Chapter 642: Two Pupils

Chapter 642: Two Pupils


The surgery commenced.

Ferguillo’s right arm was amputated. The blood vessels and muscle tissue were like countless threads and linked up with the blood vessels and muscle tissue on the Evil Dragon’s arm.

At least forty to fifty types of potions were injected into Ferguillo constantly. Various healing skills also seeped from Songat’s fingers into Ferguillo’s body.

The surgery took a long time. After completing the necessary duties, Cana quietly exited the laboratory just like usual. Then, she leaned on the door limply and let her sweat flow down freely.

Being a medical master was not as easy as combat arcane masters imagined.

Especially for expert medical masters, the life and death surgeries they experienced were much harder than what combat arcane masters experienced.

Every surgery was a battle in which the medical masters bore a huge pressure and responsibility.

During a battle, the survival of an arcane master depended on many factors. However, within the operating room, the survival of an arcane master that could be saved depended on whether the treatment of the medical master succeeded or not.

Especially when the arcane master to be treated was someone the medical master was acquainted with, or good friends with, the pressure would be exponentially greater.

For a long period of time after becoming a qualified medical master, Cana would cry after a failed surgery. She would even apologize in tears while sleeping.

Even now, Cana could not calmly face the death of a patient, even if those arcane masters who fought to their death for their beliefs were strangers.

In her eyes, Ferguillo’s choice was extremely dangerous. The probability of survival was extremely low. Hence, she chose to wait outside until the surgery ended like usual. This was because if Ferguillo died, she did not want to be in there to witness the moment of his death.

Time ticked away silently, the blue sky outside turned grey, then eventually black.

Finally, Cana heard a sound coming from the metal door behind her.

She turned around to see Songat walk out of the door and smile towards her with a pale face.

“How is it?” She asked softly. Her expression was calm, but her voice trembled.

“I don’t know yet.” Songat looked at her, “He still needs to be observed for a while to determine if we will enjoy supper together.”

A trace of hope instantly shone in Cana’s eyes.

Although it was still worrying news, at least Ferguillo did not die during the surgery.

“What about the actual situation? Is Figaro still using medicines, or has he finished applying the medicines and the patient is still unconscious?” She quickly asked.

“The medicines have all been applied. We need to wait and see if his body can endure after the medicines lose their effect.” Songat leaned on the door frame, “This is the most crucial part. Because we don’t have the forbidden skill of those Evil Dragon followers, we could only forcefully use medicine to modify the corrosive property of the Evil Dragon particles. Now, we need to see if Ferguillo’s body is able to integrate with it...... But fortunately, his current life signs are still normal.”

Cana did not say anything more.

They silently stood in the hallway.

This silence would have lasted until Ferguillo died or truly woke up.

However, a sonic boom broke the silence.

Songat, who had shut his eyes to rest, suddenly opened them.

Cana also showed a nervous expression.

The laboratory originally belonged to the special zone of the Office of Special Affairs. There would not be any patrolling arcane teams coming here normally. However, the sonic booms in the surroundings made the two of them feel there were at least two patrolling teams surrounding this building.

A tall figure appeared in their sight at the other end of the hallway.

Red arcane power wrapped around the tall figure, a vibrant dragon aura spreading out.

The dragon aura caused Songat and Cana to ignore the arcane team that followed behind the tall figure.

“Lord Angil?” Cana spoke in astonishment.

Angil was an important figure in the Kingdom of Eiche. He was the Chief Senator of the Kingdom of Eiche’s Senate Court. He possessed a Fire Dragon bloodline, and once appeared in the opening ceremony of the national tournament.

After the war at the Doa Royal Palace, he had become the most important figure in the Office of Special Affairs, leading to him gaining even greater authority.

“I sensed an evil aura coming from here. This aura belongs to the Evil Dragon.”

Angil looked at Songat calmly, then at the ajar metal door behind him, “Songat, you were supposed to be in St. Lauren. Why did you suddenly sneak back into the Medical Center of the Office of Special Affairs? Can you tell me the reason?”

“Simple.” Songat shrugged, “I’m doing a medical experiment.”

“Are you now? Can we take a look?”

Angil strolled forward and five arcane masters from the Office of Special Affairs followed closely behind him. They did not care about Songat’s answer and pulled open the metal door.

“What are you doing? Get lost!” Figaro shouted angrily.

His expression twisted while packing up some tubes next to the operating table.

On the operating table, Ferguillo’s appearance was terrifying. The Evil Dragon’s arm that was transplanted was slightly larger than his other arm. There was also a layer of grey dragon scales that released a purplish black glow.

More terrifying was that the purplish black glow seemed to be dying the rest of his body. Patches of purplish black skin mixed with his normal skin. Especially his slightly opened eyes were greatly affected. His left pupil was pink and formed a great contrast with the purplish black pupil in his right eye.

“If I’m not wrong, this is not a normal medical experiment.”

Angil ignored the hysterical gnome scholar. Two arcane masters walked over and pulled the gnome to the side. The handsome Angil turned to Songat and slowly spoke, “This should be the Evil Dragon’s arm that came from the Nether Bishop. The Office of Special Affairs ordered the Holy Dawn Academy’s research center to dispose of it. You were also one of the members in charge. Now, this arm is transplanted onto this Iron Forest Academy student, how are you going to explain this?”

Cana’s face paled, she was drenched in cold sweat. 

“It’s already transplanted, and it’s rather successful.” Songat seemed unconcerned and shrugged while looking at Angil, “More importantly, what do you want to do now?”

“This is an arm belonging to the Evil Dragon. It contains dangerous Evil Dragon arcane power. It must be destroyed completely!”

Angil spoke resolutely, “No matter what you are trying to do...... This is not allowed. So, we must amputate the Evil Dragon’s arm immediately and destroy it. Then, we need to get medical masters to check his body. If there’s Evil Dragon particle corrosion in his body, we need to try to purify the Evil Dragon arcane power in his body.”

“Are you crazy? That’s my research......” The old gnome scholar became mad when he heard his newly created masterpiece would have to be destroyed. However, his resistance was useless as one of the arcane masters just gagged his mouth.

“I hold the authority of the Medical Center of the Office of Special Affairs. I believe this transplantation will not cause any problem. It will only provide him with a great strength to oppose the Evil Dragon. What’s wrong with that?” Songat’s expression turned more and more stern, he also straightened his body.

Cana looked at Songat in a daze.

The current Songat was like a completely different person than usual. She could never imagine the usually lazy-looking and mischievous Songat could actually be so stern and sharp.

“Since you insist, then we must first consider if you are in cahoots with the Evil Dragon followers. We will interrogate you.” Angil waved his hands apologetically.

The three arcane masters behind him gleamed and were about to take Songat away.

“In that case, will it be a battle?”

Songat expressionlessly looked at Angil and the three arcane masters, “Although as a medical master, I’m no match for you. However, I have many friends in Eichemalar, and I have also saved many more lives. It will be an interesting spectacle.”

Angil frowned deeply.

The entire laboratory turned into a stalemate. Everyone became silent.

Angil raised his brows, he had already made up his mind to bear the consequences.

However, at that moment, a heart beat rang out.

The heartbeat was not loud, but due to the suddenness, or rather the sudden amplification in sound, it attracted the gaze of everyone.


Cana held her breath.

The heartbeat came from Ferguillo’s chest.

Ferguillo’s chest heaved up and down. His heartbeat was also several times faster than normal, but the purplish black stain on his body was rapidly dissipating.

Even the grey color on the right arm was rapidly disappearing, becoming a pale crimson color.

Only his right pupil remained a mix of purplish black and grey.

Angil suddenly sensed a terrifying aura released by Ferguillo. He instinctively felt danger.

At that moment, Ferguillo’s eyelids twitched and he slowly opened his eyes.

A glint of surprise flashed across Songat’s eyes.

Ferguillo’s gaze landed on Angil.

Angil unconsciously took a step back.

The glow in Ferguillo’s two pupils made him feel a little dizzy.

Ferguillo lightly panted as if trying to adapt to the air. However, at the same time, he plainly spoke, “I also sensed the evil aura, the Evil Dragon’s aura...... However, this aura came from you.”

“What?!” Cana trembled. She turned to look at Angil.

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