Chapter 638: Hermit Residence

Chapter 638: Hermit Residence


“Where is Ayrin’s group now?”

Meraly suddenly missed Ayrin, Chris and even Stingham. She missed every single one of them.

Perhaps, every companion would be a mental support during such trying times.

The mutual trust and reliance between companions was the source of courage.


“Is Old Ginns reliable or not...... He said those Evil Spirit Servants would be coming here soon, Teacher Liszt, Stingham and the others will also come here to set up an ambush. Why are neither here yet? Don’t tell me Old Ginns is as unreliable as Grandmaster Yi!”

In a certain valley of the Dragon Breath Mountain Range in the Kingdom of Eiche, Ayrin was grumbling while sitting on the stone ground.

Behind him, there was a circular platform. The platform was about ten meters in diameter and made from a type of white crystal. The unique arcane power erected an oval cluster of light at the center of the platform.

A breeze constantly blew out from the cluster of light. It was a spatial passage!

Any arcane master who had read through books could tell it was a spatial transportation altar that had gone extinct!

It was a product from before the Era of the War with Dragons like Eichemalar City in the Kingdom of Eiche!

The spatial crystal used to construct the spatial transportation altar was already exhausted at the start of the War with Dragons. This precious and rare crystal was controlled by some Dragon races and ancient Draconic Scholars. They were used to build special transportation altars that connected to Dragon Nests or Hermit Residences.

Currently, there was a barrier surrounding the altar and Ayrin’s group.

He could see a transparent layer of light when looking out from inside, but anyone looking in could not see anything. The entire altar was hidden by the barrier. The barrier created an illusion of a forest similar to the geographical features in the surroundings.

Apart from Ayrin, Jean Camus, Chris, Charlotte and Lotton, Auroses and Gudra from the Storm Kingdom were also inside the barrier. They were hiding in a place not far away from Ayrin’s group and waited for the Evil Spirit Servants to arrive.

“You bastard! Your Epic Silver Dragon bloodline is inherited from senior Beckensis! He trusts you so much that he put the fate of the entire Doraster Continent in your hands, yet you are doubting him?” Auroses could not endure Ayrin’s grumbling and spoke, “Since they have put all their efforts in tracking down Radiance Priestess Tashina, they will definitely come here after obtaining her location!”

Gudra also stared angrily at Ayrin.

Monsters on its level recovered quickly. Its two decapitated heads had already regrown, but they were clearly smaller compared to the other seven heads. It made for a hilarious look.

However, what it cared about more was that Ayrin had actually grilled its two decapitated heads and had eaten them. This inflicted a great trauma in its heart.

Ayrin sensed Gudra’s gaze and complained to it while waving his fist, “Oi, your attitude seems a bit unfriendly. Your heads have grown out already, why are you staring at me like that?”

“Pssh...... Psst......” Lighting sprayed out from Gudra’s nostrils.

Getting two of its heads eaten was a huge shame! How could this be settled just because its heads grew back out?

“You seem furious. Want to have a bout? I’m bored anyway.”

Seeing its reaction, Ayrin became excited and his eyes sparkled, “Old Ginns said the interior of this barrier can’t be seen from the outside anyway. There also won’t be any sound. As long as we don’t use our arcane power to fight and just use physical strength, even those Evil Spirit Servants won’t notice a thing. How about it? Let’s fight with just physical strength?”

“......” Gudra instantly deflated and desperately shook its heads.

What kind of battle maniac is he?

Only a lunatic will fight against this kind of person!

Could he be after my heads again?

“Come! Let’s fight!” Ayrin shouted while provokingly waving his fist.

Gudra simply turned its nine heads away and pretended to not see anything.

At that moment, Lotton’s unique, hoarse voice sounded out. “They’re coming......”

“Are they coming?”

Everyone instantly became nervous. Ayrin also lost interest in Gudra and opened his eyes wide to check the surroundings.

Two clusters of shadows suddenly appeared in the white clouds above.

They looked like two clusters of grey clouds from afar, but within seconds, the two clusters rapidly descended.

Dark grey arcane power and huge dragon wings appeared in the eyes of Ayrin’s group.

“Are they the Evil Spirit Servants of the Evil Dragon, the Undead Dragon Riders?”

Ayrin could see two clearly dead Dragons breathing like living Dragons. There was an arcane master in purplish black armor embedded in their chests. They looked powerful and merciless.

A deathly aura pressed through the barrier.

Countless birds and beasts escaped in panic within the valley, stirring up a commotion.

Chris had already completed her preparations for battle and asked, “Only two? The strongest one, their captain Fellemang, is not coming?”

“Do you have any plans?”

Auroses took a deep breath. Fellemang did not show up. This was different from their original plan, so they had to make changes to the plan.

“We’ll see after we fight!” Ayrin swung his fist like a battle maniac.

“We’ll see after we fight?” Auroses’s expression darkened.

“Yes, we’ll see after we fight!”

However, Ayrin confidently nodded, “Anyway, if Fellemang is hiding, once these two Evil Spirit Servants cannot endure any longer, he will also show up.”

Auroses took a deep breath again.

Looks like staying with such a team...... there is no room for discussion.

Something’s wrong!

At that moment, Auroses suddenly had an ominous feeling.

The two Evil Spirit Servants descending from the sky did not show any indication of searching. Terrifying arcane energy fluctuations reverberated from their bodies!

“Undead Crystal Rush!”

Two creepy ancient Draconic incantations echoed out in the sky. It triggered the arcane power in the air to rampage. Countless triangular grey crystals rained down onto the barrier within which Ayrin’s group was hiding!

“They discovered us already?”

“I knew it! Old Ginns is unreliable! Watch out!”

Ayrin jumped in front of Auroses and Gudra, then shouted, “Jean Camus, you’re in charge of the defense for Chris’s group!”

His instinct told him the forbidden skill used by those two Evil Spirit Servants was very powerful and was a standard Evil Dragon forbidden skill. The skill contained the intense Evil Dragon particle corrosive property. Even Gudra and Auroses might not be able to remain unscathed.


The entire barrier bursted apart like a bubble.

The triangular grey crystals poured down like a flood.

A huge ice crown enlarged in front of Gudra and Auroses.

At the same time, a pale light film shrouded Chris’s group.


The moment the grey crystals landed on Jean Camus’s Everlasting Domain, it wavered and tiny cracks began forming on the barrier.

However, Jean Camus rapidly chanted and green light threads grew out from the cracks. A green light cocoon rapidly took form. The grey crystals stabbed into the green light cocoon but could not pierce it.

On the other side, the huge Destroyer Ice Crown kept shattering and generating.

Some grey crystal stabbed into the center of the ice crown, reaching Ayrin. But they could not penetrate the scaly light on Ayrin’s body.

The grey crystals landing on Ayrin slowly melted and were absorbed by him.

“What happened?”

The full power attacks by the Evil Spirit Servants were blocked by Jean Camus and Ayrin, but they were shocked when the spatial transportation altar behind them suddenly activated!

Countless light rays shot out from the altar.

The entire valley was shrouded in a powerful domain.

The domain seemed to fold up the space of the valley, then violently sucked it in and shrank.


Everyone fell towards the altar like getting carried by a powerful water current through a passage.

A familiar voice suddenly spoke next to Ayrin’s ear, “Ayrin, don’t resist.”

“Teacher Liszt?”

Ayrin was startled as he was unleashing his arcane particles to resist the pulling.

He unconsciously stopped resisting.


The scenery instantly changed.

All of them, including the two Evil Spirit Servants, were swept into another space.

It was a huge valley similar to where they just were.

The familiar mountain range allowed Ayrin to be certain they were still in the Dragon Breath Mountain Range, not far from the altar.

However, he opened his eyes wide in surprise when he saw a mountain floating in the center of the mountain range like a floating island.

The entire mountain levitated in the air!

There were countless massive vines dangling down from the mountain and river flowing down!

The plants in the valley seemed to be from ancient times and released a vibrant aura.

“Is this the place Old Ginns mentioned to be used to ambush the Evil Spirit Servants, Tashina’s Hermit Residence? But shouldn’t that altar be activated by us?” Ayrin realized what happened but was still confused.

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