gust rattled his arcane robe, making his figure seem greater.

“There are countless arcane masters preparing for battle. However, amongst them, you are one of a handful that can determine the eventual fate of the Doraster Continent.”

Jeriya looked at the Master of House Baratheon and sincerely spoke, “Especially in the current situation, there aren’t many like you.”

“So, your intention for coming here is to either persuade me to join you or assassinate me?” The Master of House Baratheon did not find it unexpected. His smirk became wider, “Perhaps you don’t understand me. Do you think there is any possibility of me joining your side?”

Jeriya looked at the Master of House Baratheon and slowly shook her head, “Looks like I underestimated your ambition. However, you need the power to match your ambition.”

“Where is the Evil Dragon? He’s afraid of Ayrin and hid somewhere, then sent you out to assassinate those who could become a threat to him?”

The Master of House Baratheon snorted, “Do you think you can kill me in Baratheon’s territory with just you alone?”


A loud noise rang out in the sky.

Two huge yellow eyes of the storm took shape.

Terrifying gales turned into wind blades and a large volume of blue sea water swarmed out. The storm seemed to transport two pieces of the ocean all the way here.

However, what reached Jeriya was not the forbidden skill used by the Master of House Baratheon. They were three powerful domains.

At least over ten arcane masters appeared on the edge of the plaza the moment the Master of House Baratheon used the forbidden skill.

Countless green wind currents instantly filled the entire plaza. Flames burned within the green wind currents.

Even more intense wind currents swarmed into the flames, intensifying them. The flames became rampaging fire dragons and shot towards Jeriya.

Before Jeriya took any action, Nissen howled out excitedly, “Mother, let me!”


He shifted to Jeriya’s front and grasped out with his two hands. A creepy and terrifying power suddenly spread out in the plaza.

The air seemed to have been stuffed with an intangible huge whale.


The fire dragons approaching Jeriya shattered.


The storm and two pieces of ocean in the sky descended.

A mysterious Draconic incantation flowed out from Jeriya’s mouth.

A black crystal light spread out above her head, becoming a huge mirror.

The storm and ocean flowed past the edges of the mirror. There was no big impact at all.

“What is that thing?”

The Master of House Baratheon suddenly changed his expression. He looked at Nissen in disbelief.

Nissen had torn apart the arcane power of his attack. This performance was even more astonishing than Jeriya’s Evil Dragon forbidden skill.

“He’s my son.” Jeriya spoke proudly.

It was similar to the behavior of all mothers.

Jeriya’s tone, her aura and Nissen’s familiar aura. The Master of House Baratheon suddenly thought of a possibility. His face turned pale white and he shouted in shock, “Could it be......”

At that moment, Nissen took a glance at the ten arcane masters at the edge of the plaza, then called out to Jeriya as if seeking her approval, “Mother......”


Jeriya patted his head and nodded.


Nissen suddenly disappeared.


One arcane master suddenly stiffened up.

He sensed a dangerous presence behind him. He instantly summoned a wind shield behind him. However, that wind shield did not work in stopping the enemy at all.

Just as the arcane master leapt forward, two streaks of grey light fell onto his body like octopus tentacles.


His body shriveled up and fell to the ground.

Nissen stood behind the arcane master with a grey crystal light shining from his eyes. His height, innocent face and grey pupils that appeared like burning flames caused everyone to hold their breaths.

The Master of House Baratheon’s expression became menacing. Once he realized what that child was, the situation completely turned around.

He rapidly chanted a mysterious and ancient incantation.

A huge bottle made of wind appeared above Jeriya.

The moment it appeared, Jeriya’s skin turned bloody red. Then, the blood forced its way out of her pores. Her body would soon turn to ashes.

However, at that moment, cold black flames burned in her eyes.

Her entire body suddenly became a black crystal, just like an eternal crystal statue.


The Master of House Baratheon stared at her in disbelief.


The huge wind bottle trembled violently in the sky, then shattered, becoming countless gusts of wind. The raging wind carved deep trenches in the forests and plains around the Iron Elephant Stronghold.

At the same time, the Master of House Baratheon’s body shook violently and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Jeriya’s body recovered in an instant. The black crystal light dissipated and a trail of blood seeped out from her mouth. However, she smiled confidently.


Many perpendicular black crystal-like light rays suddenly appeared around the Master of House Baratheon.

Those light rays rapidly contracted, becoming a thin black mirror.

The Master of House Baratheon was sealed inside the mirror.


Countless yellowish light rays filled the mirror.

The black mirror shattered.


The Master of House Baratheon let out a sharp, painful scream.

Inextinguishable green flames spewed out from every pore of his body.

The heavy impact from a clash caused his body to fly out of the Iron Elephant Stronghold, falling towards the valley and plain below.


The other House Baratheon arcane masters were shocked.


A slurping sound came from Nissen’s mouth, as if he was looking at a delicacy.

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