Chapter 646: The Evil Dragon’s Descendent

Chapter 646: The Evil Dragon’s Descendent


Powerful, cold-blooded, bloodthirsty...... These were the labels of the Evil Dragon in Doraster’s history documents.

As for conspirator...... Conspiracy was something that could only be toyed with by strong existences.


A creepy-looking female arcane master quietly stood.

Her hairstyle looked strange. Her silver hair was split into three tails, like three swords pointing down.

A lock of hair was at her left cheek, dividing her cheek into two and covered a portion of her eye socket. It made her gaze hidden behind that lock of hair appear even colder.

She was Jeriya, an ex-teacher at the Three-headed Dragon Academy. However, after becoming the bait to attract the attention of the Office of Special Affairs and escaping their pursuit, the world had to reevaluate her strength. If she was an Evil Dragon Bishop, she would be the most powerful one amongst those who had revealed themselves.

In fact, Jeriya did not even care about those on the level of Liszt. This was because they were no match for her in a one-on-one.

However, even a powerful arcane master like her could only respectfully bow before the individual in front of her.

The Evil Dragon!

Over half of her power came from the supreme being who took over Rinloran’s body.

Even if the other party was still a long way from regaining his former peak level, the aura of a supreme being was sufficient to make her tremble.

The Evil Dragon cracked the bones in his hands.

His gaze fell onto his hands.

He always felt an impulse to completely shatter this body.

This high elven body never satisfied him. To him, it was too feeble. It had even less potential than Rinsyi’s body. More importantly, he was still unable to completely integrate with this body. The soul of that damned high elf still lived.

“My followers are rapidly decreasing.”

The hatred towards his own body, in addition to the cruel and powerful expression, caused the current ‘Rinloran’ to look bewitching.

He raised his head and looked at the trembling Jeriya, then spoke with his unique sonorous voice, “Especially in Eichemalar, I sensed Angil’s death and a large number of my followers disappearing.”

Jeriya shuddered and exclaimed in disbelief, “What!? Even Angil......”

“This is a mass clean up. Something should have the ability to sense the hidden aura.” The Evil Dragon looked at Jeriya’s changing expression and shook his head, “Are you afraid?”

The Evil Dragon’s lips curved into a mockery. “You’re afraid. Can I take it that you believe we are reaching the edge of failure, or that you have lost confidence in me?”

“I......” Jeriya stuttered, then took a deep breath, “I will kill the person that conducted the clean up.”

“Not necessary.”

The Evil Dragon looked at Jeriya and smiled.

His smile became even creepier, causing Jeriya to take a step back unconsciously.


A dark red pillar of light shot out from the deep hole-shaped abyss behind the Evil Dragon.


A light popping sound rang out. An elegant figure jumped out from the abyss after the light pillar disappeared.


Jeriya instantly identified him by his aura that was even more powerful than the Evil Dragon’s.


Before she could feel astonished and gathered any thoughts, a terrifying arcane tide swept out from the abyss.

A swirl made completely from arcane energy sprayed out like a fountain.

A cluster of intense silver light appeared in the depths of the swirl.

“What’s that?”

Jeriya trembled uncontrollably. She could sense that that cluster of silver light possessed a similar strong aura as the Evil Dragon’s core.

It was out of natural respect, the feeling of encountering a nemesis.

“The aura that’s close...... or rather, similar to mine, don’t you understand what it is?” The Evil Dragon mocked.

“It’s I......” Jeriya opened her mouth, but could not utter a sound.

“Issen, the existence that killed me and ended the War with Dragons. The Era of the War with Dragons ended, the war ended, but I’m still alive, while he’s truly dead.”

The Evil Dragon took deep breaths and narrowed his eyes while looking at that cluster of silver light. “This is the abyss he perished in...... He left behind some power that I can absorb. And you, Jeriya...... We will definitely not fail.”

“And me?”

Jeriya was startled.

Her instinct told her there was a deeper meaning in the Evil Dragon’s words. With his strength, she would definitely not become the key factor to determine the eventual outcome.

“Your position will become special, a supreme position.”

Fellemang put his hand across his chest and elegantly bowed to Jeriya.

He and Jeriya were already the two strongest subordinates under the Evil Dragon. They were the arms of the Evil Dragon. However, due to not being born in the same era, it was the first meeting between the two.


After elegantly bowing to Jeriya, Fellemang transformed into a transparent shadow and disappeared in the mountain range.


A warm and humid aura instantly wrapped around Jeriya.

“Lord Ned......”

Jeriya held her breath.

The Evil Dragon’s body appeared behind her.

Her body was restrained by a powerful force and could not resist.

In the next instant, an extremely powerful force of life entered her body.

“You will become my queen.”

An extremely shocking feeling filled Jeriya’s mind along with an intense fatigue. The Evil Dragon’s voice rang next to her ear.

“I once had a queen. Fenny. The traitor. Her use was not just to help me craft the perfect crown to lead a powerful army, but also to make a child, a son!”

The Evil Dragon’s sonorous voice echoed inside Jeriya, “Jeriya, you’re fortunate...... I picked many female arcane masters. However, only you have become this powerful. Only your body can endure my power...... So, you will become my queen.”

“Although I cannot fully integrate with this body...... Although the righteous arcane masters are definitely trying to find me...... They would never imagine that I have tried to preserve a portion of Issen’s power when I lost in the war. They will also never expect that my son will be born soon......”

“My son who will possess the entirety of my bloodline power, the true prince of the Doraster Continent...... He will possess great power...... With him and I cooperating, no one can defeat us.”


Jeriya could feel a cluster of life essence rapidly growing in her body. Fear, excitement, confusion...... various intense emotions filled her brain, causing her to let out a sharp and hysterical scream.


Evil aura became vibrant in the mountain range.

Countless tentacle-like grey crystal lights stretched into the swirl behind the Evil Dragon.

As time passed, Jeriya’s body stopped shivering as she slowly regained her usual calmness.

Her consciousness was blurry, but she could sense her abdomen bloating up.

It was an unimaginable reproduction process. Dragon bloodline arcane masters would take a much longer time from pregnancy to childbirth than other bloodlines.

However, the Evil Dragon’s bloodline...... she could already feel the signs of childbirth.

At the same time, many strange shards flashed across her mind.

They were images.


Jeriya breathed heavily.

It was her weakest moment of life. Each time the life in her womb wriggled, she felt as if her flesh were forcefully torn away.

Certainly only she, who had practised the Dark Demonic Dragon Art and opened six arcane gates, could endure the seed of life from the Evil Dragon.

However, those images brought joy to her.

This was power.

They were the casting methods of countless forbidden skills she had never seen before.

It was the Evil Dragon’s bloodline memory...... it was what she naturally received after becoming pregnant with the Evil Dragon’s child.

These forbidden skills would empower her even further.


In the darkness, wrapped in the Evil Dragon’s aura, Jeriya screamed hoarsely again after another wriggle.

Her abdomen was torn open.

A new life appeared from her split abdomen.

The Evil Dragon laughed.

Jeriya covered her wounds with trembling hands and patched herself up with the little remains of her power.

Seeing the messy but vibrant tiny life form, pain and joy made her feel woozy.

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