Chapter 644: Ferguillo’s Clean Up

Chapter 644: Ferguillo’s Clean Up


“What happened?”

There were over ten arcane masters in the direct surroundings of the laboratory. Their expressions suddenly changed as they sensed two terrifying dragon auras clashing after a loud bang in the laboratory.


Before they could react, the wall of the laboratory suddenly bloated like a lantern and popped into pieces!

“It’s Lord Angil!”

“Lord Angil is actually......”

The arcane masters surrounding the laboratory were extremely shocked.

They saw Angil flying out like a meteor.

“He can actually compress a portion of the arcane power from the arcane skill of others in his palm?”

Angil’s heart violently spasmed.

A hand appeared in his sight again, it held his own dragon breath!


Angil was knocked back once again!

“Who can actually beat Lord Angil......?”

Only then did the arcane masters near the laboratory snap back to their senses.

At that moment, Songat spoke from the other side of the broken laboratory wall, “Don’t move unless you are an Evil Dragon follower! Angil is an Evil Dragon Bishop!”

The arcane masters instantly stiffened up.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Rapid sonic booms sounded out repeatedly from the surroundings of the Medical Center. Many arcane teams were alerted and rushed towards it.

Ferguillo passed through the dust cloud stably and appeared before Angil again.


A large piece of wall suddenly crumbled. An enormous figure appeared from the dust.

Rings of red flames kicked up the wind, becoming a tornado.

Angil changed into his Dragon form, a Fire Dragon!

Ferguillo looked tiny in comparison.

However, his actions contained no hesitation.


His hand stably landed on the Fire Dragon’s forehead.


Many scales shattered.

The enormous Fire Dragon was actually sliding back!

“What happened?”

“Lord Angil has turned into his Dragon form and is fighting against someone!”

“Who is able to push back Lord Angil after he turned into his Dragon form?”

Many approaching arcane teams saw the enormous Fire Dragon crushing several buildings while sliding back and became shocked.

Ferguillo’s expression remained calm, his actions stable.

In such a violent clash, his body did not get rattled by the force. His right hand...... the Evil Dragon’s arm, had absorbed most of the powerful recoil. There was little pressure on the rest of his body.

The Dragon Angil turned into could not even use his dragon breath. Ferguillo appeared before Angil again.


The Dragon slid back!




Terrifying impacts kept ringing out.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

More and more arcane teams arrived.

However, even the arcane teams that arrived first only watched from a distance and did not interfere.

The fire aura surrounding Ferguillo and Angil completely disappeared.

What wrapped around Ferguillo and the enormous Dragon was a thick fog made of purplish black particles and grey aura!

“What should we do?”

“Songat declared Angil is a hidden Evil Dragon Bishop!”

Several arcane teams closest to Angil and Ferguillo turned grim.

They were all arcane masters with holy type arcane skills that could resist against Evil Dragon particles.

“No matter what others say, Songat saved my life before. He is definitely not an Evil Dragon follower.”

One of the arcane team captains listened to the discussions around him and took a deep breath. He glanced around and spoke, “Also...... If Angil isn’t one, his Fire Dragon’s dragon breath would have burned most of the Evil Dragon particles!”

“We can wait for a bit longer.” One arcane team captain raised his head and narrowed his eyes while looking in the direction Angil was.


Within the center of the purplish black particles and grey aura, Angil’s enormous body was like a mower. Each impact would mow a deep trench over hundreds of meters long.

The buildings behind him were all crushed. Countless of his dragon scales shattered under Ferguillo’s attacks.

However, there was not a drop of blood flowing out from the broken scales. Only a grey aura lingered around.

The broken dragon scales were slowly being repaired by the grey aura, becoming grey dragon scales.

Angil’s huge dragon eyes were filled with flames of cruelty and madness.

In his eyes, blood began flowing out from Ferguillo’s nose and mouth. Ferguillo’s face also turned ashen, as if he suffered a lethal poison.

Ferguillo’s actions remained stable, his right hand was clearly extremely powerful. Each time it landed on Angil’s body or clashed against the dragon’s claw, it would exert a terrifying power and knock Angil back. However, Ferguillo’s body began trembling uncontrollably.

Angil looked at Ferguillo and mumbled cruelly, “A great power...... I never imagined someone could transplant the Evil Dragon’s arm without having to use the Evil Dragon forbidden skill and obtain such power. However, the resistance of you alone is limited. You just finished the arm transplantation, your body resistance is already at risk and has yet to return to its peak...... Although you resisted the corrosion from the Evil Dragon’s arm and successfully remodeled it to connect with your bloodline to mutate it, obtaining a unique ability...... Unfortunately, the Evil Dragon aura wrapping around us is still extremely corrosive towards the arcane master’s body...... Your body is falling apart under this aura, isn’t it?”

Although the downpour of attacks suppressed Angil from unleashing his true strength and kept him on the passive, he could endure the Evil Dragon aura while Ferguillo could not.

“You’re right, I’m at my limit.”

Ferguillo suddenly stopped and backed off.

This action caused Angil to startle for a moment.

Ferguillo looked at Angil and plainly said, “However, I don’t need to endure any longer.” Then, he raised his head to look behind Angil.Angil’s enormous body instantly stiffened up.

He sensed something and forcefully turned around to look back.

He suddenly realized he was getting near the center of Eichemalar.

There were massive white trees everywhere.

They were ancient trees that normally released a calm and majestic aura. However, currently...... each tree began screeching and roaring like a furious giant!

They were the Ancient Combat Trees from the elven race.

The last batch of ancient trees that participated in the War with Dragons.

They were the final relics of the ancient elven kingdoms. The aura they hated the most were Evil Dragon particles!


Angil finally realized the situation. He screamed desperately and tried to get away from the trees by flapping his wings.

However, at that moment, the fruits on the Ancient Combat Trees detached from the branches. They shot towards Angil like a downpour.


Angil’s enormous body only managed to lift itself off the ground before getting smashed by a fruit rain.

More and more fruits smashed against Angil’s body and exploded!

“Ah!” Angil screamed in pain.

Pieces of flesh and broken dragon scales splashed out.

The astonishment in every arcane master who witnessed the scene could not be described. They fell into silence.

Songat was correct.

The Ancient Combat Trees that stood tall for over thousands of years were more honest than any arcane master. They would not make a mistake.

Angil’s body was buried by the hard shell of the fruits.

Countless hard shells and huge seeds pierced his body. He tried to raise his head, but could not even muster up the strength to do that.

Only one eye remained exposed.

He saw Ferguillo silently standing there and staring at him.

Ferguillo had one pink pupil and one purplish black pupil.

“He’s also an Evil Dragon follower. Him....... too.......”

Angil’s sight gradually blurred. In his final moments, he saw Ferguillo slowly turn around and point out several arcane masters near them.

“This is a clean up......”

He recalled Ferguillo’s words.

He finally understood.

It was indeed a clean up, but not a clean up to dispose of Ferguillo and Songat. It was Ferguillo’s clean up.

After possessing the ability to see through the most well hidden Evil Dragon aura...... Ferguillo was fated to start a clean up in Eichemalar.


Ferguillo turned around.

The arcane masters pointed out by him stiffened up for a moment.

After seeing Angil getting riddled with holes by the Ancient Combat Trees, those trembling arcane masters could not even muster up the courage to refute.

In the next moment, they desperately tried to escape.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Streaks of light caught up to them and clusters of blood bloomed in the air.

Even more arcane masters began escaping.

However, Ferguillo slowly sat down instead.

There was no need to be in a hurry anymore.

As long as he was alive, the Evil Dragon followers in Eichemalar could not hide.

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