Chapter 625: Old Ginns Reappears

Chapter 625: Old Ginns Reappears


The sharkman arcane master’s arm secreted a layer of white mucus.


When his fist smashed against Ayrin’s, bone fracturing sounds immediately came from his arm as it was twisted in a weird direction.

Before he could even feel the pain, he felt as if he slammed into a fast-moving metal wall and was knocked back uncontrollably.

“Impossible!” He shouted in utter disbelief.

The proud expressions of the sharkman arcane masters in the surroundings completely disappeared.

This was pure strength!

The instantaneous force disabled their mucus skin’s strength diversion. Their bones were also flexible, so bone fractures could only happen when a force was strong enough to compress their bones to a certain extent.

That guy’s physical strength is even greater than most monsters in the deep sea!

Close range combat doesn’t work against him!

While the sharkman arcane masters were in shock, Ayrin just looked at his fist curiously and commented, “You’re really a bit slippery! But not slippery enough. My fist didn’t slip.”

Ayrin was clearly not satisfied, he shouted towards the other sharkman arcane masters, “Do any of you want to fight?”

The other sharkman arcane masters trembled and unconsciously took a step back.

Standing in the sky, the middle-aged arcane master took a deep breath and slowly spoke, “The Epic Silver Dragon bloodline is indeed powerful. However, the Evil Dragon bloodline surpasses the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline in every aspect. The talents you possess are possessed by him as well. And he has some talents you don’t have.”


As he spoke, thunder rumbled in the sky.

A huge lightning gate opened and a golden nine-headed winged snake peeped out.

Powerful water and lightning arcane energy fluctuations wrapped around the snake that was not any smaller than a Dragon. The arcane energy formed a crystal water barrier and thorn-like white lightning spikes respectively.

“A big guy!”

Ayrin showed no fear as his eyes sparkled, “Oi, you won’t turn into human form, right?”

Charlotte immediately knew what Ayrin was thinking when she saw his eyes sparkle. She lamented, “You’re thinking about eating again?”

The nine-headed snake examined Ayrin from high above. Its eyes were intelligent, but confused at the same time. It could not understand the reason why Ayrin asked if it could transform into a human.

Ayrin felt the snake could not transform into a human, hence he became more excited and asked his next question, “Do you know Doraster’s common language?”

The snake hissed in response. The hissing sound carried strange pitches that seemed to be a dialect of the ancient Draconic language. It was clearly not the common language.

“That’s great!”

Ayrin grinned.

“I didn’t bring a pot. Grilling it is!” He shouted to himself and stomped his feet on the ground, creating a deep crater.

Other than Ayrin’s group, nobody else knew what he was up to. At this moment, he suddenly scratched his head and remembered something.

“Is that a summoning skill?” He looked at the middle-aged man in the sky and excitedly shouted, “You have a big guy, but so do I!”

“He wants to see a big guy fighting a big guy again.” Charlotte’s expression darkened.


A ring of light spread out above Ayrin.

Five enormous figures appeared out of nowhere.


Ayrin immediately saw the Cave Lord’s missing head had grown out. He shouted in surprise, “Cave Lord, your missing head has grown back? You seem to be living well, you even look fatter.”

The Cave Lord felt numb. A chill surged out from its heart and filled its head.

An image instantly resurfaced in its mind.

Ayrin was eating next to a large pot. Its chopped off head was getting cooked in the pot.

Ayrin was eating and tapping on its shoulder, telling it to quickly grow back its head so he could eat fish head soup again.


While the Cave Lord was stuck in its horrifying imagination, the other four monsters drew a sharp breath.


Especially the Shoal Lord, whose teeth clattered non-stop, “That’s the Raging Sea Emperor, Nine-headed Snake Gudra!”

“What Nine-headed Snake Gudra?”

Ayrin walked up to them and shouted in excitement, “You five, fight that big guy!”

“Fighting against the Raging Sea Emperor?”

“Boss, just kill us!”

“Boss, please spare us!”

“Please let us go!”

The five monsters began weeping simultaneously.

“What? Don’t you even have the courage to fight? Aren’t you afraid of getting eaten by me?” Ayrin was speechless. He felt embarrassed.

“It’s not about courage. It’s just that we cannot possibly win a fight against it.”

The Shoal Lord shouted with a teary face, “The Raging Sea Emperor Nine-headed Snake Gudra is an existence with fighting strength comparable to a Dragon! The ‘Gamma Water Barrier’ around it can deflect most arcane skills. Its Endless Shackle Spike Lightning can automatically home in on enemies. It’s a much stronger version of the Giant Kingdom’s Thorny Lightning. Apart from the water and lightning type forbidden skills, it also has great mental strength. Its Mirage forbidden skill can make people hallucinate, leaving them unable to hit its real body. Its Evil Mermaid Song and Dead Mental Sea Bind are the strongest mental type binding forbidden skills. They can directly immobilize the opponent.”

“So strong? That thing is really so strong?”

Ayrin opened his eyes wide. He looked at the nine-headed snake in the sky doubtfully.

“Ayrin, you’re really a first year student of our Holy Dawn Academy...... You didn’t get the chance to read up on a lot of things yet...... Is this the hidden strength of the Storm Kingdom?”

Chris clenched her fists unconsciously, her expression tensing up.

The records related to the Raging Sea Emperor Nine-headed Snake Gudra clearly described that although it fell short in arcane power affinity compared to Dragons, its unique water-lightning dual element and bizarre mental type forbidden skills filled those shortcomings. It had fighting strength on par with Dragons.

Hence, regardless if the Storm Kingdom had other trump cards, they already completely surpassed the Kingdom of Eiche’s Nine Houses in peak fighting strength with just the Raging Sea Emperor and Lightning Dragon.

The middle-aged arcane master nodded to Nine-headed Snake Gudra and the sharkman arcane masters. “Let’s begin. Stop wasting time.”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The space was shaved down by intense arcane energy fluctuations.

In an instant, countless transparent arcane particles like water droplets manifested around the sharkman arcane masters and merged together.

“It’s actually a combination skill!”

Jean Camus’s gaze flickered, an ominous feeling filling his heart.


The sharkman arcane masters suddenly disappeared. A crystal clear wave towering over ten meters high crashed towards Ayrin’s group.


At almost the same time, a powerful and unique domain poured down from the sky.

Colorful light flashed around the middle-aged arcane master wrapped in lightning.

Lightning of seven colors appeared in the sky, forming a rainbow of lighting. The rainbow lightning swept towards Ayrin’s group with terrifying speed.

“Everlasting Domain!”

Jean Camus held his breath and a pale grey light film immediately manifested around Ayrin’s group.


The crystal clear wave and rainbow lightning clashed against the Everlasting Domain.

“Even the Everlasting Domain......”

Chris and Charlotte were filled with disbelief.

The Everlasting Domain could not sustain the impact and instantly shattered.

Ayrin’s expression was solemn.

In that moment, he instinctively felt the greatest threat came from the Nine-headed Snake Gudra.


A blinding holy light pillar broke through the scattered water mist and lightning, aiming straight at Nine-headed Snake Gudra.

Kssh...... Kssh......

The Nine-headed Snake Gudra laughed menacingly.

Streams of arcane particles flowed out from its body.

The water currents that scattered after clashing against the Everlasting Domain suddenly gathered together and turned into a huge water ball around Ayrin’s group.

Countless water currents squeezed Ayrin’s group within the water ball.


The holy light pillar Ayrin shot could not even break through the water ball, as if it was frozen.

“I’m immobilized!”

“This is not just a water domain, it’s also a mental domain......”

Jean Camus’s body stiffened.

A strange song suddenly rang in his head, waves of dizziness disrupting him from controlling his arcane particles.

The water currents contained huge pressure and immobilized his body.

“I can’t move!”

“I can’t break out!”

Ayrin and Chris, the five monsters, they were all in the same state.

Under the pressure from both the mental attack and water current pressure, they were completely immobilized.

The middle-aged arcane master shook his head and spoke with a chilling voice, “Do you think you’re strong enough now? What strength do you possess that can defeat the Evil Dragon?”

A cup-shaped artifact appeared in his hand.

The cup was gold in color, but crimson glint flashed at the cup’s mouth.


The instant he injected arcane particles into the cup, countless sigils appeared on its surface, slowly forming a mysterious formation.

At that moment, the voice of an old man called out, “Auroses......”

Although Ayrin could not move his body or even speak, he shouted in his mind the moment he heard that voice, “Old Ginns?”

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