Chapter 645: Ferguillo’s Calmness and Belo’s Agitation

Chapter 645: Ferguillo’s Calmness and Belo’s Agitation


After taking a good break, blood stopped flowing out from Ferguillo’s nose and mouth.

Songat was currently treating Cana who suffered a heavy injury from Angil’s attack.

There were a few arcane masters standing around Ferguillo.

“You’re also an Evil Dragon follower.” The lonely-looking Ferguillo stood up and plainly spoke while looking at one of the nearby arcane masters.


Several exclamations rang out.

The arcane master in question had thick eyebrows and short hair. He released a stern aura. There were flame symbols on his arcane robe.

“You’re saying I’m an Evil Dragon follower?”

Even though Ferguillo said that he was an Evil Dragon follower, the arcane master remained stern. His eyebrows raised slightly like two short swords.

“Did you make a mistake?”

Two arcane masters walked up and looked at Ferguillo and asked, “How can Captain Michael be an Evil Dragon follower?”

Ferguillo looked at the two nervous arcane masters and shook his head.

The short-haired arcane master smiled calmly and looked at Ferguillo, “I believe you made a mistake.”

“What’s going on?”

“How can Captain Michael from the Burning Corps be an Evil Dragon follower?”

As the commotion got rowdier, more arcane masters gathered around.

“Before I was dispatched to Eichemalar, I was the platoon leader of the Burning Corps second platoon. I personally killed seven Evil Dragon followers.”

The short-haired arcane master looked at the arcane masters approaching, then stared coldly at Ferguillo. “If I’m an Evil Dragon follower, I should be staying away from you at least. I wouldn’t be here protecting you.”

Ferguillo looked at him calmly and plainly answered, “My eyes do not lie to me.”

“Are you saying whoever you point out is an Evil Dragon follower? Then what is the Office of Special Affairs for?” Michael sneered, “And who can prove you are innocent? What’s the story behind your arm?”

The gathered arcane masters were shocked.

Michael’s words reminded them of a terrifying fact. Ferguillo’s ability clearly allowed him to conduct a clean up in Eichemalar. However, if he held even the tiniest bit of selfishness, if he wanted to clean up some factions...... The end result would be horrifying.

“If you can just take down anyone you point out, then that would basically put you in charge of the entire Office of Special Affairs. You would probably even control every arcane master in Eichemalar.”

Michael revealed a chilling sneer. He looked at Ferguillo and said, “Proof...... Everything requires proof. If the entire Office of Special Affairs only follows the will of an individual, it is no longer the Office of Special Affairs. It would be the Monarchy of Special Affairs.”

“I understand what you mean.” Ferguillo plainly spoke, “If I cannot prove that you are an Evil Dragon follower, I cannot exert violence on you. Likewise, if I cannot do anything to you, I also cannot do anything to those who hide their Evil Dragon aura and refuse to put up any resistance while denying to be an Evil Dragon follower.”

Ferguillo plainly declared while looking at him, “Your idea is good, but it’s useless. I will show you the proof.”

Michael’s expression suddenly stiffened.

It was because Ferguillo directly attacked!

He never imagined Ferguillo would actually make a move at this moment!

The surrounding arcane masters also did not expect Ferguillo to make a move, hence nobody was able to stop him.

A burning gem shield naturally manifested before Michael.


However, that gem shield was torn apart.

Ferguillo’s right hand grabbed Michael’s face.

His hand could instantly crush Michael’s head, but he did not exert any strength other than grabbing Michael’s face. It was as if he just gently touched Michael’s skin.


A unique suction force was released from Ferguillo’s fingers.

Michael’s expression instantly twisted a little. Traces of purplish black particles uncontrollably flowed out from his body.

The speed was so fast his body could not endure it, causing his nerves to spasm. He could not counterattack or escape.

Purplish black particles constantly flowed out from his face and gathered in Ferguillo’s palm, becoming a compressed ball.

“This is my proof.” Ferguillo plainly looked at Michael and spoke, “What you said is reasonable. However, don’t forget, there’s no arcane master stronger than me in Eichemalar...... So, I don’t have to play by your rules.”

Dead silence.

The surrounding arcane masters did not make a sound.

They could clearly tell what the purplish black particles that flowed out from within Michael’s body were.

Nobody doubted Ferguillo anymore...... Although his formidable strength mainly came from his right arm, what he said was correct. Even Angil lost to him. There seemed to be no arcane master stronger than him in all of Eichemalar.

Since he could show proof, nobody could stop his clean up.



Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold, Hearth Valley.

This was the sole passage that connected the Snowfall Forest and Kingdom of Doa. The remaining ice mountain ranges could not be climbed even by beasts that specialized in climbing.

Just like its name, the Frost Tusk Peak looked like a row of sharp ice teeth.

The side facing Hearth Valley was a perpendicular cliff. Only the side facing the Kingdom of Doa had a slightly gentler slope.

However, in contrast, and only in contrast, other than a few perpendicular stone paths, normal arcane masters could not climb it.

Over the centuries, there were many constructions on the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold. The effective range of offensive artifacts covered all of Hearth Valley.

However, Hearth Valley was also extremely important to the entire stronghold. Due to its natural underground heat, Hearth Valley was the sole area with greeneries in the Northern part of the Kingdom of Doa.

The warm environment not only helped fatigued arcane masters to recover quickly, but also many agriculture and breeding farms were built throughout Hearth Valley. Like this, even if the supplies from the Kingdom of Doa were cut off, the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold could still last a long time by relying on Hearth Valley.

Most of the camps were built in Hearth Valley. Only when Heart Valley could no longer be defended, would the arcane masters retreat into the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold to take the last stand.

As Fearotz’s Royal Thorns Corps and other scattered Corps retreated to the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold, the arcane master population here exceeded a hundred thousand. Not to mention the ten thousand-men demihuman army stationed on the frozen plain behind the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold.

The size of the defending force had reached a terrifying number.

Right now, sharp sirens echoed throughout the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold. Rows of heavily armed arcane masters gathered in the outposts near Hearth Valley.

Glancing towards the Snowfall Forest from the observation tower at the center of the stronghold, a large area of the forest had become a terrifying flood.

An army of a massive size composed of unidentified creatures were approaching Hearth Valley.

To be able to shake the Snowfall Forest like that, it only meant the creatures moving in the forest had large bodies.

“Don’t worry.” When the arcane masters in the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold were getting anxious, a kid wearing a weird deer head cap spoke towards a general at the frontmost outpost in Hearth Valley with a serious expression, “It’s my Master.”

“Your Master?”

That Corps general was dumbfounded. He could not believe the kid.

Even if that impulsive youth from the Holy Dawn Academy was stronger than the rumors...... how could he cause such a great commotion?

However, the kid added with a confident tone,“There’s no war breaking out, their mood is friendly. It’s an army Master brought here.”

The Corps general was speechless.

After a long and anxious wait, sounds of people drawing sharp breaths echoed throughout the stronghold and valley.

Two youthful figures appeared in the distance.

Behind them were white-skinned giants and rows of huge Snow Forest Wolves.

Behind the wolves, there were even more Snow Forest beasts and various other monsters.

“Are you Holy Dawn Academy’s Belo?”

That Corps general walked up. The crystal wings on Meraly’s back dazzled his eyes and dulled his thoughts.

“They...... are......” He uncontrollably stuttered.

He had been guarding this place for many years. However, he never imagined such species to exist in Snowfall Forest.

“Ice Giants, a branch of the barbarian bloodline, our allies.”

Belo took a glance at the Corps general, “Relax. Due to their natural bloodline restriction, they will not enter the warm Hearth Valley.”

A skinny old man dressed in black robes suddenly appeared not far away from Belo.

After taking a glance at Belo, he seemed to have sensed the strange aura and spoke, “Looks like you did well.”

“Professor Plum.”

Belo nodded towards the old man and a bloody glint flashed across his eyes, “But the Evil Dragon held back himself.”

Professor Plum pondered a bit and spoke, “Looks like he has other plans.”

“I need to take a rest.”

Fatigue appeared on Belo’s face. However, first he gave his retainers a few instructions.

What is the Evil Dragon planning?

Why is he able to hold back?

While his retainers were quickly preparing things, his mind suddenly became agitated.

He and Fenny’s crown were already a huge bait.

To him, if the Evil Dragon wanted to gain a chance of victory, he had to snatch the crown away.

The most dangerous and difficult moment should be the trip back to the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold.

However, the Evil Dragon did not show up.

Even the Cursed Ghost army had disappeared.


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