Chapter 627: Unreasonable Breakthrough And Shock

Chapter 627: Unreasonable Breakthrough And Shock


During the Magus Era, some dark magus researched the pain of severing mental strength. The pain suffered mentally was thousands or even tens of thousands of times more painful than physical pain.

Because Auroses clearly knew how painful it was, the moment Ayrin severed his own mental strength, he screamed in shock, “Is he mad?”

“If his mind receives too much damage, he certainly will become a mad man. However, since he chose this method, he will definitely endure it.”

The old man smiled, “Limiting the damage to a certain extent, this dangerous stimulation can quickly strengthen his mental strength...... This certainly is a method to rapidly improve mental strength. However, other than Ayrin, nobody would dare to try it.”

“Mad! He’s really mad!”

The sharkman arcane masters standing around the water ball shuddered uncontrollably.

Based on their understanding, it was no different from committing suicide!

However, Ayrin felt ecstatic instead!

So good!

A person can actually experience so much pain...... to the point it feels like every cell is exploding!

And I seem to have split into many of me.

It’s as if multiple me exist in my head.

Was it so painful that my consciousness split apart?

Hmm, if each of us thinks about the same thing, I will definitely succeed!

The Evil Dragon can also split his consciousness...... And he can even resurrect with his consciousness. Then, I can also do it!


I want to become stronger!

I must become stronger!

Rinloran! You must be suffering from a similar pain after getting invaded by the Evil Dragon’s consciousness!

Rinloran! I’m enduring it, so you must also endure it!

Within Ayrin’s body, his multiple consciousnesses were screaming and roaring.


High in the sky, Nine-headed Snake Gudra shrieked in fear.

The mental strength around Ayrin became chaotic and rapidly strengthened. Its mental binding forbidden skill could not endure the assault of the chaotic mental strength and shattered. The residual mental strength shards were absorbed by Ayrin.

Auroses’s expression changed again.

“I can’t take the risk!”

He did not change his mind despite sensing the situation was about to get out of his control. With a loud shout, golden arcane particles swarmed out from his body.

“Depraved Holy Grail: Bloodline Absorption!”


The golden holy grail released countless creepy light rays. The red glow overflowing from the cup mouth became a red pillar and descended towards Ayrin.

“Let’s begin.” Jean Camus calmly spoke.

“What’s happening?”

The sharkman arcane masters and Auroses were startled.

Under the immense pressure of the Aqua Prison and Spiritual Dead Sea, Jean Camus should not be able to move a muscle. It should be impossible to transmit any sound.

However, they all heard his voice.

Within the water ball, there was an absolute vacuum zone of several meters around Jean Camus!

Unlike usual, apart from releasing a field that disintegrated all arcane powers around it, there were countless green spider silk-like light rays spreading out under Jean Camus’s feet. Those light rays stabbed into the water ball.

The light rays weaved into a web within the water ball.

What shocked the sharkman arcane masters was that they could sense the water ball changing its property. Jean Camus was taking control of it!


The water ball moved forward.

Everyone trapped inside, including the five monsters, charged out.

Jean Camus charged out last, the spider silk-like light rays still connected to his feet. He dragged the huge water ball along with him.


The red light pillar descended into the water ball and dyed it red.

“This is......?”

Auroses’s pupils contracted. He could sense the red pillar getting trapped inside the water ball.

The astonishment Auroses received on this day could be said to be equal to the sum of astonishment he received in his entire life up to this point. He could not control his emotions and shouted, “Arachne: Silk Cocoon Barrier! How do you know Arachne Bishop’s forbidden domain?”


A new arcane energy fluctuation spread out from Jean Camus.

A white membrane appeared around the waterball, like a cocoon.

Back inside, countless green light rays traveled up along the red light pillar towards the Depraved Holy Grail in Auroses’s hand.

Jean Camus raised his head. His usual calm gaze flickered after hearing Auroses’s shouting.

He did not speak out, but he told himself in his mind.

“How do I know Arachne Bishop’s forbidden skill? ......Because the Arachne Bishop you spoke of is my mother...... In order to protect me, she willingly accepted the disgraceful identity of an Evil Dragon Bishop and sacrificed her life...... I won’t let you harm my companions!”

Charlotte and Chris panted heavily. Getting suffocated for so long made them feel as if their lungs were getting torn apart. Then, they shouted in shock, “Ayrin, what are you doing?”

After breaking free from the waterball with Jean Camus’s help, Ayrin charged towards the red light pillar.

A vague mumble came from Ayrin’s mouth, “Almost there......”


He crashed into the red light pillar.


Auroses was petrified.

Trails of blood seeped out from Ayrin’s skin the instant he crashed into the red light pillar.

However, at that moment, there seemed to be several intangible objects clashing within Ayrin’s body.


Ayrin’s gaze became unfocused for an instant.

All his nerves violently spasmed the moment he touched the red light pillar.

It was a sign that his nerves sensed extreme danger.

His nerves twitched about like electricity passing through. The split consciousnesses in his brain violently clashed and combined back together under this stimulation.


Everyone could feel the air shake.

Chris’s eyes suddenly sparkled.

There seemed to be six opened arcane gates in Ayrin’s body!

“He...... He really used such a method to open his sixth arcane gate?”

Auroses and the sharkman arcane masters blanked out.

A terrifying arcane energy fluctuation was released from Ayrin’s body.

As everyone remained astonished......

“Help! I can’t endure it! Jean Camus, save me!” Ayrin suddenly screamed while waving his limbs.

Jean Camus turned speechless.


The white surface of the water ball disappeared. Countless green and white light rays wrapped around Ayrin’s body and forcefully pulled him out of the red light pillar.

The waterball exploded into countless water droplets. Each droplet was so heavy it left a deep hole in the ground after falling down.


Ayrin crashed into the ground.

“You charged in despite being unable to endure it? What if Jean Camus could not save you?” Chris and Charlotte could not decide whether to cry or laugh at Ayrin.

“Because I felt Jean Camus could save me......” Ayrin scratched his head embarrassedly.

“Are you alright?” Jean Camus’s expression regained its usual calmness.

“Yeah, I feel just like normal.” Seeing Ayrin’s expression, Charlotte heaved a sigh of relief.

Auroses took a deep breath. The flawless arrangement actually produced such a result. His determined mind wavered. He hesitated about his choice.


At that moment, a terrifying arcane energy fluctuation reverberated in the air like a tide.

He came back to his senses and turned around, “Gudra!”

Nine-headed Snake Gudra had already made its move.

Streaks of thorny lightning spread out in the sky and gathered into the shape of a mermaid.

The mermaid opened its mouth as if it was going to sing.

The moment it opened its mouth, water and sound mixed together into a pillar and shot towards Ayrin with terrifying speed.

“A sneak attack?” Ayrin shouted.


An even more terrifying arcane energy fluctuation suddenly spread out from his body, as if seven arcane gates opened at the same time.

A huge spinning wind spear violently shattered the mixture pillar and then the lightning mermaid.


The wind spear continued its path and hit the water barrier around Gudra.


The wind spear was broken apart into countless wind shards which fell down towards Ayrin like a waterfall.

The five monsters shouted with worry.

“I can’t break it!”

“This is the arcane power reflection of the Gamma Water Barrier!”

“Boss, the arcane power you attacked it with will be mostly reflected back!”

“What barrier?”


Ayrin did not try to evade the attack at all. He allowed the terrifying waterfall of storm shards to hit him.


The raging wind was split apart and another wind spear crashed into the water barrier around Gudra.

The calmness and pride in Gudra’s eyes instantly disappeared.

Under the consecutive violent attacks, its protective water barrier became overloaded.


A violent explosion rang out in the sky.

Gudra’s body crashed down in tatters.

Before it could land, a huge cluster of shadow suddenly rose up.


Within the coffin-like shadow, a yellowish glint flashed.

A strange but sharp shriek rang out, “Tzzzz......”

Everyone could see Gudra desperately charging out from the shadow while blood sprayed out profusely from its body. Two of its heads were severed and fell down like huge boulders.

“It’s Lotton!”

Charlotte and Chris glanced at each other and realized what happened.

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