Chapter 634: Born For Fighting

Chapter 634: Born For Fighting


An enormous figure approached from deep in the forest.

It was easily over five meters tall, with two horns atop its head and fur covering the rest of its body. It looked like an ox at first glance.

However, its limbs were similar to a polar bear’s and its claws grew several meters long.

War Beast!

It was definitely a War Beast described in many ancient documents!

There were countless powerful beasts and monsters, but there was only one type that was given the name War Beast!

This beast was born for fighting.

Their bodies were a desert of arcane power. Just like the high barbarian bloodline, they had no ability to integrate arcane power and could not use any arcane skills.

However, they still possessed terrifying fighting strength.

They were born without pain receptors, their talent was herculean strength and they had astonishing arcane resistance. There was only one thing they wanted to do during battle, and that was to tear apart any enemy blocking their way, be it arcane masters or Dragons.

Regardless of the era, their role as sweeper of the battlefield never changed.

However, during the end of the War with Dragons, these beasts had gone extinct.

As for the War Beast Belo and Meraly were looking at, it was completely transparent.

“War Beast, huh?”

Belo’s gaze turned blood red. He raised his head and looked at the top of the War Beast charging out from the forest.

There was an arcane master sitting on its back.

That arcane master was transparent and bare handed. However, different from other arcane masters, his physique was more robust and solid.

He had a mohawk. There were tattoos on his cheeks, like ancient rock art. The tattoos seemed to be floating on his transparent cheeks and were very eye catching.

Meraly also noticed the arcane master. With a strange sounding voice, she asked, “Pure blood barbarian?”

Only the most ancient and pure blood barbarian warriors could have such a hairstyle and tattoos.

It was the ancient ceremony of the earliest barbarian kingdom, similar to the various unique ancient ceremonies of Belo’s high beastmen.

Pure blood barbarians had a high fertility rate, but they had an extremely cruel tradition. The newborn infants would be left in an empty cave. Only the resilient infants that could survive five days without food or water would be brought back to receive a baptism and eventually become powerful warriors.

The strength of a pure blood barbarian was astonishing. Their strength would continue to grow with their harsh training. The strongest barbarian warrior could match a seven-gate arcane master’s forbidden skills in pure physical strength!

However, because all barbarian warriors were close range fighters and even their favorite weapons were short weapons like a greataxe or great hammer, their mortality rate was similarly high like the beastmen.

Near the middle to latter half of the War with Dragons, they also went extinct like the high beastmen.

Minlur, who had barbarian bloodline, possessed extraordinary physical strength. However, his bloodline could not compare to a pure blood barbarian warrior.

“War Beast...... with a pure blood barbarian warrior leading this army...... it’s getting more and more interesting.” Belo mumbled to himself.


Meraly could not believe it.

However, the scene unfolding before her did not allow for any doubt. There were even more transparent arcane masters swarming out from behind the War Beast.

Meanwhile, when the War Beast and barbarian warrior appeared, the transparent arcane masters desperately attacking Belo and Meraly stopped and waited for the arrival of the War Beast and barbarian warrior.

Be it their numbers or the behavior, those arcane masters could no longer be considered arcane teams. They were definitely a well-trained army!

“Oi! What are you lot?” Belo shouted towards the barbarian warrior, “If you want to snatch this from my hands, you must at least let me know your origin.”

The War Beast and barbarian warrior both let out a roar that was difficult to understand.

The War Beast did not stop and approached Belo and Meraly.

Belo turned sideway and whispered to Meraly, “Although they are clearly an army, their consciousness seems hazy...... Meraly, are you prepared? We will begin our escape...... But first, we need to think of a way to finish off this War Beast and barbarian...... or at least force them to take some time to recover...... If we don’t, we won’t even have the time to disappear from their sight.”


As he spoke, the bloody glow in his eyes dimmed. Countless thin blood threads suddenly rose up from the icy ground under the War Beast’s paws.

It looked like a bewitching blood flower was blooming.

Countless blood threads attached onto the War Beast and seeped into its body.

There also seemed to be a blood flower growing inside the War Beast’s body, making its body spasm violently.


It looked like it was about to fall down, when it forcefully jumped up at the last moment.

The icy ground under it dented down and formed cracks.

Its enormous body shot into the sky, and then pressed down on Belo and Meraly like a hill.

Belo’s expression showed no change.

He just dashed backwards several meters.


The War Beast finally lost control of its body and crashed down heavily right in front of him.

Like an accurate calculation, as if everything was within the impulsive youth’s grasp, the moment the War Beast landed and the barbarian riding it was leaning forward, streaks of blood suddenly appeared in the space in front of the barbarian like a balloon popping.

The blood stuck onto the barbarian’s face like an octopus.

Blood threads seeped deep into the barbarian’s brain.


Meraly, who had long held her breath, violently contracted her heart to squeeze blood into every nook and cranny of her body.

Her body forcefully pushed itself up. She leapt up with a yell and extended sharp crystal claws from her hands.


Ten claws stabbed deeply into the barbarian’s body.

She moved her hands horizontally, about to bisect the barbarian.


However, at that moment, the barbarian violently blew out a breath.

The muscles of the barbarian twisted violently!

The blood threads invading into his head were forcefully pushed out by the explosive force!

At the same time, Meraly was shrouded by the aura of death, leaving her in shock.

Her ten sharp claws were clamped tight by the barbarian’s muscles and could not be pulled out!


A loud cracking sound rang out.

The barbarian snapped a horn from the War Beast with his explosive strength.

The shape of the War Beast’s horn was no different from a bull horn. The only difference was that it was one meter long and was extremely thick.

The horn looked like a super thick broadsword in the barbarian’s hands.

That was his weapon!

His movements contained no hesitation. After snapping the horn, he simply stabbed it towards Meraly’s chest.

I’m going to die......

Will I just die like this?

Meraly’s mind turned blank.



A wind breaking sound rang out next to her, then a gust of wind blew her body away.

The result she expected did not happen. Her body was not pierced.

Belo appeared right next to her, the deep red nails extending from his hand severing the horn.

However, Meraly could not cheer out yet, because the barbarian had another hand.

There was another horn on the War Beast.


The movement was so smooth as if the barbarian had done it countless times, as if he was expecting Belo to show up at that spot. The barbarian took the other horn and stabbed out.

It stabbed into Belo’s body.

The thick horn almost completely tore through Belo’s chest. Blood sprayed out like a fountain from his back.

However, even so, Belo’s hands still held Meraly.

His strength completely gathered in his hands.

Psst...... Psst......

Meraly retrieved her claws from the barbarian's body and fell back with Belo.


A heart torn scream echoed throughout the lake.

Many lantern-like eyes lit up in the forest around the lake.

Behind the wolves, there was a tall figure.

“Wait......” Someone said.

“Still waiting?”

“Such a crazy arcane master...... the companion next to him...... His girlfriend is definitely not a common existence...... I sensed her change...... this is a crucial moment, we should wait.”

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