Chapter 633: This Is A Type Of Ancient Ceremony

Chapter 633: This Is A Type Of Ancient Ceremony


The transparent arcane masters slammed into the hard, icy ground. Their bodies lay limply in deep craters, cracks spreading across their skin. They looked like a mess.

Is it settled?

Seeing the transparent arcane masters crash down, Meraly clearly knew Belo’s evolved blood was even more dangerous than Evil Dragon particles to arcane masters. However, for some reason, she still felt insecure.

In the next moment, she realized why.


The transparent arcane masters were still breathing!

It was an astonishing fact. Because if they were breathing, it meant they were definitely not spirits or undead creatures!

Even after getting hit by Belo’s bloodline forbidden skill, they could still breathe!

“What exactly are you people?”

The fervor and impulsiveness intensified in Belo’s gaze.

He knew better than Meraly that the blood invading into those transparent arcane masters’ bodies was getting corroded by a power!

“Be...... Belo, they...... they...... again......”

Meraly’s teeth clattered so badly that she could not even finish her sentence.

The fallen transparent arcane masters, including the shattered ones, stood up from the ground.

Belo’s impulsiveness intensified.

However, he did not look at the transparent arcane masters, but rather at the box next to him.

“Looks like I need to find out what’s inside to obtain the answer.” He thought.

Without any hesitation, he kicked up the box, caught it in his hand and opened it.

“Ah!” Meraly screamed in shock as she did not expect this development.

Blinding crystal light shone from the box.

Other than Meraly’s scream, there seemed to be countless witches shrieking and singing.

Belo’s cheeks trembled slightly and he narrowed his eyes.

Through the light, he could see a transparent ice crown, like a pure crystal.

The crown was not large. It clearly belonged to a queen.

There were some sigils shining around the transparent crown.

Those sigils twisted strangely and became tiny figures of queens.

When the crown was finally exposed, the transparent arcane masters let out terrible shrieks, “Ah......!”

They had not completely recovered, but they desperately pounced towards Belo and Meraly with their twisted bodies.

There were also shrieks coming from deeper in the forest, far more than the arcane masters around them.

“Belo, did you hear that?”

Meraly held her breath. She also saw the object inside the box, “What is that?”

“I don’t know.”

Belo shook his head. Blood continued to drip from his fingers. Each droplet would rapidly burn after falling on the icy ground, becoming clusters of blood red flames.

The clusters of flames were hotter than the fire from normal arcane skills. Each cluster seemed to be alive and accurately moved towards the transparent arcane masters.


The transparent arcane masters fell back to the ground as melting sounds could be heard.


Belo’s expression stiffened.

A mysterious light emitted from the transparent arcane masters and extinguished the blood red flames.

If these arcane masters were similar to the undead creatures, high temperature flames would be their nemesis. If they could be burned to ashes, they would not be able to revive.

However, they seemed to have different properties than the undead creatures. The arcane power within their bodies seemed to be much more powerful with regards to fire resistance and absorption!


His gaze remained impulsive, but winced for a moment. Then, he turned to look at Meraly, “Do you dare to take a gamble with me?”

“Gamble? On what?” Meraly gulped and tried to calm herself. Luckily, Belo’s existence mysteriously calmed her down.

“There seems to be a lot of those things...... We can’t kill them quickly enough with our strength.” Belo ignored the approaching transparent arcane masters and looked towards the depth of the forest, “But we need to find out how many of them there are and understand what they exactly are.”

Meraly finally understood and asked for confirmation with trembling hands, “Are you saying we should wait here? Wait to see what will appear?”

Belo took a glance at her and spoke, “If you don’t agree, we can try to leave immediately.”

Meraly’s eyes were instantly filled with a never seen before radiance.

Her eyes seemed to turn starry.

He is worrying about me!

He feels he cannot guarantee my safety with his strength, so he suggests we leave immediately if I don’t agree!

Her heart began to warm up and fill with courage.

“I’m not scared! As long as I’m by your side, I won’t be scared!” She loudly declared.

That sounds so idiotic!

Why did I say that?

But I really like this feeling!

She immediately blushed, while a smile spread out on her face. She shifted herself closer towards Belo.

“Great if you can think that.”

A mysterious glint flashed across Belo’s eyes, but he did make any romantic expression. He used a beastly gaze to stare at the crown in the box and said to Meraly, “The sigils around this crown should be a seal.”

“A seal?” Meraly was startled. She knew Belo was talking about the twisting queen-shaped sigils.


Belo’s tone turned a little softer. It was not as demanding as usual.

The flames on the transparent arcane masters around them finally extinguished completely. However, he did not mind it.

“The arcane power in these sigils is completely different from the crown. They are suppressing the crown.” He nodded, “However, this seal is starting to loosen, it should be because the forbidden seal’s time limit is reaching, hence the arcane power from the crown leaked out. This in turn allowed me to sense it.”

“Forbidden seal?”

Meraly looked at him in shock, “If this crown is a relic from the Era of the War with Dragons, then this forbidden seal lasted a thousand years?”

“Perhaps only arcane masters during that era had such power.” Belo took a deep breath, “So, I cannot throw it back into the lake, because the arcane power leak will become more and more severe. Even though I don’t know what it is and who left it, if this is an important object to the Evil Dragon, we must take it away.”

“I got it!”

Meraly nodded.

Her eyes indicated her determination.

“We must take it away, maybe we will die trying...... but with you next to me, I’m not scared. Even if we die fighting, we will die together.”

“Yeah.” Belo nodded, “You saw my butt, so of course we will die together if we’re going to die.”

Meraly’s face instantly turned beet red.

“How...... is it related to your butt?” she asked with an extremely low voice.

“Of course it’s related.” Belo snorted, “Because this is a type of ancient ceremony in our beastman kingdom.”

“Ancient ceremony?”

Meraly’s heart began beating violently. She felt that this ancient ceremony was important and was about to ask.

However, her gaze froze at a loud rumbling coming from deep in the forest.

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