Chapter 637: Is Every Person Born A Hero?

Chapter 637: Is Every Person Born A Hero?


“Since you noticed them two to three months ago, why didn’t you contact the outside world? Even before that, neither the Kingdom of Eiche nor Kingdom of Doa knew of your existence.” Belo looked at the giant arcane masters with his arrogant gaze, “Is it because of your narrow minded territorial concept?”

“It’s unrelated to the territorial concept.” Reap hesitated for a moment, then explained, “This is related to the physical trait of us Snow Forest Barbarians. We are used to the extreme cold here. The warm weather is our natural enemy. If we go somewhere relatively warm, we will become very uncomfortable and rapidly weaken. We will even catch various diseases.”

A glint flashed across Belo’s eyes as he asked, “So, you can’t leave the Snowfall Forest to fight, unless the outside world is as cold as here?”

Reap revealed a bitter smile, “Extreme cold prevents diseases from nurturing and even slows down our growth. It gave us a longer youth and more time to cultivate. However, at the same time, it lowered our resistance against the weather and diseases in the outside world.”

“This thing, the Eternal Love Crown that is now called the Cursed Crown, how did it end up in that lake?” Belo did not pay attention to Reap’s explanation and continued to ask, “As the most important artifact for the Evil Dragon, what kind of power does it possess?”

“There are some elements in that lake which can delay the deterioration of the sealing power on this crown. Fenny had suffered in several harsh battles and died soon after the war ended. Before she passed away, she put the crown in the ice lake herself. We have been guarding it for generations, until the crown’s sealing power finally started to weaken.” Reap’s expression was serious, “As for its power...... This crown possesses a terrifying curse. The Evil Dragon Army you saw just now should be the successful experimental subjects when it was completed. The Evil Dragon used this power to plant a curse in the arcane masters from the Evil Dragon Army. If the Evil Dragon obtains this crown again, he can use his unique forbidden skill to create more such armies. More importantly, if he obtains this crown, he can possess a near eternal physical body. According to Fenny’s warning...... when necessary, the Evil Dragon can integrate his physical body with this crown and remodel himself into a crystal body that can recover itself after getting shattered.”


Meraly drew another sharp breath. She had already received too many shocks for one day.

She finally understood why the Evil Dragon treated the crown as his most important piece and even sent such a powerful army to find it.

The Evil Dragon bloodline provided him with a powerful devouring ability. He was similar to Ayrin and could continuously replenish his arcane particles during battle. If he also had a body that could always recover, no matter its state, who would have been able to kill the Evil Dragon back then?

“In that case, the victory of the war...... is mostly due to Fenny taking away this crown......” Meraly commented emotionally.

Belo muttered, “There will be a way.”

Meraly thought Belo meant that even if the Evil Dragon had this crown, the heroes in the war would think of a method. She also believed it was possible, so she did not overthink it.

However, Belo immediately added, “No power is everlasting. The Cursed Ghost army you mentioned should be a byproduct of this crown. The arcane power contained in their bodies is not as powerful as this crown. There will be a way.”

What Belo meant is...... how to take on the Cursed Ghost army? He never thought about that war?

Meraly was startled and turned around.

She saw Belo revealing an impulsive bloody gaze.

“Even if I can’t find a method to completely kill those things...... If I just kill the Evil Dragon, those things should cease to exist or enter an eternal slumber.” Belo coldly spoke, “After all, these things only revived due to the Evil Dragon’s resurrection. Their consciousness should be controlled by the Evil Dragon. They can be considered as one of the Evil Dragon’s arcane skills.”

Reap and the other giant arcane masters shook their heads with a bitter smile.

Belo’s words were reasonable, but it was too difficult to achieve.

Killing the Evil Dragon, both its body and its consciousness, was indeed the best solution. However, if the Evil Dragon was so easy to kill, why would they have waited until now?

“I don’t know how you think, but I won’t follow the Evil Dragon’s script.”

Belo stopped walking. He looked at the giant arcane masters around, cold glints flickering in his gaze, “Your Winter Kingdom could not destroy this Cursed Ghost army or find the method to kill them. Now that your kingdom has already been destroyed, your fighting strength must be no match to what it once was. If we follow your plan and light the Snow City Beacon Tower to summon your allies...... All you can do is some guerrilla warfare, using the lives of you and your allies to buy time.”

The giant arcane masters turned bitter. They knew Belo was speaking the truth.

Reap’s expression turned extremely stern. He stared sharply at Belo, “What do you want to do then?”

“You won against the Evil Dragon during the War with Dragons by stalling for time. Now that he has already learned this lesson, he won’t make the same mistake again unless he is as dumb as a pig. If me and this crown stay here to stall for time with all of you, we will end up getting toyed with by the Evil Dragon. After strengthening to a certain point, he or his servants will definitely come to kill us and snatch this crown.”

Belo did not seem to care about their thoughts or expressions and continued coldly, “So, I won’t wait for him to make a move. I will force him to make a move. I will take this crown away and use it as a bait.”

“Use it as a bait?” Reap and the other giant arcane masters showed doubt.

From their perspectives, it was a good suggestion, but it was incredibly difficult to execute.

If it was like Belo said and the new Evil Dragon was calmer and more cunning than before, would he not be wary of it and not get baited?

“He doesn’t have much of a choice. He will fall for it.” Belo nodded with confidence, “Because if he doesn’t show up, I will definitely destroy this crown.”

Before the giant arcane masters could voice their opinions, he snorted again, “I cannot destroy this crown, but I know someone who has a high chance of destroying it.”

“Someone can destroy this crown?”

Astonishment and doubt flickered in the eyes of those giant arcane masters.

Fenny brought the crown here...... Nobody in the entire Doraster Continent understood the crown better than the Snow Forest Barbarians.

This crown could not even be destroyed by a seven-gate arcane master!

Meraly suddenly realized something, “Do you mean Ayrin?”

Belo turned around and snorted. “Not Ayrin alone...... We need you too.”

“Me?” Meraly was dumbfounded. She felt that it was totally impossible, that Belo was spouting nonsense. After all, how could it be related to her?

“With the speed at which Ayrin is progressing...... He must have opened his sixth arcane gate by now...... With his Holy Gate of Life and unique bloodline power that can even absorb and integrate the Evil Dragon’s arcane power, even if he cannot destroy this crown, he can at least shave off some shards.” Belo looked at the golden box with contempt, “Your Crystal Angel has already reached a high level...... Can’t your Crystal Angel absorb, integrate and change some crystal properties into the material contained within your bones?”

Meraly was completely petrified. Her mind blanked out.

“According to the recovery situation of those Cursed Ghosts, although they can completely recover after getting smashed to bits, it still takes some time.” Belo continued coldly, “If we use this same logic on the crown. All you have to do is absorb those shards and integrate them into your body. Your body will become the prison to lock them up. This crown will not be able to recover, and with Ayrin continuously destroying it, it will lose more and more shards...... No matter how powerful and stable its arcane structure is, won’t it eventually be weathered away by Ayrin and you?”

Belo looked at the completely dumbfounded Meraly and continued, “If I’m not wrong, your Crystal Angel can integrate almost any kind of crystal powder, including dragon crystals. Most of the materials from that crown can be integrated by you. In that case, if this succeeds, you may also drastically increase your strength.”

“Can I also become...... a key figure to determine the final outcome?” Although Meraly knew what Belo stated were facts, she still could not believe it.

“Are you going to look down on yourself?” Belo sneered, “Is every person born a hero?”

“Who is this Ayrin you are talking about?” The giant arcane masters were also astonished. Most of them could not comprehend the conversation.

“Epic Silver Dragon bloodline, my teammate.” Belo explained simply, “The guy who can let you fight outside without getting limited by the climate here.”

“Let us fight outside?” The giant arcane masters were getting even more astonished.

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