Chapter 635: White Giant Arcane Master

Chapter 635: White Giant Arcane Master


Each time Belo appeared in Meraly’s sight, each time he fought, Meraly always felt he was powerful.

In her subconsciousness, he was like a wall protecting her.

Even if the sky collapsed, Belo would be sheltering her.

However, even when she screamed desperately, Belo did not open his eyes.

Is he going to die?

No! If he didn’t need to save me, he would not have been heavily wounded like this!

Even if I have to die, he must survive!

Within the ice shard dust cloud, Meraly shrieked, “Ah!”

Every action of the barbarian was powerful and perfect, without any hesitation.

The moment one horn pierced through Belo, he leapt down from the War Beast. Currently, the shadow cast down by him shrouded Meraly and Belo.

Countless crystal light seeped out from Meraly’s body.

The potential buried deep in her body, the power accumulated from her continuous cultivation all this time, finally unleashed.


The skin on her hands split and crystal claws extended out. Crystal spikes broke through the skin on her back.

Sharp crystal spikes grew out from her back and formed crystal wings.

Crystal Angel...... I finally grew out the wings......

At that moment, time seemed to have stopped for Meraly. Her mind was perplexed.

Wings grew out...... I finally became a monster...... From now on, people will look at me like they would at a monster...... but no matter what, before I die, I won’t let anyone kill Belo!

Despite feeling perplexed, her figure looked unwavering.


Her hands swung up as if splitting the space.

The barbarian’s action did not change, the huge horn stabbed towards her and Belo.


Meraly’s claws severed the horn.

The barbarian’s gaze shone a bizarre glint.

He was surprised at the change in sharpness of Meraly’s claws. From his experience, Meraly’s claws should not be able to sever the horn.

However, that surprise did not dull his movements.

He’d lived through countless battlefields, each one helping him grow more powerful. There was no need to think as his instinct told him he should not change his actions.

He held the blunted horn in his hand and smashed towards Meraly.

It was like a broadsword before, but now it was a hammer.

The horn was about to hit Meraly, and flatten both her and Belo against the ground.

At that moment, Meraly spun around her axis.

The crystal wings on her back began spinning like revolving blades.

The barbarian’s action showed a pause for the first time.

His brows seemed to frown as he looked down at his own hands.

They were cleanly cut off. He had never experienced anything like this before. He looked a little startled.


“A powerful arcane skill...... It’s different from normal particle skills or materialize skills...... we can make our move now.” A voice spoke behind the wolves within the forest.


A moment later, the entire forest became rowdy as if a volcano erupted.

Meraly was yet to react to this change, when the barbarian seemed to sense something familiar. A series of angry roars came from his mouth.

He rapidly retreated and the transparent arcane masters nearby rapidly moved into position to form a human wall.

Meraly held her breath.

There were Forest Snow Wolves everywhere.

The wolves charging out of the forest were like an avalanche.

The first layer of transparent arcane masters were attacked by five to six wolves each.

Those wolves treated Meraly and Belo like air. There were wolves dashing past them in all directions, but none attacked them.

What shocked Meraly even more was seeing several tall figures charging out behind the wolves.

They were arcane masters over two and half meters tall!

Their skin color was snow white, but they gave off an intense heat. Each muscle on their body seemed to contain a terrifying power.


Those robust arcane masters entered the fray and knocked down the transparent arcane masters.

Ice arcane power gathered in their hands and became huge ice swords or axes. A single transparent arcane master was no match for them. They were blasted away by the weapons.


At that moment, the enormous War Beast had recovered and stood back up.

Over twenty snow wolves pounced onto the War Beast, but they were instantly thrown off by it.

The barbarian also regenerated his hands and tore apart a snow wolf after catching one.

Hot blood and wolf fur splashed up into the air.


At that moment, the sky above them suddenly turned blood red.

A menacing bloodshot eye appeared in the sky.

The blood flowing on the ground flew up.


Meraly sensed the familiar presence and turned around in surprise.

Belo stood up behind her with a straight back.

His body was wrapped in ice crystals and blood streams, like a demigod.

A bewitching blood red color spread out within the transparent arcane masters, including the War Beast and barbarian.

The transparent enemies stiffened for a moment.


Countless shattering sounds rang out.

The transparent enemies that lost the means of resistance for a moment were torn to shreds by the pouncing snow wolves and robust arcane masters.

“High beastman bloodline...... power of evolution?”

An arcane master who looked like the leader stood at the center of several wolf corpses and turned to look at Belo.

He was a bearded middle-aged arcane master, with a square face. He wielded a saw blade.

His gaze was cold and sharp, but also contained astonishment. He clearly did not expect to pay only so little sacrifices this time.

“Who are you people?”

The ice crystal and blood streams revolving around Belo’s body and feet gradually faded away. Blood flowed out from the wolf corpses into his hollowed out chest. It was a horrible scene.

Belo’s gaze was filled with alert and suspicion. He stared at the tall arcane masters and snow wolves, “You look like barbarians...... yet also not like barbarians.”

“We are Snow Forest Barbarians.” The bearded middle-age arcane master gazed at the box next to Belo and took a deep breath, “We must leave here first.”

Belo did not intend to move and asked, “Why?”

“Because these arcane masters will recover soon and even more will arrive.” The bearded arcane master spoke.

“Looks like you know many things.”


Belo muttered something to himself and nodded to Meraly, gesturing to follow the arcane masters and wolf pack.


Meraly only now felt the intense pain on her back.

When the Crystal Angel’s wings truly took shape, it meant her forbidden skill had gained great power. However, the wings were formed by the bone spurs on her spine. The bone spurs tore through her flesh, pressuring her nerves. Even if she did not move, every breath would transmit unimaginable pain into her brain.

Yet this pain wasn’t nearly as great as the pain she felt in her mind.

My body, I must look so ugly...... These crystal wings on my back cannot be retracted. I must look like a monster.

Belo saw that she was about to cry and asked, “What? Is it that painful?”

“No......” Meraly twitched and lowered her head, “I must look ugly now, right?

“What are you talking about?” Belo snorted, turned around and looked carefully at her, “You look beautiful.”

“W-What?” Meraly immediately raised her head, a flame of hope lit in her heart.

“You’re so noisy!” Belo stared at her irritatedly, “It’s fine if I find it beautiful! A pair of transparent wings, doesn’t that look more beautiful than before?”

Meraly’s gloominess and sadness instantly disappeared, her eyes filling with stars of happiness instead.

“Oi, can you tell us your identities and what those monsters are?” Belo turned around and looked at those giant arcane masters with an impulsive gaze, “You must be the reason the Evil Dragon was unable to conquer the Snowfall Forest back then, right?”

“Also, it should not be the first time you fought those things off. Even you don’t have the method to kill them?”

He waved the golden box in his hand, “From your gaze, you should also know what the crown inside this box is, right?”

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