Chapter 648: Dissimilar Companions

Chapter 648: Dissimilar Companions


After Angil was exposed, the surviving arcane masters from the Doa Royal Palace war finally realized why the strongest arcane masters and Dragons fell in the war despite gaining absolute superiority against the Evil Dragon Army.

It was because the Evil Dragon Army already knew the alliance army’s movements beforehand.

If not for Ayrin’s group arriving in time, even Liszt’s team might be killed.

With Ferguillo cleaning up Eichemalar, order rapidly returned.

However, in many other areas of the Kingdom of Eiche and most of the Kingdom of Doa, the situation was still chaotic.


Western region of the Kingdom of Doa, Shisu Plains.

It was a land known for its abundant production of herbs used for medical treatment. It originally belonged to the Bolt Household.

However, after the flames of war ravaged this land, the Bolt Household was no more. The prospering manor was in ruins.

If not for personally witnessing it, nobody could believe that weeds would grow this fast over a few months.

Even the abandoned houses and flat roads were covered in weeds.

However, seeing such a spectacle, Malsis was only filled with expectation and joy.

He and his subordinates were originally bandit teams wandering around in the Western region of the Kingdom of Doa. Their nickname was ‘Weasle’.

They could only commit some minor crimes of theft and had to hide from the public eye at all times.

A mere hunting dog could tear them apart.

However, it was different now.

The resurrection of the Evil Dragon was unrelated to Malsis.

They were too weak to pick a side.

If the Evil Dragon demanded their submission, they just had to submit.

However, as long as water still irrigated this plain, they could easily replace the Bolt Household here.

Once Malsis recalled the past glory and wealth of the Bolt Household, the countless wines and luxuries, his steps became light.

The water current seemed to be giving off a different sound than usual.

Malsis became alerted, then startled.

He could see a naked infant next to the crystal clear river.

It was a boy. His skin was white and he seemed to be sleeping.

Did he flow down the river?

Malsis walked up to the child and became astonished.

He could sense a vibrant life force.

It represented an outstanding talent. The infant might become a powerful arcane master in the future.

A thought flashed across his mind and he picked the boy up.

When he did so, the boy opened his eyes.

His pupils were grey, revealing a cruel and greedy gaze.

A chill ran down Malsis’s spine. However, before he could react, the boy’s soft-looking hands pierced through his arm. A flow of particles instantly invaded his body.


Malsis and the boy both drew a sharp breath at the same time. Malsis was filled with fear, while the infant was filled with excitement.

Malsis’s body rapidly withered, his life force being absorbed by the boy.

What kind of monster is this?

Malsis’s mind turned blank.

In the last moments of clarity, he was filled with deep regret.

Such a meaningless death.

Someone like me can even get killed in this kind of devastated land without any tactical value.

If I’m going to die meaningless like this, I would rather die in the battlefield.


His body completely withered and collapsed.

The infant licked his lips greedily and stood up. He had grown a little taller. His skin remained snow white, but a pale layer of grey crystal light seeped out from his body.

A black-robed woman walked over.

She was Jeriya.

However, other than her usual creepy expression, her brows now also showed that she was deep in thought.

She gave off the feeling of a cold-blooded arcane master killer and assassin at the start, but she seemed more like a scholar or mother right now.

“Well done. You have completed the first mission your father gave you. You can hunt for food yourself now.” She spoke to the boy with a praising gaze.

The boy showed an innocent smile and jumped into her bosom.

While he buried his head into her chest, he revealed a greedy gaze again. Chilling grey crystal light shone on his teeth.


A thorny black light exploded between his mouth and Jeriya’s chest.


The boy cried painfully.

His body flew back. Although he landed stably, he was shivering.

“Never do that again. Don’t even think about it.”

Jeriya’s voice was gentle, but she was releasing greater confidence than ever. That confidence made her look like a true ruler.

“Nissen, my son. I’m not only your mother, I’m also the one and only queen.”

“I understand, mother.” The boy spoke as he nodded in fear.

“Let’s go, you need to become stronger as soon as possible.”

Jeriya appeared next to the boy and took his hand before walking into the distance.

A grey crystal glint flashed across the boy’s eyes, but the greedy gaze did not show again.

Strange sounds came from within his body. It seemed to be digesting the power he had absorbed. His aura was strengthening.

Jeriya could sense him getting stronger. A smile surfaced on her face.

She could also sense herself becoming stronger.

Everything was under control. However, when the smile disappeared from her mouth, she faintly felt something amiss.

What could go wrong?

Aside from examining the arcane skill casting methods in her brain, the new Evil Dragon queen was also pondering that question.

Just like Ferguillo, Ayrin and the others were preparing for the final showdown. And on the other side, the Evil Dragon followers with Jeriya as the representative were also preparing for the war to come.

Whether you are related to this war or not depends on yourself. It depends on whether you will submit or not, on whether you will participate or not.

If you think you are related to this world, you will be related to this world. Your existence will also gain meaning.




Thundering sounds suddenly rang out in the sky above the Frost Tusk Peak.

Countless arcane masters preparing for the final showdown raised their heads in shock.

In the current season, the region around the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold never had natural thunder or lightning.

As they raised their heads, the clouds in the sky had already become golden.

A huge Lightning Dragon broke through the clouds and snow, diving towards Hearth Valley with an astonishing speed.

Sharp sirens echoed throughout the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold.

“Don’t panic, the person I’m waiting for has arrived.”

Facing the majestic Lightning Dragon, Belo, who had nourished himself well after resting in Hearth Valley, pushed his spectacles and snorted towards a nearby Corps arcane master.


Sounds of cries came from the back of the Lightning Dragon, entering the ears of the arcane masters in the stronghold.

Most of the arcane masters looked at each other in confusion.

After interacting with Belo over these past few days, they felt he was definitely a genius, an extremely strong individual. However, he was also difficult to approach. He was arrogant and never showed any respect for others.

Hence, they assumed Belo’s companions to be similarly powerful and cold-hearted.

However, the cries that came from the Dragon’s back gave them a different feeling.

The loudest scream came from Moss, “So scary......”

The Lightning Dragon finally landed. After getting off from his back, Moss’s legs were shivering non-stop and he felt like puking.

Chris’s face was also pale.

Although she was not afraid of heights, the speed and pressure from diving down was really too thrilling.


Ayrin was also one of the loudest. However, after landing, he immediately began laughing, “So refreshing. I finally experienced what being a Dragon Rider is like.”


The air exploded. The Lightning Dragon disappeared, Auroses reappeared before everyone. The King of the Storm Kingdom did not look pleased from getting treated as a mount.

Stingham stood behind Ayrin and suddenly spoke, “Belo, I can throw more accurately now.”

“That’s great.”

Belo frowned while looking at Stingham, but he did not scold Stingham on this rare occasion.

Next, Belo ignored the gaze of the surrounding arcane masters and curtly asked Ayrin, “You have prepared everything, right? Can we try it now?”

“The Cursed Crown of Fenny you mentioned? Show it to me!” Ayrin excitedly shouted. Then, he scratched his head and asked, “Where’s Merlin?”

“What?” Moss asked.

They borrowed Auroses’s strength to rush towards the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold in order to regroup with Belo as soon as possible because they received the information from Belo about the Cursed Crown which even Belo could not control. They could only try to destroy it as quickly as possible.

In Belo’s plan, he would be borrowing Ayrin’s destructive power and Meraly’s unique forbidden skill.

So, why was Ayrin looking for Merlin all of a sudden?

“Because when I was diving down just now, I suddenly had a thought. I want to ask Merlin whether it is feasible.” Ayrin spoke with an anticipating expression.

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