Chapter 628: Powerful! Eccentric Arcane Master!

Chapter 628: Powerful! Eccentric Arcane Master!



Ayrin’s eyes almost popped out, “One for grilling! One for braising!”

“No, Merlin is not here, there’s no pot. I can only grill them both.”

Soon, he realized the synchronization between his mental strength and physical strength had some problems. His condition after opening six arcane gates was a little unstable and even affected his thoughts. He forgot that he planned to only grill them at the start and had already dug a fire pit.


At the same time, Gudra, which had two of its heads severed, madly hissed and a white and gold diamond shaped arcane core suddenly appeared in front of it.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The greatly exhausted sharkman arcane masters desperately retreated backwards. They were familiar with Gudra’s power. Currently, Gudra was going to use the power accumulated within its arcane core. The power of the forbidden skill it was about to use had to be extremely dangerous! If they got caught in the aftershock, their lives would be in danger.

“Old Ginns, it’s really you! Let me handle this big guy first, then we will talk!”

Ayrin did not seem worried at all. He shouted a few words towards Old Ginns and then charged towards Gudra.

“He still does not know what fear is...... He doesn’t even care about the threat of death......” Old Ginns looked at Ayrin and scratched his head.

What an eccentric arcane master. Ones like him only appear once in a thousand years......

If it’s any other genius or normal arcane master, if the synchronization of their mental strength and physical strength had problems and even made their arcane level unstable, they would definitely meditate worriedly. They would be trying to avoid worsening the situation that could lead to abolishing their arcane levels completely.

A complete collapse of mental strength and arcane particles...... In the worst situation, the entire body would be torn to pieces.

However, Ayrin chooses to use the dangerous method of battle to stabilize his condition.

Only an eccentric guy like him can truly dig out the Silver Dragon bloodline’s potential!


Gudra’s remaining seven heads chanted a rapid, mysterious and complicated incantation.

Gudra was in an alliance and benefit sharing relationship with the Storm Kingdom. Within the Boundless Ocean, it was the true dominator. Since when had it ever suffered such a loss?

Even in a battle against a true Dragon, it had never been decapitated!

It was extremely furious, its pupils turning white and gold.


Its seven heads unleashed lightning-like breaths that crashed into the arcane core in front of it.

A dark blue light pillar reverberating with a destructive aura shot towards Ayrin, causing him to crash into the ground.


A large patch of the ground disappeared.

A ring of shockwaves rapidly spread out like a solid wall.

There were even illusions of angels wearing robes within the scattered arcane power, letting out deafening shrieks.

“He’s still not dead?”

However, Gudra violently trembled. Its seven heads leaned back in shock and the retreating sharkman arcane masters were drenched in cold sweat.

The power unleashed by the enraged Gudra could match the destructive Dark Blue Breath of the Draconic arcane masters during the Era of the War with Dragons. However, Ayrin remained standing at the center of the dark blue light pillar!

Ayrin stood there unfettered.

“Is that his Dragon Scale Absorption?” Charlotte opened her eyes wide while blocking the shockwaves with her arms.

Dragon scales shone on Ayrin’s body. He clearly used Dragon Scale Absorption to endure the attack. However, different from the Dragon Scale Absorption he used in the past, the scales on his body bloated up like chunks of rock, making Ayrin look like a rock giant like Moss.

“His arcane particle strength is different from before. He also has the Holy Gate of Life. When he uses the Holy Gate of Life, some arcane skills should be reaching the power of seven arcane gates.” Chris explained to Charlotte.

Charlotte turned around on reflex and saw Chris bending her body while standing stably.

Chris is also improving herself......

Compared to Chris, Charlotte felt ashamed of herself. However, she was overwhelmed by another emotion immediately.

“That’s right...... Ayrin is already a six-gate arcane master! He has opened six arcane gates......”

Although she knew it was true, she had trouble digesting it.

Strictly speaking, Ayrin was still a first year student in the Holy Dawn Academy!

From the Era of the War with Dragon until now...... There has never been another arcane master like him who could improve so quickly.

“Haven’t you realized it?”

Charlotte took a deep breath and raised her head proudly. She looked at Auroses, “Can’t you see that apart from his bloodline, he possesses many other unique traits?”


“What a powerful feeling!”

“This feeling is great!”

“The arcane particle strength of six arcane gates is completely different from five arcane gates. No wonder those six-gate arcane masters are all so strong!”

Ayrin raised his head.

The dragon scale glow instantly disappeared.

Rings of red glow spread out from his body.

“What is that forbidden skill?”

Auroses and Gudra felt chills as they had trouble breathing.

Although there was still air, some elements in the air seemed to be pulled out by Ayrin.


The red glow around Ayrin disappeared.

Countless crimson embers lingered around him.

“Fire Embers!”

Chris was the first to understand what Ayrin was doing.

Fire Embers was acknowledged as the strongest fire type defensive skill in the entire Doraster Continent. It could neutralize almost every kind of fire type attack. However, Chris remembered that Ayrin said that as the arcane level increased, Fire Embers would no longer be a simple defensive skill. It would slowly change to become also an offensive skill starting from five arcane gates.

With the Holy Gate of Life and six arcane gates, what kind of changes would Fire Embers undergo?

Ayrin must have been wondering about it for a long time too. So, he can’t wait to try it out.


Eighteen lightning shields appeared before Gudra.

At the same time, a dark blue arcane power surged out from the arcane core floating in front of it. Half of a dark blue water snake with the same appearance as it manifested.

The huge body connected the head with the tail, clustering together into a dark blue waterball.

It was the natural sense of a peak expert!

Although it had the Mirage domain, it could vaguely feel that that domain would be useless against Ayrin.

The aura released by Ayrin’s Fire Embers made it instinctively feel it could only put all of its strength into defense.

Ayrin’s eyes sparkled.

Countless ruby dust-like embers lingering around him floated up as if they had no weight.

It was an indescribable scene.

The floating embers first touched the eighteen lightning shields.

The arcane power released by each shield was like a menacing thunder python.

However, the moment the embers came in contact with the lightning shields, they were set ablaze.

Even the lightning was burning!

The embers continued to drift up and landed on the dark blue waterball surrounding Gudra.

The twisting dark blue water currents...... The dark blue nine-headed water snakes instantly began burning.

“He actually......”

Charlotte, Chris and Jean Camus were astonished.

They had never heard that lightning and water could burn.

“What a unique forbidden skill...... A particle reforming type forbidden skill? Yet it looks like material disintegration?” Even Old Ginn’s wise gaze carried a trace of surprise.

Before the Era of the War with Dragons, from the first Draconic arcane master until now, countless arcane masters created innumerable arcane skills. Even an existence like him could only find a small portion of those that possessed a particle reforming trait.

“Incredible! It can even burn defensive arcane power?” Ayrin shouted in surprise.

Fire Embers had been sealed in the River Bend Academy for a long time and only reappeared after Donna mastered it. Furthermore, Donna, who taught him Fire Embers, had not opened six arcane gates. So, she only told him that the higher the arcane level, the greater the change in Fire Embers that could turn it into an offensive forbidden skill. However, even Donna herself did not know what kind of change that would be.

“Hiss! Tzz!”

While everyone was astonished about the change in Fire Embers, Gudra who was surrounded by them was extremely terrified. It was only thinking about running away.

All of its heads let out strange hissing sounds.

Its skin began splitting apart from its heads.

The shedded snake skin opened up like an umbrella.


The bloated up snake skin immediately began burning.

However, a strange arcane power opened up a gap in the floating Fire Embers.

Gudra dashed out from the gap and shouted, “I surrender!” It looked white after shedding its skin and seemed tender.

“What does that mean? You can speak Doraster common language?”

Ayrin gulped down his saliva in shock.

“A little!”

Gudra madly ran towards Auroses. It had completely lost all fighting spirit and shuddered.

“You dare talk despite knowing only a little!”

Ayrin was frustrated and shouted, “From now on, stop talking!”

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