Chapter 641: Ferguillo Transplanting An Arm

Chapter 641: Ferguillo Transplanting An Arm


Ayrin looked at Stingham’s empty gaze. Something was wrong. He immediately became worried and asked Stingham, “Stingham, are you sick? Or were you infected by that Evil Spirit Servant’s arcane power? Why aren’t you saying ‘I’m the most handsome’?”

“I’m fine.” Stingham hung his head and spoke, “Now that I can throw accurately, I’m not so useless anymore, right?”

Even Chris became worried. She asked Moss who walked up from behind Stingham, “What happened to him?”

Moss hesitated for a moment. After a difficult gulp, he whispered to the group, “Shanna sacrificed herself to save us.”

“What!? Shanna died in a battle?” Ayrin shouted in disbelief.

“Shanna......” Chris, Charlotte and Jean Camus were also shocked.

Shanna instantly surfaced in their minds.

The girl who was determined to stand by Stingham’s side to protect him. She...... actually sacrificed herself?

Ayrin became furious and shouted while shaking Moss’s body, “What’s going on? What happened? Who killed her?”

Moss took a glance at Stingham, “On our way back to the academy, we were ambushed by Jeriya, the Evil Dragon follower who was supposed to be transporting Rinsyi’s body. The body she carried was a fake. Her intention was to kill those after her. She was too strong, much stronger than normal Evil Dragon Bishops...... In order to save us, Shanna used her clan’s life forbidden skill.”

Ayrin still could not completely believe it and shouted, “What happened to Jeriya?”

“She didn’t die. She eventually escaped the pursuit.” Moss hung his head in sadness.



Before anyone could react, there was an explosion.

Ayrin had already smashed Stingham with a punch, blasting him away.


Everyone became dumbfounded and thought Ayrin was blaming Stingham. However, Ayrin pounced after the flying Stingham.

“Stingham, did you become like this because of blaming your usual uselessness? You were really lazy, so lazy you didn’t even want to think. However, your throws are very accurate now, you’re useful!”

“I know you’re feeling heartbroken, just shout it out, fight me!”

“Come! Let’s fight and vent that feeling! Shout it out!”

“And after we finish our fight, let’s avenge Shanna!”

As Ayrin kept shouting, he was also punching and kicking Stingham.


Under Ayrin’s rain of attacks, Stingham finally let out a maddening roar and began thrashing about.

For a while, the two of them were hitting each other like lunatics while shouting out loudly.

“What an interesting child. Even his method of encouraging his teammate is so unique.”

Tashina’s smile became deeper.

At that moment, Chris suddenly remembered something and asked worriedly, “Teacher Liszt, where are Belo and Meraly?”

“They’re fine. They did not return to the Holy Dawn Academy, so they did not encounter Jeriya.” Liszt knew what Chris was worried about and shook his head.

“What about Ferguillo? He......” Charlotte became nervous. She remembered Ferguillo was together with Stingham and Moss, and he was gravely injured. Yet he was not with them now.

“He’s also fine. However, after receiving treatment in the Holy Dawn Academy, he left. He should be finding a place to train.” Liszt spoke.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions rang out. After a long time, Stingham laid on the ground and could not get back up after getting beaten black and blue.

Ayrin also panted heavily and sat on the ground next to him.

“How about it, brave warrior Stingham, have you had your fill yet?”

“Do you want to avenge Shanna?”

“Shout it out if you want to!”

“I do! I want to avenge her!”

“If you want to, you must stop being lazy. You must train harder than anyone!”

“I want to train!”

“Rinloran! We also need to save Rinloran!”


They continued shouting like lunatics.

“He is finally becoming reliable...... Shanna, your wish has finally come true.” Jean Camus kept his gaze on Stingham.

He was also a citizen of the Kingdom of Doa. In a way, he too was a guardian of the Green Dragon Divine Temple like Shanna.

At the same time, Jean Camus also became curious about something else, “What kind of special training is Ferguillo doing now?”

After all, apart from Ayrin, he felt Ferguillo would be the greatest threat to him in a competition.

Extreme calmness, powerful...... and always unexpected.




Two robed arcane masters that hid their faces hurriedly walked towards the Medical Center belonging to the Office of Special Affairs.

The one who kept a lazy and lecherous expression was none other than the acknowledged number one medical master in the Kingdom of Eiche, Songat.

Next to Songat walked a man carrying a rectangular case. He was Ferguillo.

“Even Eichemalar is getting disorderly.”

Songat surveyed the surrounding sceneries and sighed.

Compared to before, the current Eichemalar not only became more quiet, the streets also became disorderly.

Various tramps and handicraft artists, as well as arcane teams, caused this situation.

The reason was simple. After the war broke out, many cities, especially the cities in the Kingdom of Doa, suffered devastating destruction. Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Eiche, many territory lords and Corps died in the war. Many people ended up without a place to live. These arcane masters and crafters inevitably became tramps.

Most of the arcane teams from the Office of Special Affairs were hunting down the exposed Evil Dragon followers. Hence, many areas ended up in a worse situation than during the Magus Era.

After all, during the Magus Era, there was only the conflict between powerful magus and mercenary arcane teams. There was no threat of destruction from the resurrected Evil Dragon.

Hearing Songat’s sigh, Ferguillo plainly spoke, “As long as we eventually destroy the Evil Dragon completely, everything will change.”

Songat grinned but did not say anything. He brought Ferguillo and crossed the streets in Eichemalar.

He did not walk through the front door of the Medical Center, but into an alley behind it.

There was a backdoor here that was mainly used to dispose of rubbish.

When Songat and Ferguillo arrived, the shut door opened. Cana, a classmate of Ciaran — the female medical master who had assisted in treating Ayrin and Ferguillo before — quickly waved towards Songat and Ferguillo, “We only have five seconds before the patrolling arcane team will pass here.”

“It’s fine, five seconds is enough.”

Songat followed behind Cana while staring at her hips, “Cana, do you have time tonight for supper together?”

Cana turned around with a dark expression, but she did not refuse it like usual. She gritted her teeth and answered, “If the operation goes well, I will accept the offer.”

“That will be difficult.” Songat shook his head and sighed after taking a glance at Ferguillo.

The three of them dashed through the quiet and long halls in the Medical Center. An area blocked by red tape appeared in front of them. However, the three of them just dashed past as if they did not notice it.

Eventually, they stopped before a door that seemed to lead to a laboratory.


The thick metal door was pushed open by someone from the other side.

“Why are you so late?” An anticipating and annoyed voice called out from the other side.

“Oi oi oi...... Old man Figaro, you’re only conducting your experiments in here. Don’t you understand how many relationships I need to pull in order to smuggle in contraband material? Especially when it is the Evil Dragon’s arm.”

Songat shook his arm as if he was warming up, then shouted towards the person on the other side of the door, “Only I have that network of connections. The powerful people in the Office of Special Affairs are all busy handling the situations outside, so they had no time for this. Otherwise, this Evil Dragon’s arm would definitely have been found and destroyed. It wouldn’t end up here.”

“Enough trash talking. Hurry up with the preparations you need!” Cana spoke with a stern tone and closed the thick metal door.

The room was a laboratory filled with various creepy limbs and organs.

The person facing them was none other than the gnome scholar Figaro who Ayrin’s group met in the Fallen Shadow Valley!

When they met Figaro, there was a humanoid creature on his operating table. The creature was an Evil Dragon follower that had two Dragon arms transplanted and ended up getting unfavorable side effects.

Currently, there was also an Evil Dragon follower lying on the operating table behind him.

That Evil Dragon follower was purplish black and seemed to be unconscious. His two arms were transplanted with wyvern arms.

His chest was cut open and a black heart was strongly beating.

“I’m prepared.”

The moment Figaro looked at the case carried by Ferguillo, his eyes sparkled.

“What’s the success rate? Assuming both of you performed your best.” Cana looked at the horrible-looking Evil Dragon follower and became brighter. A flame of hope lit up in her eyes.

Figaro looked at Cana in disdain and spoke, “That’s nonsense...... Because it’s only theoretically possible to succeed as he possesses a unique Undying bloodline. However, I have never experimented with such a bloodline before, so this is the first attempt. There is no such thing as success rate.”

“Have you really made up your mind?”

Songat took a deep breath and began stretching his body and head again.

He looked at Ferguillo and spoke in a serious tone, “Ayrin and the others are rapidly improving their strength. You may not even need to do this. After all, you need to sever one of your arms and there is no guarantee it will succeed.”

As he spoke, his expression was stern and his usual lecherous demeanor completely disappeared. He looked like a grandmaster now.

Ferguillo plainly nodded, “The enemy is the Evil Dragon...... Nobody can guarantee a foolproof method. Begin.”

He put down the case made out of a unique crystal.

The moment the case was opened, an extremely evil and powerful aura flowed out.

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