Chapter 643: All Resulted From Courage

Chapter 643: All Resulted From Courage


“There is evil aura coming from me?” Angil’s expression turned strange, like a smile yet also not.

“I finally understand why the Dragons and strong arcane masters of the Nine Houses perished, except for the high Dragon bloodline belonging to House Targaryen...... the Chief Senator of the Kingdom of Eiche managed to survive without a scratch.”

Ferguillo stared at Angil without moving. His two pupils glowed as he plainly spoke, “Also, in the event what Songat and I did was against the law of the Office of Special Affairs, by right, it should not require an important figure like you to personally lead the arcane teams here...... Now I understand. You are an Evil Dragon follower, and one with a high rank at that.

“Not only did the Evil Dragon followers take over the Doa Royal Palace and the Green Dragon Divine Temple, but they also settled in our Kingdom of Eiche, in Eichemalar.”

Ferguillo sneered while looking at Angil whose expression was turning stranger and stranger, “Only a high Fire Dragon bloodline like you can mask the aura of Evil Dragon particles and deceive the arcane energy detection devices. You can even stay hidden from the Ancient Combat Trees left behind in Eichemalar after the Era of the War with Dragons. So, Chief Senator Angil, what should I call you now? Something Bishop?”

Cana completely stiffened up, chills running through her body.

She did not doubt Ferguillo’s words. However, the fact that Angil was an Evil Dragon follower was too astonishing, something she could not even imagine.

An important figure like Angil knew most of the missions and military arrangements, except for a handful super secret missions.

In that case, how many secrets have been leaked to the Evil Dragon by Angil over the years?

How many arcane masters have already died to Angil’s betrayal?

No wonder most of the strong Evil Dragon followers could not be found! The powerful arcane teams searching for them were always ambushed and assassinated!

Then, when the survivors arrived back at the Medical Center, not a single one ever came out alive. The official statement was a failed treatment. However, Angil’s betrayal is probably the true cause!

And I...... I...... have been admiring this handsome Chief Senator for all this time!

Cana’s body stiffened, but her expression turned from pale to twisted, her body burning in a cold flame of fury. The anguish accumulated over the years of her career uncontrollably ignited in her heart, almost spilling out from her face!

Clap! Clap! Clap!

A round of applause rang out.

Angil did not speak. Instead, he revealed a charming smile and applauded.

“What a miracle...... This should be considered a huge advancement in the medical field. You two actually successfully transplanted the Evil Dragon’s arm onto his body. Instead of dying, his bloodline mutated. This mutation actually allows him to sense the most well hidden Evil Dragon aura?” Angil did not answer Ferguillo. He looked at Songat and Figaro instead.

“Truly a miracle! One that did not even occur during the Era of the War with Dragons! But what use does it have?”

Suddenly, the charming smile on Angil’s face disappeared. An extremely chilling killing intent spread across his face. He repeated, “What use does it have? This kind of product will be destroyed immediately.”

Cana breathed deeply. She desperately controlled her arcane particles to flow slowly in her body.

Could they prevent Angil from silencing them here?

It seemed that the five arcane masters from the Office of Special Affairs that followed Angil did not show a change of expression after Angil said all that. They did not seem shocked that Angil was an Evil Dragon Bishop.

However, Ferguillo’s expression remained calm. He asked, “Do you regret your choice?”

“Why would I regret it?” Angil sneered, “I know the power of the Evil Dragon better than any of you. I always believed that the power which grows in darkness, the power of conspiracy, will always triumph over exposed power.”

“I also don’t regret it.” Ferguillo’s expression did not change. He plainly spoke while looking at Angil, “Exposed power is always in the passive. However, only true courage allows people to dare carry out those actions.”

Angil’s brows rose up slightly.

Even though he was confident he could control the situation, a vague sense of insecurity came over him. He quickly decided not to waste anymore time.

Ferguillio continued, “This is indeed a miracle. Just like the Evil Dragon’s Sky Eyes can see everything in the Doraster Continent, the Evil Dragon’s arm...... it allows me to see the hidden Evil Dragon particles in your bodies.”

He looked at the five arcane masters next to Angil, “You five are also Evil Dragon followers...... No wonder he brought all of you with him.”

Eventually, Ferguillo softly spoke, “This will be a clean up.”

A cruel smile appeared on Angil’s face. He nodded in agreement, “Indeed. This will be a clean up.”


The hidden laboratory instantly turned into a battlefield. The containers inside the laboratory were shattered by clusters of intense arcane power vibrations. The contents splashed out and crashed into the wall.

The five arcane masters and Angil were wrapped by purplish black arcane energy fluctuations.

Several terrifying arcane power tides rapidly took shape and almost swallowed Ferguillo, Songat, Cana and Figaro whole.


Within the messy battlefield, Songat only did a simple thing. He crushed a small glass bead.

Direct muscle strength was much faster than arcane particle emission and arcane power integration.

After he crushed the glass bead, a restriction type arcane power descended onto his body, forming purplish red lightning chains that bound his body. After which it violently contracted.

Songat could not resist it.

His arcane level was at most on the level of the elite student Cana when she graduated from the Holy Dawn Academy. However, an aura already spread out from the crushed glass bead in his hand.

The aura seemed to spread much faster than arcane power. It instantly turned into a deep blue mist and filled the entire laboratory.

The five arcane masters lost the color in their faces.

The nerves in their bodies, especially the passages for arcane particles to flow, were spasming and contracting as they stopped working!

Suffering intense pain, they could not even let arcane particles flow in their bodies!

The forbidden skills they were activating could not receive the supply of arcane particles and were interrupted!

What kind of medicine is this? It actually ignores arcane energy fluctuations and isolation, directly seeping into our bodies!


Holy light spilled out.

Cana charged forward and crashed into the wall of the laboratory after emitting a dazzling holy light pillar.

Angil appeared behind her and stretched out a hand towards her.

After knocking away Cana, Angil did not show a satisfied expression. His cold killing intent became even thicker.

Songat was definitely not a normal medical master. He had been most wary of Songat, which was why his first attack had been aimed at Songat. However, Songat still acted. And Songat used a terrifying substance to instantly incapacitate the five arcane masters he brought with him. In fact, even his own nerves were spasming!

If not for the powerful Evil Dragon particles in his body devouring most of the medical substance that seeped in, he might also be incapacitated!


A cluster of grey crystal light reverberated from his body.

The true Evil Dragon power suppressed in his body was completely liberated and became a thin arcane resistance layer around him.

As long as I can kill these four fast enough and blame the Evil Dragon aura on Songat and Ferguillo...... Even if there are suspicions and resistance, I can lead the clean up!

Here in Eichemalar, nobody is stronger than me. Nobody can stop me!

At the same time he created an arcane resistance layer, his physique also slightly enlarged. He turned his gaze to Songat.

The purplish red lightning chain cut apart the arcane particles seeping out from Songat’s body and dug into his flesh. In the next instant, he would be cut into pieces.

However, at that moment, Angil’s cold and confident pupils contracted.

A hand landed on the purplish red lightning chain.

It was Ferguillo’s right hand.

The transplanted Evil Dragon’s arm.

Ferguillo...... actually left the operating table and appeared next to Songat within a blink.


Ferguillo’s hand tore apart the purplish red lightning chains.


Angil drew a sharp breath.

The torn lightning chain did not shatter into arcane power streams, but gathered in Ferguillo’s palm, becoming a dazzling lightning ball.

As Angil was startled for a fraction of a second, Ferguillo already appeared before him. A hand holding onto a lightning ball rapidly enlarged in his contracting pupils!


A grey and red dragon breath shot out from his mouth and crashed into the lightning ball.


Angil held his breath.

The lightning ball was crushed, but a hand split apart the dragon breath and a powerful force hit his face.

His body flew back uncontrollably, bending the metal door behind him and continuing to fly back.

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