Chapter 647: Waiting For the Opportunity Of The Final Showdown

Chapter 647: Waiting For the Opportunity Of The Final Showdown


Just like Jeriya felt awe towards the Evil Dragon, Auroses also felt awe towards Radiance Priestess Tashina. His muscles tensed up due to nervousness.

“Are you in awe?”

Tashina looked at Auroses and smiled, “Awe originates from the deeds a person did in front of others.”

Tashina’s tone was gentle. Her expression was kind and released an eternal radiance.

Her words were extremely simple. However, Auroses felt an invisible force smashing down on the deepest part of his heart, causing his body to tremble.

Why do I feel so much awe?

It’s not because of how strong she is, but because of what she has accomplished.

It is like courage. It doesn’t matter whether I find an act courageous, but whether others also feel so.

Despite my pride, I’m actually afraid of the Evil Dragon deep in my heart, right?

Auroses lowered his head and handed over the Depraved Holy Grail to Tashina.

Ayrin, Chris and the rest also gathered around Tashina.

The Hermit Residence was like a divine realm. Its beauty and peacefulness made them naturally relax. However, this was a solemn moment. Once Tashina used the forbidden skill to help Ayrin learn ‘Evil Exorcism’, the absolute stillness would be broken and her eternal life would disappear.

Looking at the celestial maiden-like Tashina and then at Stingham standing not far away, Chris slowly clenched her fists.

She believed that they would definitely defeat the Evil Dragon, even if he possessed abilities nobody could resist!

Because the truly courageous companions around her...... there were more and more of them.


There was no redundant farewell or opening speech.


A strand of gentle light seeped out from Tashina’s forehead.

A mysterious light formation took shape around her.

It looked like a holy angel floated in the center of the formation.

Ayrin trembled and opened his eyes wide.

An image of an arcane skill casting reflected in his brain. In that instant, he was unable to fully receive the information contained in the image. However, what made him astonished was that he was certain what he received was not the ‘Evil Exorcism’ Old Ginns mentioned.

“Using too many different forbidden skills is meaningless against the Evil Dragon. Because his terrifying talent allows him to instantly grasp every forbidden skill his opponents use. However, this forbidden skill may be useful to you. This is a forbidden skill derived by us many years ago.”

Tashina’s voice spoke directly in Ayrin’s mind, “Old Ginns’s body could not endure this forbidden skill. However, once you are strong enough, you should be able to activate it.”

What kind of forbidden skill can this be? Even Old Ginns, who passed his Epic Silver Dragon bloodline to me, cannot use it.

Ayrin felt his heart shudder. More and more information related to the forbidden skill entered his mind. In the next second, he sensed what kind of forbidden skill it was and opened his mouth wide in disbelief.


An intangible force radiated from Tashina’s body.

Countless fairy-like light dots floated out from her skin and landed on Ayrin.

Another arcane skill casting image appeared in Ayrin’s mind.

At the same time, the light dots seeped into his body, beginning to guide his mental strength and arcane particle flow.

As more and more light dots were transmitted, Tashina’s skin became brighter and brighter, so bright that it looked as if her skin were pierced by countless diamonds.

Her figure was getting more and more blurry, slowly fading away.

“I will work hard to throw more accurately, I will become useful......” Stingham mumbled to himself at that moment.

He sounded like an idiot, but nobody laughed at him. Instead, tears wetted their eyes.

The Depraved Holy Grail levitated within the dissipating light dots.

Be it the golden cup or redness overflowing from the mouth, a layer of holy radiance seemed to be plated onto the grail.



Eichemalar. The sky crystal ferries could only enter and not leave.

More arcane teams were transported in from outside to hunt down hidden Evil Dragon followers.

The entire city had become a large cage.

The clean up continued. Many desperate Evil Dragon followers had given up resistance. Before Ferguillo turned to them, they already confessed they were Evil Dragon followers and surrendered.

“This whole thing you orchestrated with Songat is too risky. I am in the sub-city of Eichemalar. Why didn’t you inform me?”

In the never-seen-before clean up of Eichemalar, Donna was one of the arcane masters in the first batch of reinforcement from outside.

After arriving, it was her and the River Bend arcane masters that controlled the ports of the sky crystal ferries. They helped make sure nobody could leave.

However, Donna was very angry with Ferguillo, who initiated the clean up and informally became the new leader of the Office of Special Affairs.

Ferguillo looked at Donna a little apologetically.

“This plan was forbidden by the Office of Special Affairs. Plus, I didn’t know what would happen after the surgery.” He slowly explained, “And if Angil’s group weren’t Evil Dragon followers, that would be the most troublesome matter.”

Donna understood what Ferguillo meant. If Angil’s group was not Evil Dragon followers and only represented the Office of Special Affairs, but still wanted to destroy Ferguillo’s right arm, then he and Songat might really have become the enemy of the Office of Special Affairs.

However, Ferguillo’s explanation did not appease her anger.

“Those not afraid of antagonizing that bunch do not just come from St. Lauren.” She looked at Ferguillo, “If Angil was one step faster, your surgery would have been interrupted. You may have even died during the surgery.”

Ferguillo nodded, “I know. However, I must be responsible towards Ayrin and the teachers. We really want to see the day of your wedding ceremony.”

Donna was startled for a moment.

She finally understood Ferguillo’s intention.

Arcane masters on her and Liszt’s level surviving in this era was indeed a difficult matter.

Hence, she did not feel embarrassed.

“Your thoughts are extremely pragmatic. The things you are thinking of may even be more than the sum of things those students from the Holy Dawn Academy think of.”

Her angry expression completely faded. She looked at Ferguillo’s heterochromatic eyes and asked, “What’s your next plan?”

Ferguillo did not immediately answer Donna.

His gaze fell onto his hand.

His right arm looked no different from his left arm now. However, he could constantly sense the great power laying dormant in this right arm.

The arm of the Evil Dragon in peak condition could easily tear apart forbidden skills. And as his bloodline mutated, it seemed like he would be able to physically grab and gather the opponent’s arcane power.

However, it belonged to the Evil Dragon. He was just borrowing it. He did not completely surpass it.

Hence, in a real battle, he still needed to rely on Ayrin’s group.

“I want Dimension Traveler Lenyu to regroup with me.”

He remained silent for a while and looked at Donna, “I’m waiting for an opportunity.”

“Waiting for an opportunity?” Donna looked at him, “What opportunity?”

“After transplanting this arm, the greatest ability I obtained is to be able to sense Evil Dragon aura.” Ferguillo lightly spoke ,”If we want to kill the Evil Dragon, we must quickly find where the Evil Dragon is hiding. According to some records, he and his high ranking Evil Dragon followers are connected in a unique way. Hence, he should find out about Angil’s death soon. Knowing about the things happening here, he will probably go into hiding. However, once his arcane level recovers to a certain extent, I will be able to sense his location due to the intensity of arcane particle fluctuations during his attempt to breath through to the next arcane level.”

“When he is trying to breathe through, you can sense where he is?” Donna was truly astonished. It would definitely turn them from the receiving side to the initiating side.

Ferguillo took a deep breath and plainly spoke, “We only have one chance.” His gaze fell onto his right arm again.

Donna also took a deep breath. She understood what Ferguillo meant.

Rinloran’s body could reach the five-gate arcane level at most. Hence, their only chance was the moment the Evil Dragon was breaking through the sixth arcane gate.

If they missed that chance, once the Evil Dragon broke through the seventh arcane gate, not only would Rinloran’s ego be wiped out, the seven-gate Evil Dragon would probably be unstoppable.

Ferguillo was able to kill Angil by using the arm of the Evil Dragon during his peak condition of a seven-gate arcane level. It could be imagined how terrifying the Evil Dragon in the past was.

Donna took a deep breath and nodded, “We must never let this chance slip away.”

Ferguillo did not reply. His gaze turned to the distance and he slowly spoke in his mind, “I have completed my preparation...... Ayrin, have you done yours?”

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