Chapter 624: Storm Kingdom’s Punishment

Chapter 624: Storm Kingdom’s Punishment


“What do these guys want now? Weren’t those Office of Special Affairs people convinced by Ayrin? They even provided us with the information on the Evil Dragon.”

Chris looked at the plain around them and frowned.

Currently, the arcane energy fluctuations reverberating in the plain clearly formed a net around them.

“It doesn’t seem to be from the Office of Special Affairs this time.”

Jean Camus shook his head and looked up.

“Ayrin, if you don’t open your sixth arcane gate soon, we might be in great danger.”

“What enemy?”

Charlotte was startled. When Jean Camus talked, there was nothing special in the sky. However, after her question, the clouds turned golden and lightning flashed in the sky. The rumbling of thunder could be heard.

“It’s that Lightning Dragon!” Charlotte realized.

Ayrin also looked up and shouted, “Looks like it wants to fight us!”

“I completely digested the Underworld Gem, but it seems I’m still lacking a little in physical and mental strength.” He replied to Jean Camus in a low volume with sparkling eyes.

“You’re not thinking about eating that Lightning Dragon, are you?” Charlotte knew Ayrin too well. The moment she saw Ayrin’s eyes sparkling, she could guess his intention, leaving her speechless.

“The Lightning Dragon can talk, and don’t pure blood Dragons have a human form and Dragon form? It’s no different from an arcane master possessing a powerful Dragon bloodline. I can’t eat it, I will get a trauma.” Ayrin immediately shook his head.

Charlotte felt relieved.

Ayrin mumbled, “If something similar to that Dragon comes that cannot speak, it will be fine.”

“You’re still thinking about eating......” Charlotte, Chris and Jean Camus became speechless.

Ayrin rubbed his stomach and looked up with great anticipation.

Although his potential had been fully squeezed out, reducing his appetite, he had not eaten anything since the Underworld Gem entered his stomach. Now that the Underworld Gem had completely melted, he felt as if he was starving.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Sonic booms rang out.

The lightning in the sky continued to gather, but the arcane masters surrounding them had shown themselves.

There were over thirty arcane masters forming an encirclement of over several hundred meters.

“Who are they? They look strange.”

“Is that their armor? It doesn’t look like armor.”

Ayrin’s attention was attracted by the arcane masters.

They had green seaweed-colored hair and flaming red eyes. Their limbs were no different from normal people, but their skin was covered in circular scales.

Behind their ears, there were deep holes like gills.

“They’re sharkman arcane masters!”

Chris’s expression turned serious, “Our academy’s ancient document has records on this type or arcane master. During the Era of the War with Dragons, they dominated over many islands in the Boundless Sea. The sharkman arcane masters are similar to Chinyu arcane masters in having great affinity with water arcane power. They have extremely flexible skeletal structures and can move their bodies in bizarre ways. Their skin can also secrete a type of special mucus and make the objects they come into contact with slip away.”

“Powerful arcane masters with a natural affinity for water and exceptional close range combat abilities?” Ayrin’s surprised gaze also showed some expectation.


The completely golden cloud suddenly opened up and the Lightning Dragon crossed through.


The air shook. Perhaps seeing Ayrin had brought back painful memories, as the Lightning Dragon transformed into a stern-looking middle-aged man. He manifested a golden arcane robe that had a lightning arcane resistance layer flowing on the surface. He looked like a true lightning god.

Ayrin immediately became disappointed and lamented before the middle-aged man could speak, “He really can change into human form...... Oi! Can you change back into Dragon form? I can’t get used to seeing you like this, it may give me a trauma!”


The middle-aged arcane master looked at Ayrin in confusion. He could not comprehend what Ayrin was thinking.

What does Dragon form and human form have to do with trauma?

“Oi! Do you know if there’s a big guy like you that cannot transform into human form? Better if it doesn’t speak our common language!” Ayrin shouted with expectation.

“What are you talking about?”

The middle-aged arcane master turned grim.

His human form and Dragon form seemed to have great differences. As he spoke, streaks of lightning naturally became dazzling lightning balls around him.

“Be careful......” Jean Camus warned, “Dragons on such a level will possess different forbidden skills depending on which form they take. If he fights in human form, it will use forbidden skills we have never seen before.”

“Dragon form and human form equal two different opponents?” Ayrin’s gaze revealed greater excitement.

If he’s in this human form...... maybe I can learn his forbidden skills!

Chris raised her head and asked, “What are you intending to do by surrounding us?”

“Your deeds have allowed the Evil Dragon to resurrect. You have become our Storm Kingdom’s enemies. I will give you one last chance, receive our Storm Kingdom’s punishment, or we will execute all of you as enemies.” The middle-aged arcane master spoke. The lightning lingering around him disintegrated the air into purplish red and pale blue light. The air currents generated helped him levitate.

“That’s too unreasonable!”

Chris’s expression sank, “Right now, shouldn’t we cooperate to track down the Evil Dragon and kill him before he truly strengthens up? Yet you want to kill us. As a Lightning Dragon, you should know Ayrin is the arcane master that has the greatest chance of beating the Evil Dragon!”

The middle-aged arcane master scowled, “When the arcane master with the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline can no longer shoulder the responsibility, we have to extract his Epic Silver Dragon bloodline. We cannot put our hopes on an irresponsible arcane master like him.”

“What does that mean?”

A cold glint flashed across Jean Camus’s calm eyes.

The middle-aged man stopped hesitating and stated, “This is our Storm Kingdom’s decision. We will extract his Epic Silver Dragon bloodline and let a more suitable arcane master inherit it.”

“Can a bloodline be extracted?” Ayrin asked in astonishment.

Charlotte and Chris became speechless.

Since he said that, he clearly has made preparations. There must be a forbidden skill or artifact that can extract a bloodline.

“Who is the more suitable arcane master to inherit the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline?”

Jean Camus’s expression turned more chilling, a trace of sarcasm appearing on his face. He looked at the middle-aged arcane master, “Is it you? Shouldn’t the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline be inherited by an arcane master that is fearless and never abandons his companions, just like Ayrin?”

“You......” The middle-aged aracne master’s golden eyes turned furious.

“What about us? Blaming us for letting the Evil Dragon escape?”

Jean Camus coldly and calmly analyzed, “Don’t forget, if it wasn’t for Ayrin and us, the Evil Dragon would have resurrected in Rinsyi’s body. With just you people, you probably could not defeat him in that state nor prevent him from escaping. By then, the Evil Dragon would be even stronger, because Rinsyi’s body is more suitable to him than Rinloran’s!”

“We cannot take the risk.” The middle-aged arcane master remained silent for a while, then turned grim, “Otherwise, if you meet your companion who is possessed by the Evil Dragon and you interfere again......”

“So you decided to take us out first?” Ayrin spoke with an irritated tone. He swung his fist filled with fighting spirit, “Uncle, are you sure you can defeat us with just this much?”

“Such arrogance!”

The tallest and most robust male arcane masters amongst the sharkman arcane masters shouted, “You’re too arrogant! You dare talk to our Storm Kingdom’s King like that!”


He disappeared in a water pillar that rose up from the ground.

In the next instant, a water pillar shot out right in front of Ayrin. That sharkman arcane master charged out of the water pillar and launched a fist towards Ayrin’s chest!

The fist instantly reached before Ayrin. Ayrin shouted happily, “So fast! Perfect!”

Ayrin did not attempt to evade. He rooted his feet in the ground and swung his fist at the sharkman’s fist.


The air before Ayrin exploded!

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