Chapter 632: Ice Cold Body

Chapter 632: Ice Cold Body



An air bubble suddenly appeared on the lake surface.

Even under the extreme coldness, the air bubble released an intense heat when it surfaced.

Meraly became extremely nervous and exclaimed, “Belo!”


A naked figure surfaced from the molten ice lake.

“Ah!” Meraly screamed.

It was Belo who appeared from the lake...... However, his front was facing her this time, so she saw everything.

However, in the next second, she shouted nervously with red cheeks, “Belo, how are you?”

Although it was only for a moment, she clearly saw Belo’s skin turning purple from the coldness. The blood vessels in his body emerged onto his skin and glowed red. He looked extremely scary.

“Don’t get so startled!”

“Are you alright?” Meraly could hear Belo’s usual tone and felt relieved. However, when she unconsciously wanted to face Belo, she reacted and blushed even redder, “Have you put on your clothes?”

“Yeah.” Belo snorted unhappily.

“Ah!” Another scream, “Didn’t you say......”

“You asked about clothes, these are pants!”


“What’s this?”

After becoming speechless for a moment, Meraly became astonished and curious again.

When she got closer to Belo before, she would feel warmth. However, right now she only felt colder the closer she got to him.

It was because of a golden square box in Belo’s hand.

This golden box was what Belo had retrieved from the lake. It was the size of a normal person’s head. It seemed to be made by an elven craftsman. The flowers and vines drawn on it were done so well they looked real. Layers up layers of these flowers and vines wrapped around the box, making it feel like a dense forest.

Even though in the past eras, Mountain Dwarf craftsmen had the best craftsmanship and could create even more intricate objects than this box, the nature and artistic aura given off by this box was not something they could create.

A strange and chilling arcane aura was seeping out from between the gaps of the flowers and vines.

Meraly noticed that the skin on Belo’s hands remained purple despite stepping out of the lake.

The arcane power seeping out from the box seemed to contain a terrifying corrosive property apart from it being frighteningly cold.

“I don’t know.” Belo immediately answered, an undetectable cold glint flashing across his eyes.

It was very bizarre.

Ever since the Evil Dragon’s consciousness started taking action, the Ice Lich Bone Box he carried started to gain a strange resonation. The resonation got stronger as they entered the forest. The arcane power from the Ice Lich Bone Box seemed to naturally integrate with the arcane power released by the object inside this box. However, at the same time, the object inside the box also seemed to contain a terrifying repulsive force. There was something suppressing the arcane power of the object inside, and repelling the arcane power from the Ice Lich Bone Box at the same time.

A dangerous cold glint flashed across Belo’s eyes, then fervent impulsiveness started burning in his pupils.

He was originally the impulsive freshman of the Holy Dawn Academy, hence he did not overthink it. He simply tried to open the box, so he could take a look.

The box had no lock. As he pulled it open with his fingers, a seam immediately appeared.


Transparent light rays shone from the seam.

The air twisted mysteriously, but did not harm Belo and Meraly.

However, at that moment, roaring sounds came from the quiet forest behind them.

The roaring sounds clearly came from human vocal cords. Only a human's throat and nose structure could make such sounds. However, the sounds seemed much more desperate than a wild beast spotting a prey after starving for a long time.

The greediness oozing from the roars sounded as if they had waited for a thousand years.


Belo just threw the box down and turned around.

The arcane power of the box was highly damaging to those who came into contact with it. If normal arcane masters touched the box, they would be frozen into ice statues instantly. Even though his bloodline could resist it, he could not fight it with full strength if he held the box.

More importantly, his wild instinct sensed danger.

What kind of enemy could evade his senses until they roared out themselves?

“Who’s there?”


Meraly drew a sharp breath.

A large volume of cold air entered through her mouth, freezing the water vapor in her lungs. The discomfort made her cough.

At the same time, her heart rapidly contracted.

Multiple figures were moving eerily within their sight.

Those figures were arcane masters.

They were transparent as if they were sculpted from ice. Only their eyes glowed with a pale blue flame.

What was more astonishing was that the bones, blood vessels, organs and even blood flow could be vaguely seen within their transparent bodies.

However, everything was transparent like ice.

They seem like living creatures and do not contain a necromancy aura...... what kind of creatures are they?

“So fast!” Meraly almost screamed in shock.

Seeing Belo drop the box, the greedy expressions of the transparent arcane masters became clearer and they accelerated even more. They became so fast Meraly almost could not capture their movements.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

As sonic booms rang out, they dashed towards Belo. The transparente arcane masters completely neglected Meraly. They only cared about Belo and wanted to snatch the box from him.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

In an instant, Belo received several impacts to his body.


Meraly opened her eyes wide and she ran towards Belo.

She could clearly see Belo’s body becoming twisted, but his body underwent a transformation.

Spike-like dark red fur grew out from his skin. His fingernails grew out and turned blood red. The nails reflected a metallic hue and released a dragon aura.

Under the continuous assault, Belo’s body did not seem to suffer from obvious injuries.

In contrast, pieces of those transparent arcane masters scattered around him.

The transparent arcane masters in the first wave were cut into pieces by his nails.

Belo glanced at Meraly and did not say anything. However, Meraly could feel an intention from his gaze that shouted, “Watch out!”

A transparent fist was aiming towards her face.


Meraly blocked it with her right arm and stabbed out her left hand.

Five crystal-like thorns pierced out from her knuckles and penetrated the enemy’s body.

The powerful impact repelled her back and she felt nauseous.

However, she could see five deep wounds opening up on the transparent arcane master’s abdomen, transparent blood and organs flowed out creepily.

“They possess the strength of four-gate arcane masters at least...... but they don’t seem to be too difficult to handle......” The scene caused Meraly’s heart to contract greatly, but Belo’s display of strength and her own growth caused a joyous feeling to well up in her heart.

There were about forty or so arcane masters rushing towards them. Belo had finished off four or five in an instant...... In other words, it should not be a problem to finish them off.


However, in the next moment, Meraly stepped back in shock.


Belo narrowed his eyes and snorted.

The broken pieces of the transparent arcane masters released creepy arcane power...... They began gathering under the attraction of the creepy arcane power!

It was an extremely bizarre matter to Belo.

The sensation transmitted from his nails as he cut into those arcane masters told him he cut into real flesh. Just that its temperature was wholly different from normal flesh.

If they had bodies of flesh...... Even he, who had devoured many monsters and Dragon blood, could not survive after getting cut into so many pieces, let alone reassemble!

What was even creepier was that the arcane power released by these enemies were extremely similar to the arcane power released by the object within the box.

What are these things?

Pure physical separation cannot kill you?

Belo took a deep breath and an impulsive bloody glint flashed across his eyes.


His fingernails shortened and cut his own skin.

Droplets of blood flowed down his fingers and dripped into the ground before him.

Several streaks of boiling blood trails rapidly spread out on the icy ground and accelerated towards the approaching transparent arcane masters. The blood turned black and stabbed into their feet like thin black snakes.

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