Chapter 639: Ice And Fire

Chapter 639: Ice And Fire


The spatial transportation altar was connected to Tashina’s Hermit Residence.

Tashina’s Hermit Residence, the floating island, was the place Old Ginns mentioned where they could truly ambush and kill the Evil Spirit Servants.

The unique arcane power here could weaken the Evil Spirit Servants, while the lingering holy light radiance could gradually neutralize their absorption ability. However, in Old Ginns’s plan, the altar should be activated by Ayrin’s group to sweep the Evil Spirit Servants into the Hermit Residence.


While Ayring was still confused, a familiar green flame shot up from the valley not far away and flew towards one of the Evil Spirit Servants.


The Evil Spirit Servant roared in anger. A piece of grey crystal clashed against the green flame, generating a terrifying explosion.

The two Evil Spirit Servants seemed to realize they were ambushed. They desperately flapped their dragon wings and tried to escape.


The terrifying green flame shot at them again. It locked onto the escaping Evil Spirit Servant. An explosion rang out, after which the green flame appeared right in front of the Evil Spirit Servant who ran straight into it.


Some of its dragon scales were vaporized, a barrel-sized hole opening up on its back and the grey arcane power within its body spewing out like a pillar of light.


It sounded like a heavy hammer hitting the ground.

The other Evil Spirit Servant counterattacked.

A grey light ray shot towards the origin of the green flame.

A large crater opened up on the ground and a shockwave swept outwards.

At the epicenter of the crater, everyone could see a figure standing. His body was glowing green and yellow.


Another sonic boom rang out. The green flame shot out and accurately captured the position of the injured Evil Spirit Servant.


The Evil Spirit Servant folded its wings to block the attack. However, it almost lost control of its body and tumbled in the sky.

Ayrin’s group was stunned by this development.

It was clear to them that the green flame was the Green Dragon Spear.

Only Stingham could use that spear.

Is that Stingham?

When did he become so powerful? He can actually keep attacking despite receiving such a heavy counterattack, and with such accuracy from such a distance......


Countless triangular grey crystals poured down from the sky. The other Evil Spirit Servant appeared behind the injured Evil Spirit Servant as if it had teleported. Two dragon claws grabbed the injured Evil Spirit Servant, after which they rapidly flew up.


Another violent vibration spread out from the sky.

Within the valley, there were dozens of arcane masters chanting simultaneously.

Streaks of holy light rays weaved into a huge web in the sky.

The ascending Evil Spirit Servants crashed into the holy light web. Smoke rose up from their bodies as if they were electrocuted. The injuries seemed to be even more severe than those from Stingham’s attacks. They were repelled by the web and spun around in the air uncontrollably.

“This is?”

Ayrin was even more stunned.

He could see many familiar faces amongst those who shot out the holy light rays. They were his teachers of the Holy Dawn Academy!

As Liszt and a few others approached them, Chris could not hold back anymore and asked, “Teacher Liszt, what’s going on?”

“If Fellemang is here, all of you are bait in our plan. We are the real ambush.” Liszt quickly explained, “Fellemang possesses powerful mental strength. If we came with you, he would’ve definitely discovered us. Now that we confirmed Fellemang is not here, all we need to do is to kill these two Evil Spirit Servants.”

“We were also bait in Old Ginns’s plan?”

“If Captain Fellemang did come and noticed the ambush, he may have just escaped. So, we were the bait. Fellemang would try and kill us while Teacher Liszt and the others were waiting to ambush him!”

Ayrin realized the plan and grumbled, “I knew it, Old Ginns is unreliable!”

Auroses and Gudra also had a terrible expression. Although they disagreed with Old Ginns being unreliable, they also felt unhappy that someone with their identity was made to be bait.

“Sorry.” Liszt noticed their displeasure and explained, “Fellemang is an arcane master with bizarre mental strength. If he was really here and we told you the truth beforehand, he may have sensed more ambushers based on your mental activities. Hence, we could only deceive you.”

Auroses felt a little better. He took a glance at Liszt and asked, “How can you be certain Fellemang did not come? Couldn’t he be using an arcane skill to hide?”

Liszt shrugged and spoke, “Someone amongst us can ascertain it.”

Boom! Boom!

Two explosions rang out in the sky.

The two Evil Spirit Servants seemed to have understood they could not break out through the holy light web in the sky. They crashed down onto the ground and entered into a final rampaging state.

“Let me!” Ayrin cheered as he jumped towards one of the Evil Spirit Servants.


Two powerful forces clashed.

A terrifying shockwave spread out, Ayrin was knocked back and crashed into the ground, leaving a deep crater.

Meanwhile, the Evil Spirit Servant that was much more robust than him wobbled and took a few steps back.

When everyone was wondering whether Ayrin was dead or alive, Ayrin shouted excitedly, “Again!”

He jumped out of the crater and charged towards the Evil Spirit Servants once more.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Even Liszt rubbed his forehead and was speechless.

The Evil Spirit Servants possessed terrifying strength. More importantly, their bodies were not made of normal flesh and blood. No matter how severe their wounds were, they could recover quickly and continue battling.

Hence, even if they managed to trap the Evil Spirit Servants, it would be very difficult to kill them. They might need to pay a heavy price.

However, Ayrin was like a beast even more terrifying than the Evil Spirit Servants. He alone managed to take on one Evil Spirit Servant!


A black rope made of shadow wrapped around the other Evil Spirit Servant.

Rui appeared behind it and held the other end of the black rope.


A thorny halo made from grey crystal light snapped the black rope and repelled Rui.


However, at the same time, a streak of green flames accurately hit the chest of the Evil Spirit Servant, blasting open another large hole.

The entire valley seemed to be getting brighter.

Many sparkling particles appeared floating in the air.

The two Evil Spirit Servants let out maddening roars. Their bodies were smoking and their Evil Dragon particles were slowly disappearing.

The Evil Spirit Servant fighting against Ayrin suddenly screamed, “Evil Dragon Coffin! Holy Spirit Seal!”


It spat out a grey dragon crystal, after which a stream of terrifying crystal particles hit Ayrin.

“Shit! I got careless!” Ayrin shouted. The crystal particles that hit his body instantly turned into a purplish black crystal and entrapped him, leaving him immobile.

Within his sight, he could see the Evil Spirit Servant’s claw burning. It passed through the purplish black crystal without any resistance and slammed down towards Ayrin’s chest.


At that moment, a streak of green flames crashed into the claw.

The Evil Spirit Servant shrieked and a hole opened up on its claw. Its body was knocked back by the heavy impact.

“An interesting forbidden skill!” Ayrin shouted.

In that same moment, the purplish black coffin binding him disappeared and became floating red dust.

Rings of terrifying hot flames manifested around him.

The Evil Spirit Servant felt instinctive fear and moved back.

“Fire Embers!”

“So, at six-gate arcane level...... together with the Holy Gate of Life, for a total sum of near seven-gate arcane particles, Fire Embers becomes this!”

Liszt and Rui realized what Ayrin did and became surprised.


Countless embers floated towards the Evil Spirit Servant, intense heat instantly surrounding it.

Liszt and Rui opened their mouths wide in astonishment, “What’s that?”

Ayrin slammed his fists on the ground.

The moment his fist hit the ground, a huge ice crown surged out and wrapped the embers with the Evil Spirit Servant inside.


Chris, Jean Camus and Charlotte were also astonished.

It looked like the Destroyer Ice Crown, yet it seemed to use a different casting process.

The normal Destroyer Ice Crown would manifest with Ayrin as the center. However, right now Ayrin seemed to be using his fists to shoot out the arcane particles and create the crown right around the opponent’s body.

“Did he actually modify this kind of forbidden skill?”

A possibility surged up from Jean Camus’s mind. He could not help but draw a sharp breath, “His arcane power control and comprehension has already reached the level of being able to modify arcane skills?”

There were gem-like red embers inside the crystal clear ice crown. What kind of power could this integration of forbidden skills produce?

Jean Camus fully focused at the scene in order not to miss out any details.

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