Chapter 640: A Changed Stingham

Chapter 640: A Changed Stingham


Gudra and Auroses were petrified by this scene.

They instinctively felt that this combination would trigger a terrifying power. However, they could not imagine what exactly would happen.

The gem-like red embers inside the crystal clear ice crown seemed dormant. In the next moment, the Fire Embers that burned all that could be burned absorbed the arcane power from the ice crown around it and ignited it.

The transparent ice crown was suddenly filled with countless lines of light. The embers began burning more fiercely. The ice crown’s arcane structure was destroyed, the intense heat could not spread out and was trapped inside. The clash between extreme heat and cold eventually resulted in a terrifying explosion.


The ice crown completely vanished.

All particles, be it the Fire Embers or ice crown, or even the tinier arcane particles, triggered an even more terrifying force under the compression of the explosion.


Sounds of people drawing sharp breaths could be heard.

The Evil Spirit Servant within the ice crown was blown into smithereens without leaving any ash. Only a terrifying shockwave spread out and snapped the trees within the valley in half.

“Ah? Where’s the Evil Spirit Servant?”

Ayrin was dumbfounded. He never imagined such a result.

“Ayrin, what did you do? How did you do that? You vaporized that Evil Spirit Servant! Why are you asking where it is?” Charlotte shouted towards Ayrin after witnessing the unbelievable scene.

“Vaporized it? The combination of these two arcane skills is actually this powerful!”

Ayrin realized what happened and laughed while scratching his head.

“It’s simple...... Even Old Ginns said Fire Embers is a unique forbidden skill that is similar to particle reforming and particle disintegration. There were no other forbidden skills like Fire Embers during the Era of the War with Dragons. As for the Destroyer Ice Crown, it’s originally an ice type forbidden skill that pursues pure destruction. I just wanted to see what would happen when these two arcane skills are used together.”

He proudly explained to Charlotte, “Wasn’t there a guy that could create a clone-like existence at another place and let arcane particles flow into that clone? So, I learned that and created a clone with my arcane particles, then I let the arcane particles flow in that clone and trigger the Destroyer Ice Crown. I actually succeeded and it’s so powerful!”


Gudra and Auroses turned green.

Ayrin made it sound so simple, but there’s no way it’s that simple!

The method to create a clone to cast arcane skills is not simply stacking a forbidden skill before using the Destroyer Ice Crown. He needs to let the arcane particles flow in the clone’s body to generate a similar effect of casting the Destroyer Ice Crown...... Even if the method is told to normal arcane masters, they cannot achieve it!

It’s completely a new creation!

He has created a new forbidden skill!

“The real kaleidoscope-type arcane master has grown up...... He can already make use of arcane skill combinations and create new arcane skills himself...... truly a real monster......”

Liszt and Rui were filled with emotions.

They were able to teach such a monster step by step until he eventually reached this height. As his teachers, they could feel proud of themselves.


“Oi! The other big guy, come and fight me to the death!”

Ayrin seemed unsatisfied and charged towards the other Evil Spirit Servant.


That Evil Spirit Servant was already terrified by Ayrin’s power and did not dare to fight against him. It flew up into the sky, a grey air current wrapping around it.


A streak of green flames drew an arc in the air.

The Evil Spirit Servant screamed as a hole was blasted open on one of its wings. It wavered in the air before losing balance.


Before it could react, another streak of green flames struck it.

Another hole opened up on its wing.

“Still trying to fly?” Ayrin shouted. He was enveloped in a cluster of dazzling holy light.

The air trembled.

The cluster of holy light drastically contracted and shot out.


The holy light pillar accurately hit the uninjured wing of the Evil Spirit Servant. It burned to tatters.

The Evil Spirit Servant finally lost control and crashed back down to the ground.

“Well done! Brave warrior Stingham!” Ayrin shouted excitedly. At the same time, he already appeared right below the falling Evil Spirit Servant.

The Evil Spirit Servant let out a maddening yell, “Ah!”

A dragon crystal floated in front of the Evil Spirit Servant and countless grey crystal particles combined into a flood, crashing towards Ayrin. The particles were about to become a huge coffin.

“Still using the same forbidden skill? It’s useless! In this place, your casting speed is slower than mine! Let’s have a good fist fight!” Ayrin shouted with intense fighting spirit.

A huge wind spear appeared out of nowhere.


The huge wind spear clashed against the coffin and neutralized it, leaving behind shattered wind currents and crystal particles.


Many people became speechless.

Evil Spirit Servants lived up to their names. If it was anywhere else, it would have been much more powerful than now. The holy radiance lingering in the entire valley constantly suppressed its strength. Hence, the Evil Spirit Servant could only display a portion of its true strength.

In such a situation, only close range combat could cause a fatal threat to Ayrin.

Shouldn’t you aim for a victory with the least amount of effort?

The current Ayrin looked like someone who wanted to increase the difficulty to the Evil Spirit Servant.

Crack...... Crack...... Crack......

The Evil Spirit Servant seemed to have realized the situation and weird sounds came from its body.

Rings of grey crystal light spread out from its body, becoming bones that looked like chainmail.

At the same time, the limbs of the arcane master at the chest of the Dragon also began moving.

“Both of them can fight?”

Ayrin trembled in surprise.

Dragon claws as well as the hands from the arcane master at the Dragon’s chest approached him simultaneously.


He crossed his arms to block the dragon claws. However, his chest was hit by the arcane master and he was knocked back.


Ayrin jumped back up from the ground, leaving behind a human-shaped hole.


He was repelled again and crashed into the ground.


He jumped out once more and left behind another hole.

“This guy......” Minlur pinched his nose. He thought he was the number one manly man in St. Lauren, but he had to admit he was not as manly as Ayrin.

“Have we completely become spectators now?”

Auroses and Gudra showed bitter expressions.

They originally thought they were powerful reinforcements, but they were treated as bait first and they had nothing to do after the real battle started either. Although Ayrin seemed to be getting beaten up, the surrounding people did not seem like they were intending to help at all.

“How energetic, what a cute boy.” A gentle voice suddenly said.

Auroses suddenly realized something and trembled.

He turned around and exclaimed, “Radiance Priestess Tashina......”

A female arcane master shining in a holy radiance appeared in everyone’s sight.

“She is...... Tashina?”

Chris and Charlotte were also dumbfounded by the sight.

The female arcane master looked just like a maiden!

She wore the high collar priestess robe from the Era of the War with Dragons. Her pure white hair almost reached the ground, and her facial appearance could be said to be perfectly proportioned. Her eyes were blue, just like the vast sky.

The light dots lingering in the entire valley occasionally landed on her and disappeared after touching her skin. However, soon, there would be light dots seeping out from her skin.

This caused everyone to feel those lifeless light dots becoming lively light spirits.


A loud cracking sound rang out.

Charlotte and Chris turned around only to see the Evil Spirit Servant’s dragon claw shattering from the center. They asked, “What happened?”

Tashina revealed a perfect smile. She seemed more interested in the situation and spoke, “Because Ayrin’s fist is small.”

Chris and Charlotte instantly understood.

Ayrin’s physical strength was similar to the Evil Spirit Servant. In a situation where both sides exerted the same force, his every punch stabbed into the dragon claw of the Evil Spirit Servant like a sharp nail.

“The battle should be over soon.”

Jean Camus shook his head and let out a long sigh.

Ayrin was already getting used to the Evil Spirit Servant’s double attacks and began counterattacking. Now that one of the dragon claws was shattered, it would be Ayrin’s turn to go on the offensive.

“Can’t you go any faster? Why are you getting slower and slower?”

As expected, Ayrin’s unsatisfied shouts began to rang out.

Rapid clashing sounds kept coming from the two.

The Evil Spirit Servant kept retreating and shattered scales fell from its body. It could only see countless afterimages of Ayrin smashing its body.

“Be careful...... It seems to have been beaten into despair by Ayrin, it’s going to self-destruct.” Liszt suddenly shouted.


After a rapid incantation, the holy light web in the sky suddenly contracted and bound the retreating Evil Spirit Servant.


At that moment, the Evil Spirit Servant violently exploded.

Countless grey crystal particles clashed against the holy light web and both sides burned up, releasing clusters of smoke.

“What the hell?” Ayrin grumbled after appearing outside the burning holy light web with a face full of soot.


Within the clusters of smoke, a shadow was flying up with a pained shriek.

It looked like a Dragon wearing a cape.


At the same time, a crimson pillar of light descended from the sky.

The shadow screamed in despair within the crimson light pillar and rapidly shrunk, eventually disappearing.


In the sky, Auroses who was holding the Depraved Holy Grail seemed to look a little better.

As the King of the Storm Kingdom, he had to at least show some merit at the end of the battle. If he let the Evil Spirit Servant’s soul escape, the Evil Dragon could create another one.

“Is the battle over, just like this? It’s a pity the Fellemang did not come...... Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so easy......” Ayrin sighed with a little disappointment. Then, he shouted excitedly, “Brave warrior Stingham!”

Because he saw Stingham holding his Green Dragon Spear walking towards his group. Behind Stingham was Moss.

“Ayrin, my throws are more accurate now, right?” Stingham muttered while looking at Ayrin.

“What’s wrong?”

Ayrin was startled.

Chris, Charlotte and even Jean Camus were also startled.

Why does Stingham look a little zoned out?...... According to his personality, shouldn’t he be spinning his Green Dragon Spear proudly and flicking his hair while laughing, saying he’s the most handsome?

As Ayrin did not answer, Stingham muttered again, “Ayrin...... my throws are more accurate now, right?”

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