Chapter 629: This Era Is Not Pure Coincidence

Chapter 629: This Era Is Not Pure Coincidence


“He’s really grilling......”

“Is he really going to eat it?”

The sharkman arcane masters sweated non-stop. They were even beginning to get traumatized.

Ayrin put the two chopped off heads into the fire pit and began grilling them with a fire type arcane skill.

“Oi! Looks like you guys don’t intend to fight anymore. Come here and enjoy the food!”

Most traumatizing to the sharkman arcane masters was the fact that Ayrin actually shouted that towards Auroses and Gudra in the sky.

Nobody would tell someone to eat their own grilled heads!

And the grilled snake heads don’t look good at all!

Even Chris was traumatized by the pitch black snake heads Ayrin was grilling and told Charlotte, “I will never eat grilled food again.”

Charlotte frowned speechlessly, “I also won’t eat grilled food again.”

“It doesn’t bother me.” Jean Camus calmly spoke, “I never ate grilled food before anyway.”

“Old Ginns, come here! I’m treating you to grilled snake head!” Ayrin excitedly shouted, “Charlotte, Chris, Jean Camus, do you also want some? It’s crispy on the outside and tender inside, really delicious!”

Gudra almost puked blood as he heard what Ayrin said next, “This snake is juicy, even tastier than normal snakes!”

“He’s really eating it?”

The sharkman arcane masters almost went mad. They saw Ayrin opening up the burnt outer carcass and tearing off a piece of white snake meat to have a taste.

“Are you surprised? Hehe, people from Cororin Town would eat anything in order to survive.” Old Ginns could not hold back his laughter after seeing the reactions of the Sharkman arcane masters.

He merrily walked towards Ayrin while waving his hands towards Auroses and Gudra, “You should believe my words now and realize what’s different about him compared to normal arcane masters, right? You also should understand, there’s no meaning in obstructing him.”

Ayrin looked at Auroses and Gudra still floating in the sky and grumbled, “Old Ginns, they seem like bad people and difficult to talk to. Never mind, I won’t treat them to the grilled meat.”


Gudra really puked blood this time. The two wounds on its necks opened up and blood spurted out. It was trembling in anger. Was Ayrin really thinking it wanted to eat its own grilled head?

Ayrin stopped trying to invite the others and began eating the snow white snake meat. After rapidly advancing his arcane level using unorthodox methods, his stamina was greatly exhausted. He desperately needed nourishment to replenish it.

However, he could not hold back his curiosity about Old Ginns, “Old Ginns, who exactly are you? Tell me!”

“Do you really want to know?” Old Ginns laughed.

The scene of Ayrin’s face smeared in oil, Gudra spurting blood and Auroses’s expression made him unable to hold back his laughter.

“Damn! I took care of you for so many years! Aren’t you going to tell me who you are?” Ayrin grumbled.

“Who is he?”

Chris, Charlotte and Jean Camus glanced at one another. The old man was surely the successor of the Silver Dragon bloodline. He was no common person, but they had never heard of the name Beckensis.


Old Ginns looked at Ayrin who had not changed since the last time they were together and nodded with a satisfied smile, “Amongst the Dragon race, I’m usually called Beckensis. This is the pronunciation of my name in the ancient Draconic language. If translated to the Doraster common language, it would be something like Silver or Ynnette......”


Chris, Charlotte, Jean Camus and the sharkman arcane masters screamed in shock.

“What’s wrong?”

The screams almost made Ayrin bite his tongue. He looked around him in surprise, “What? Is Old Ginns famous?”

“Ayrin, have you really never read a book?”

Charlotte cried out, “Silver...... He was recorded to have killed the Evil Dragon along with the Legendary Hero Issen...... He is the legendary Epic Silver Dragon!”


Ayrin opened his mouth so wide his chin almost dislocated.

“Legendary Epic Silver Dragon?”

“The companion of the Draconic arcane master who killed the Evil Dragon?”

“It’s you?”

Ayrin’s mouth remained wide opened and could not produce proper sounds. He could not link Old Ginns to the legendary figure at all.

Although he did not read many books about the Era of the War with Dragons, he had seen some pictures of the end of the war.

In those pictures, there was a Silver Dragon and a hero wielding a longsword slaying the Evil Dragon.


Old Ginns just looked at Ayrin gently, intelligence dwelling in his eyes. Ayrin, who was very familiar with him, had already arrived at the answer.

“Incredible.” Ayrin finally closed his mouth, “Then, you can also transform into a Dragon? A Silver Dragon?”

Chris, Charlotte and the others were overwhelmed by their emotions...... Although they had already witnessed the Evil Dragon’s consciousness, Hero Issen and the Epic Silver Dragon were something else entirely. They were existences that encouraged countless arcane masters to do good and held a different value than the Evil Dragon.

When such a legendary figure appeared before their eyes, the impact to their hearts was too severe.

“I could in the past, but not anymore.” Old Ginns shook his head.

“Why not? Are you too old?” Ayrin was a little disappointed. He wanted to witness what the Silver Dragon in the legends looked like.

Auroses’s voice came from behind, “Because he extracted his Silver Dragon bloodline with a forbidden skill and passed it down to you.”

Ayrin turned around and saw Auroses landing behind him and walking over with a gloomy expression.

“Extracted his bloodline and passed it down to me?”

Ayrin was dumbfounded, “Aren’t bloodline inheritances done by using Holy Artifacts?”

“The Holy Artifact of Dragon inheritance is the essence of blood from the deceased Dragon. However, the Dragon race has a low population, so there can only be one or two Holy Artifacts each generation.” Auroses took a deep breath and spoke with a displeased expression, “If there’s no Holy Artifact, we can only use a forbidden skill to extract our own bloodline and make it into a Holy Artifact.”

“Is what he said true?” Ayrin looked at Old Ginns, “Does that mean you passed me your bloodline and lost it yourself?”

“He’s speaking the truth.” Old Ginns nodded, “Our Silver Dragon bloodline was always scarce. Once the Era of the War with Dragons came, only Issen and I were left.”

“Your companion, the legendary hero who killed the Evil Dragon, also possessed the Silver Dragon bloodline?” Ayrin asked in surprise.

“He obtained it from a Holy Artifact. However, we have had no more Silver Dragon bloodline Holy Artifacts after that.” Old Ginns nodded.

“Then, why did you pass down your Silver Dragon bloodline to me? Is it because you’re too old?” Ayrin asked.

“......” The others were speechless. Could Ayrin think of no other reason than Old Ginns being too old?

“That is one reason. Although the pure Silver Dragon bloodline has a long lifespan and allowed me to survive until now, my deteriorating physical body is unable to sustain in a fight. Hence, I had to find an inheritor.” Old Ginns looked at Ayrin and spoke, “However, there’s another important reason.”

“What’s that?” Ayrin asked eagerly.

“After the Era of the War with Dragons, a thousand years passed, yet the Evil Dragon’s faction was hiding in the shadows and could not be completely exterminated. The threat of the Evil Dragon remained present. His consciousness might have sensed the existence of bloodlines like mine. Due to such a threat, his remaining consciousness did not die down, yet did not dare to expose himself and start a revolution either. Hence, as my physical body deteriorated, I made a decision. I would make him believe I was already dead.” Old Ginns slowly explained.

“So, you extracted your bloodline using a forbidden skill and created it into a Holy Artifact? Then when the Evil Dragon could not sense your presence anymore, he thought you died!” Ayrin and Jean Camus glanced at each other and understood the situation, “Then, the Evil Dragon could execute his schemes without a worry...... and completely expose his forces.”

Old Ginns nodded.

“So, the reappearance of the Evil Dragon in this era, the reappearance of the Silver Dragon bloodline...... Evil Dragon follower’s expansion, none of it is coincidental!”

Chris and the others immediately thought of this possibility.

“When he stopped sensing my presence, he endured for another hundred years. Afterwards, he began executing his plans. Meanwhile, after I created the Holy Artifact, it took me a hundred years to find a suitable arcane master. That was you.” Old Ginns looked at Ayrin emotionally and warmly.

Ayrin did not feel proud at all. He still had tons of questions and asked, “Then, did you know about the Fallen Shadow Valley Campaign and Doa Royal Palace beforehand?”

“The Evil Dragon was killed and only left behind his consciousness. His actions had become even more vigilant. The Evil Dragon followers occupying the Fallen Shadow Valley and Doa Royal Palace were like tumors in the shadow. They could not be discovered until they grew to a certain extent.” Old Ginns shook his head, “A single person’s power is limited. In order to resist the Evil Dragon, you need to rely on the power of your companions and all arcane masters with righteous beliefs.”

“Then, why did you put your Holy Artifact in the Holy Dawn Academy’s library?” Ayrin asked.

“Because there were teachers and arcane skills suitable for you there. That’s why I chose the Holy Dawn Academy. In your path of growth, I felt the Holy Dawn Academy would suit you the most.” Old Ginns smiled, “Even now, I feel my choice was correct.”

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