Chapter 650: Ayrin’s Bizarre Plan

Chapter 650: Ayrin’s Bizarre Plan


At the heart of the demihuman camp, there was a huge warehouse built with redwood.

There was a huge stone chimney at the center of the warehouse, smoke constantly rising up from it into the air.

The Corps arcane masters that originally despised demihumans now showed true respect, similar to the Ice Giants watching over the Snowfall Forest.

Although the demihuman leader Silva selfishly forbade any Corps arcane master from entering the demihuman camp, they already knew that there was an incredible artificer within the demihuman army.

Because when the demihuman army first arrived, they did not have any of this standard equipment.


The demihuman army could salvage sufficient food even in the most barren lands. On the battlefield at the Doa Royal Palace, they had already displayed their salvaging ability to the extreme.

They believed absolutely everything was useful and never grumbled about their work. As a result, they carried metal fragments they salvaged at the Doa Royal Palace all the way with them here.

Their individual load was probably several tens of times that of a normal Corps.

Hence, even if Merlin did not require any rest, her huge warehouse was still full of various materials.

“Da...... ddy......”

When Merlin’s assistant, Helgy, who was fishing through the hill of materials, noticed Ayrin entering the warehouse, she immediately threw the materials in her hands on the ground and rushed toward him in excitement.

“Eh...... You’re still like that?”

Ayrin scratched his head resignedly.

“Never mind, you must have helped Merlin a lot. You have also become a true brave warrior now.” He praised Helgy.

Hearing Ayrin’s praise, Helgy became excited. She clapped her hands and pulled Ayrin towards the center of the warehouse to show off her achievements.

There was a silver figure busily at work here.

“Merlin!” Ayrin immediately shouted and waved his hand at Merlin.

Merlin nodded in response, then pointed towards the metal box next to her.

“What’s this?”

Ayrin was a little surprised. Helgy was also pulling him towards the box.

The metal box looked plain without any decorations. It was just like a normal black metal box.

Following Merlin’s gesture, Ayrin opened the metal box with his eyes wide open.

“What’s this?”

His eyes opened even wider and looked at the others who followed behind him in confusion.

There was a black sphere inside. The sphere was clearly made of metal, but gave off a feeling as if it was a cluster of fog. It released a blurry and murky glow.

Even though it’s a hard metal, why does its appearance and aura give off a feeling that it’s a cluster of gas?

It was completely illogical, but such feelings certainly existed in everyone’s mind.

“Merlin, what is this?”

However, Merlin didn’t give him an answer. So, Ayrin touched the metal sphere, then held it up.

The metal felt cold to the touch and rather heavy even to the current Ayrin.

Merlin’s pupils glowed silver.

She nodded towards the space behind Ayrin.

Lotton stood over there.


Everyone was startled for a moment. They did not understand Merlin’s intention.


The air shuddered. Lotton pondered for a moment, then shot out a grey crystal light towards the metal sphere held up by Ayrin.


A strange humming sound came from inside the sphere.

The original round metal sphere suddenly transformed.

“What?” Everyone exclaimed in disbelief.

The strange black metal sphere became narrow. Then, it turned into a plain black broadsword that was even longer than Ayrin’s height.

The broadsword looked incomparably heavy. Even Ayrin had to exert his full strength to swing it.

The broadsword only maintained its shape for a few seconds.

Then, with another humming sound, the heavy black broadsword changed back into a metal sphere.

They were totally confused and asked Merlin, “Merlin, what’s going on? Is it only able to transform into a sword after infusing it with Evil Dragon arcane power? Is it another Evil Dragon artifact?”

“Merlin, this is made by you and Helgy...... It hasn’t completely stabilized yet. You need Evil Dragon particles to fully stabilize it?” At that moment, the eyes of the slightly dumbfounded Ayrin sparkled. He looked at Merlin and Helgy in surprise, “This is the weapon you prepared for me to fight against the Evil Dragon?”

“The weapon to fight the Evil Dragon?”

Ayrin’s words surprised the others.

In the next instant, Auroses and Jean Camus spoke in astonishment, “Chaotic Metal?”

“Chaotic Metal!” Charlotte and Chris exclaimed.

“Chaotic Metal? What’s that?” Ayrin turned around confusedly.

Even though his words jolted the memory of the others, he still did not know what they were talking about now.

“It’s a type of metal that Evil Dragon arcane power cannot corrode or damage. It’s an alloy. It was said that during the War with Dragons, there was an artificer successfully producing it......” Charlotte took the role of explaining it to Ayrin. She suppressed her astonishment and quickly spoke, “We already need to be wary of many forbidden skills with powerful corrosive properties used by the Evil Dragon followers. However, the Evil Dragon also has many powerful forbidden skills that can destroy artifact materials. Hence, when facing the Evil Dragon, most of the powerful artifacts are useless. Especially when he was in his peak condition during the War with Dragons, nobody could fight in close-range combat with him using artifacts. Now that he possesses Rinloran’s body and regained some of his strength, it’s possible for him to use the forbidden skills that can destroy artifacts again.”

“So...... Merlin and Helgy produced Chaotic Metal! Although it hasn’t fully taken shape yet, once I clash against the Evil Dragon, it will completely stabilize and become the artifact I will use to fight him?”

Ayrin finally understood and beamed, “That means, this legendary Chaotic Metal needs the Evil Dragon’s immense arcane power as a catalyst to completely stabilize!”

Everyone nodded. Then, they became silent and looked at Merlin with a complex gaze.

Merlin who walked out from the heap of metal clockwork war avatars, what kind of existence is she......? Did the Corps she belonged to produce this Chaotic Metal before?

At that moment, a familiar snorting sound could be heard, “Hmph...... Ayrin, what’s your plan now?”

Ayrin did not waste any time and shouted towards Belo, “Fenny’s Cursed Crown. Belo, show the crown to Merlin.”

Belo took a glance at him and snorted out of habit. However, he did not say anything and took out the golden box from his arcane robe, then opened it.

“What a creepy arcane power!”

Jean Camus’s expression slightly changed.

The crown inside the box looked refined and crystal clear. However, even he could feel a dangerous arcane aura. He instinctively felt that if he touched it with his hand, the skin and flesh of his hand would instantly wither, crack and fall off.

“Are you trying to let Merlin check to see if she can alter and use it?” Charlotte asked Ayrin doubtfully.

“No. Since even the arcane masters from the Era of the War with Dragons could not destroy it, Merlin won’t be able to alter and use it no matter how incredible she is.” Ayrin immediately shook his head. He did not seem to think the crown was terrifying. His expression remained bright and anticipating, “I’m just asking Merlin if she can make a replica and make the Evil Dragon fall for it. Didn’t Belo say this crown is the most important artifact to the Evil Dragon? To the point that if the Evil Dragon had obtained it, he would have won the War with Dragons? He must really want to get his hands on this crown. If he does not realize it’s a replica during battle and snatched it, then he would hurt himself after using it. That will definitely be funny!”


The others almost fainted.

Thinking about fun when fighting the Evil Dragon?

They understood Ayrin’s intention. It was just like a Dwarven artificer’s disguised bomb, using it caused it to explode instead...... However, was it possible to trick the Evil Dragon?

Ayrin believed this plan was achievable. He looked at Merlin enthusiastically and spoke, “Merlin, do you think it’s possible? It shouldn’t be difficult for you to make an exact replica. The key point is the unique aura of this crown that the Evil Dragon can sense. We must not let him sense the destruction of this crown. So, we must make an exact copy of this crown and let it have the exact same aura. Isn’t that the most difficult part?”

Merlin’s eyes began flashing silver rapidly.

Her unique bladed hair also perked up, indicating she was thinking about Ayrin’s suggestion.

“Mer...... lin......”

A unique humming sound came from her body.

After a few seconds, she nodded towards Ayrin.

“What? What does that mean?”

“Can it really be done?”

The others shouted in disbelief.

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